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    dajjal got a reaction from Monx in Disc Rune Farming Refresher   
    Stat runes need to be brought into the fold for sure for 2 reasons.
    Emotion  Economy  I have seen guilds broken up over a stat rune drop, people turn into cut throats when grouped with random people.
    this creates drama, politics, chaos & a range of emotions no current game can touch.
    and obvious one is economy, get that lucky lotto ticket and sell that for a ton of gold. 
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    dajjal reacted to Zatch in Zatch - I am sorry.   
    I want that apple back, you scumdog!
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    dajjal got a reaction from JamesGoblin in [-W-] Winterblades: Original thread   
    Icehawk ever coming back to game? ( also known as icedemon )
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    dajjal reacted to Pann in Hunger Dome 1.1 Survival Tips   
    Some quick tips to extend your lifespan by a few minutes:
    You can play video tutorials in character selection or in the lobby menu. Please do this! Notice the SETTINGS in the upper right of the screen when you log into the client.  You can change your graphics settings to improve your performance and change the volume settings. ALT toggles between Targeting & Movement –versus- Mouse Cursor mode (this works in death camera mode too) Hit ENTER to go into Chat mode. If you find yourself unable to move your character, it is more than likely you are in Chat mode or ALT mode. Hit Escape to get out of chat mode, then ALT or WASD to move. There is a storm effect surrounding the level known as The Hunger.  It moves towards the center of the map from all directions. Don’t let the Hunger catch you or you will die! The blue light is the center of the Keep, run towards the light if you want to live! Chests have equipment in them that you can equip (and it helps a lot!) Standing next to a campfire will heal you faster (but don’t stand inside them unless you want to be crispy) Don’t abandon your team. Stay together or die alone. You can loot corpses (friends and enemies, both!). Red beams of light will appear to show you the location where other players have died Centaurs need Rage to fuel ALL their powers! Hit ‘C’ on game entry for a quick burst of rage, then fight other players to maintain it. Multiple matches are running in parallel, and as soon as a match hits the minimum number it will begin.
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    dajjal got a reaction from Steven Yannic in WM vent   
    aye, whats going on MAT
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    dajjal got a reaction from Steven Yannic in WM vent   
    oh man....
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    dajjal reacted to nrage in Clarity before further Monetization   
    First off let me say that I love the concept and vision of CF.  I am an early KS backer and hope to be actively engaged in the game for many years to come. 
    I am concerned however:
    We are starting to see a number of concerns rise around early monetization/drive to fund development and maintaining value for the early backers.  I've noticed this on these forums and others as there isn't a lot of clarity on how a backers value is being maintained.  We need to manage these concerns before they become more than background noise.   
    I would ask the CF team to help clarify the funding and monitization strategy and how the early backer's investments will hold their value as further monetization occurs.
    For me:
    I don't mind that the CF team is selling items and subscription upgrades but they need to be very clear on the utility and value of these sales.  I purchased a KS package, where I agreed to support the game before the details were locked down.  I am good with this as I knew exactly what I was purchasing.
    What I'm not good with is that the benefit of being an early supporter is deteriorating as changes are being made.  These same benefits are starting to morph without clarity to easy the changes.  Also, the benefits I purchased months ago are now starting to be sold in the store individually.
    To further fund the development, which I'm behind 100%, we're now asking supporters to upgrade their subscriptions and/or purchase additional items before the value or utility is clearly known in the light of new developments and changes.  Deadlines (end of June) add further pressure to upgrade prior to package/item clarity.
    For example:  How exactly do the tax-free parcels work? 
                           What are the shapes and sizes of these parcels?
                           Are we going to be able to purchase tax-free parcels later or obtain in-game?  I thought these were KS exclusives.
                           Why should I upgrade my KS package if these are going to be sold in the store as an individual item?
                           Why should anyone purchase anything in the store now if your not gaining a significant value for purchasing early?
                           If I purchase a 2nd KS package, can I combine the benefits into one kingdom?
    By selling items in the store that were once only available in the KS packages, Our KS backing of CF has been greatly diminished.  Early supporters took a significant risk in backing a game early but now new supporters can claim almost the same rewards much later by purchasing in the store with significantly less risk.
    I am considering purchasing a significant upgrade to my KS package but I cannot without knowing my backing is going to be rewarded and not sold out from under me later.  I also have to know clearly what I'm purchasing and that its value will be upheld.
    Getting back to an earlier post's concern about getting ahead of the "bad press" on other sites.  The push to monetize the development is what the devs need to clarify and defend.  Its ok to support development with early sales but we must be very clear with regard to previously sold items and exactly how new sales will impact prior item/package sales as things develop. 
    I don't think the CF team has done a good job of explaining the details of new changes and how they are going to protect the investment the backers have made.  This is what is driving the noise on other sites.  I know it's difficult to release information while developing a product and that the community will try to hold the team to every last word, but that is the reality of this type of game funding (there are trade-off for every kind of funding).  We just need to figure out how to best manage the funding vs player backing balance.
    I am fully behind CF and excited by its potential.  I want to further back this project, however I cannot justify spending additional support funding until some things are cleaned-up.  I wouldn't recommend others to invest until we know how their investments and risks would be protected.
    Please CF team, lets get ahead of this.
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    dajjal got a reaction from Scalamoosh in Shadowbane has ruined MMORPGS for me   
    When i was 20 about to graduate high school I picked up shadowbane not knowing anything about MMO's i never played everquest. in fact i bought shadowbane thinking it was a different game so it was by mistake that i took home this game that really did change me as a gamer. the first day i installed it ( which was within the first week or 2 that it came out ) started me a character on the WAR server i killed a couple spiders looted it then quit. I was so disappointed thinking i just wasted my money. I sat down a week later to try it again this time without what ever expectations i had ( i don't remember what those were lol ) and someone told me about the game, walked me through the first few levels, once i got the hang of it i was digging it cruzed up to level 21 and was ready to venture into the world, ran outside of khar to a full group/guild killing jackles, killed me took all my gold, loot, left me with nothing except a tell saying thanks for the scratch. i uninstalled again swore to not play it. a month later i tried again knowing full well what i was in store for ( which made me a better player ) found a guild fought in wars and had the most amazing time. 
    lol nothing has ever made me feel the full range of emotions from fear to fearless proud to disgraced and everything in between. 
    sorry for the long post TLDR: same as other post
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    dajjal reacted to frobobo in Eternal Kingdoms Needs An Overhaul...   
    I'm going to guess EVE has a larger playerbase than this game will ever have.  So clearly it's fun for some people.  However, I really do not enjoy the non-avatar nature of eve, in addition to the excel-sheet styled combat.
    Crowfall got much of their initial crowd here from doing a bait and switch where they talked about having a unique experience that doesn't care about rewards or trophies, and then go on to talk about "victory point systems" and "trophy rooms".  I can't remember the last war that was won or lost based on a point system, with trophies and tournament servers as the end result.  Why brand it a "throne war simulator"?  Why continue to talk a big game about not being for everyone, and then try to make it for everyone?  Hype is just hype, and when it goes to far it is stupid.  They even used EVE as their main selling point on kickstarter - but you're saying eve is too hard?
    So again, how exactly is this game different than all the other big MMOs?  You can't really lose anything.  You can lose some temporary items on a temporary server that only lets you keep a small portion (randomly, of course) of your winnings anyway (and then can only use a percentage of that, if at all, to bring to new campaigns).  That's not going to illicit much of a visceral response when you fail.  That just makes you shrug and go "oh well", and then continue on until you get bored of hopping around and find some other game to waste time on.  This is literally an identical experience to every other mainstream MMO.  Sure, some things like voxels or some crappy new take on crafting might be different, but that's not big picture stuff so who cares.  That's the same type of difference in saying "well rift has RIFTS that randomly spawn dynamic content!" or "wildstar has a cool aiming system!" or "guild wars 2 has large scale pvp sieges!" when trying to make the games sound like they're not just wow+some flair.
    So why would I bother saying poorly made socks when "OMG IT'S JUST ALPHA!"?  Because this game, based on their initial P2C website, had some promise.  It seems like they're doing everything to remove said promise, and it's good for some people to say "hey, this is getting stupid".  Otherwise there's no chance this game will be something other than a run of the mill game.  A lot of people here are very naive, and hang on the words of the developers - I've been around for countless game developments, and it's always the same hogwash.  Everyone did the same thing with Guild Wars 2.  Massive fanboy and "its just testing" and it's going to be some awesome pvp gam.... and wait, it's just another boring WoW game.  Sure people play it, just like they will this if it goes unchanged, but they will play it for the unique flair and then move on when another gimmick catches their fancy.  It won't be a great game that people remember for years or really give a poorly made socks about.
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    dajjal reacted to Jirue in Eternal Kingdoms Needs An Overhaul...   
    By cutting off their supplies, I would think. Sure, their home base will be safe so you can't destroy what they have already collected... but much like seiged cities of olden times, I figure you can still choke guilds out by cutting off their supplies from Campaigns. Eventually they would run low or out of much needed materials which is what I assume you're aiming for. I know, it's not as direct a method as just crushing them outright but you probably can still slowly squeeze the life out of them with the right placement of troops in campaigns.
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    dajjal reacted to epee11c in Eternal Kingdoms Needs An Overhaul...   
    You would likely be happy to know then that two monarchs can mutually decide to have their EKs fight. The whole thing is explained in the AMA they had on reddit that I'm too busy to go find again but if you ctrl F and search for EK war or something it will likely come up. (and it's been all over the forums so it shouldn't be too hard to find). They ARE adding more to the EKs however your origional post sounded very I want something nobody else is allowed to have.... yet in a way that's what the EK is. You can make it whatever you want. Just because everyone has one doesn't mean everyone has the same thing. In fact, from what we know so far each EK will be completely different even just a few months after launch (with the exception of the people who don't do anything with their EK of course). It is pretty impressive what they plan to do and I hope they get it right. Why don't you wait and see what they add before deciding they need an "overhaul." 
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    dajjal got a reaction from snowmizer in Eternal Kingdoms Needs An Overhaul...   
    guess I'm a hipster but I like the idea of losing or earning something.
    just being given something loses its worth ..
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    dajjal got a reaction from snowmizer in Eternal Kingdoms Needs An Overhaul...   
    So far i love everything this game has to offer except the Eternal Kingdoms. 
    Why do I care about having a kingdom if everyone has one? 
    It sounds like a more expanded garrison from world of warcraft ( which is a chore / not fun )
    If we can't bring items into a campaign why do I care to craft In my EK world that has nothing in it.
    There needs to be some risk involved,  ( i know there is the Guild vs Guild campaign ) there needs to be conflict in these realms.
    An idea I had is as follows..
    Guild A wins the guild vs guild campaign
    Guild B comes in second
    Guild C comes in third
    these three guilds meet " rival " conditions and can lay siege to the rival guilds EK.
    winning guild gains one parcel of land from losing guild.
    nothing is given away or created out of thin air. the parcels are earned through warfare and risk.
    in order to get any rival designation guild must have meet these conditions.
    1. participate and come in 1,2 or 3rd place in a guild vs guild campaign
    2. have a extra parcel of land to anti for the price of war.
                              more to be added if need be
    Just a thought I'm sure everyone brainstorming on this idea, we can make EK truly "worth it"
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    dajjal reacted to NoobByDesign in Eternal Kingdoms Needs An Overhaul...   
    I think if campaign's allowed something to be brought into them from the EK like a single armor set the EK would seem far more beneficial and spawn more business and interaction. Bringing a single armor set into the game would give an advantage to the person starting, but if everyone can bring an armor set in its really not that much of an advantage, not enough to cause one guild to power through the campaign anyway. (Especially because if someone kills you they now own the armor set)
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    dajjal got a reaction from oridi in Eternal Kingdoms Needs An Overhaul...   
    I did a search before i posted, I felt this was a bit different. It was aimed at brainstorming ideas.
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    dajjal got a reaction from mal in Eternal Kingdoms Needs An Overhaul...   
    I did a search before i posted, I felt this was a bit different. It was aimed at brainstorming ideas.
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    dajjal reacted to frobobo in Eternal Kingdoms Needs An Overhaul...   
    Eh, maybe they'll come to their senses and not make some trammel meets shadowbane.
    Optional PvP is not a PvP game.  If you can block people from coming to your "special space" it's not a game about politics, player choice, and consequence.  It's a game about getting battle points (was it "Victory"?), using em to get phat items, and dueling bros in the dregs.  Maybe you can do some phat tournament to see whose really the best!!!
    Seriously, for a "war" simulator, I don't see much "war".  
    I see coddling, arenas, and e-sport wannabe.  It's good to see more people realize that the current Ek system will make this game another run-of-the-mill game that only can brag about some voxel thing that will probably lag out in a 200v200.  The campaign system and lack of permanence already guts the concept of consequence as is.  Doing their EK system on top of no permanence will make this as distinguishable from WoW as Guildwars 2, Wildstar, Rift, etc are from WoW (well, that and a massively smaller budget).
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    dajjal reacted to leadpipe in Post-Siege And Salvage   
    Well, if these are the remnants of *our* fortications, then I expect we'll be dead or running for our lives and the victors wil be salvaging them.
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    dajjal got a reaction from filip99999 in Should lower levels not have to fight higher levels in PvP?   
    re-word it, Kill everyone regardless of level? yes/no
    Yes, yes indeed
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    dajjal got a reaction from crowrise in What beta group are you in?   
    Find area under curve of probability density function φ(x) = 1/√(2π) e^(-½x²) 
    which defines standard normal distribution. 
    the anwser is my beta group
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    dajjal reacted to checkyotrack in 02/13/15 - Happy Valentine's Day From Artcraft   
    I sent this to a girl and she blocked me. Thanks for doing me a solid.
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    dajjal reacted to Torn in Trading Vip Membership To Other Players And Possible Associated Problems   
    Okay, so I generally have nothing against the B2P pricing model, aside from the fact that the devs might just run off with their inital profits, as there's nothing keeping the income coming after some time has passed.
    So, I assume that is why they decided to add in the VIP membership. As a generally poor/cheap person, I probably wouldn't pay a monthly fee, especially if it's not required to play the game. I am usually an active player though, so I should like the fact that I can buy these VIP benefits from other players, no?
    See, not exactly. In order for people to want to sell their 15$ or so tickets to other players, they want something of approx. equal value in return, not just any leftover junk you might have. Now, what could these things be? With very, very high likeliness, they'll be items that actually help people. Seeing the problem yet?
    What I've seen games like Wildstar portray with a system like this is some utopic vision that benefits everyone. In reality though, and correct me if I'm wrong, it goes like this:
    People A and B have a lot of RL money. People C, and D have a lot of time, and don't want to pay. C & D then buy cosmetics and other cool things from A & B. C & D are now happy, because they got all that swag, or whatever you kids call it these days. (And that's generally where games end their explaination, leaving you with a pretty good vision of the system, that people seem to like.) Actually, you know who else is happy? A and B, they now have stuff that they would otherwise have had to spend time on getting. Useful stuff, not that cosmetic garbage they already have tons of. So where's the problem, right guys? What's that E and F, and C and D too? Why are you not perfectly fine with this? A and B bought items with real money that are actually useful? The game is therefore P2W? Is that really so? And honestly, I'm not sure if it will be so or not. It all depends on the systems of the game. All I'm saying is that those people wouldn't sell 15$ tickets if they're not getting something useful in return, and that means buying usefulness, which might very well affect the balance.
    I am very much awaiting for any flaws in my logic to be pointed out. I want this game to succeed, and I most definitely want to it to be the least P2W it can be. Please keep the comments civil.
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    dajjal reacted to snowmizer in You Get An Ek And You Get An Ek - Everyone Gets An Ek! What Will Yours Be Like?   
    I see towns with their Vendors outside their Houses/Castles. A place to shop in the player run vendors. 
    With flags, and banners....Trophies and furniture..a fireplace with a Bear skin rug, and a moose head over the fire place.
    With Paintings...Flower Boxes outside with rare plants....
    Some homes have Balconies...others have porches.....with rocking chairs and rugs....
    And you go there to kill someone and take the stuff they just bought...or kill them and take their shopping money...
    BUT.....you cant.....Its a safe zone....
    And it makes me sad....
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    dajjal reacted to McTan in 02/02/15 - Hunger Week... It's About Time.   
    A great set up for new players to join the game down the road. I'm very intrigued and it directly combats some of Shadowbane's most glaring problems. I'm hoping we can still travel through the persistent eternal kingdoms and they are not instanced
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    dajjal got a reaction from Grapist in Change My View, Full-Looters.   
    rather have shadowbanes' loot rules, its better than darkfall/UO loot rules imo
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