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    die trade company fret such über jeden der ein Interesse am handeln,craften und intrigieren hat,aber auch PvPler die gerne aus wirtschaftlichen gründen eingesetzt werden würden bieten wir nur zu gerne ein zuhause. http://thetradecompany.shivtr.com/forums http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/5019-handels-föderation/
  2. an épée in combinations with firearms,wielded by a custard gofer. do i need any other reasons to play them?^^
  3. i don't see how you don't agree with me on the coins,since i said exactly what you said^^ they get an initial value because they have a own usefulness. and that initial value will then be further modified by supply/demand. but you implicated some other point of a currency system,which is the resources it can be made out of. just having one resource like gold or silver,would make it more simple,and since that whole mechanic would be rather complex for players to comprehend anyway,i wanted to keep it simple^^ but personally i would like to be able to mint coins out of every ore. that
  4. oh right i forgot about that,even though I've been reading it just just some time before that post,well i think your suggestions regarding that topic are really solid. they in cooperate what is desirable and important and are realistic and easy to apply in a game,so i have really nothing to argue on that point. would be happy if they implement it like that in the end^^ anyway what I'm really interested in would be currency. people always talk about coins having no value because they have no practical use at first glance,but i think that easy problem would be solved if coins have unique
  5. currency: what i meant with basic value was following. if we take for example wood you can use that to craft something that has actual use,like you can craft and axe and use that axe to kill or chop things or you have a pig which you can eat,satisfying your need to eat,or stone which you can use to build a house. and all these things you can already trade in form of bartering. so why should we need coins then? coins serve no initial purpose other than being a form of payment,thats why i said they have no basic value. so i proposed that coins have to possess some unique advantage ov
  6. well i wrote my initial threat sometimes around 3 in the mooring and now that i have reread it i think to myself,what kind of gibberish did i write there,i could have explained it much better and so on and so forth^^ anyway to get to your points. as i see it we more or less completely agree on the topic of resources and the need for an economic drive for every action. crafting: your point regarding crafting and someone else also mentioned it,that everything falls apart because of crafting wikis. but i explained 2 or 3 times that this isn't the case,because even if you use the
  7. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/3234-invitation-to-devseve-veterans-and-hardcore-crafters-a-look-on-crafting-from-a-design-perspective/
  8. regarding your idea that you can set your NPC self to do certain activities like crafting or as hirable combat companion,ye this would be great. also you mentioned a lot of variations in the crafting system. yes there is certainly a lot of variation,since you have a lot of stages of crafting and refining and you got a lot of different variables likes alloys and other components. but its still just a huge databased of already beforehand programmed craft able stuff. even if the amount of craft able stuff is immensely huge,if it makes use of a database/every craft able is linked to cert
  9. hmm i get your point,just one thing i also said that resources,even if the crafting fails shouldn't be destroyed but only damaged,so it wouldn't completely be wasted effort.but ye there will still be a lot of effort in form of trial and error. But honestly i don't see any other way to create a crafting system that enables a crafter to be unique and special. even if we have alloys and such and various refining methods at the end we will end up with a pre-programmed database of craft able items with set conditions to craft them. and i think thats the fundamental problem of the existing
  10. ye so if i see correctly one major concern is the leak of information,but as i explained,that even if the same components are uses in the exact same way,another product will be the result,because of probabilities,only with the use of a recipe you can assure the outcome to be the one certain product,described in the recipe you use. that way it would be no use to create something like a crafting wiki or something like that,since just because you use the same components it won't result in the same product. recipes would only be spreadable through the selling of the recipe as an item.
  11. regarding crafting i had something like this in my,im just cpiying out of another post i wrote today,but i also mentioned it in my threat here,but not so detailed i think. Crafting: personally i think,i good way of establishing a crafting system,where crafters are worth the most,is so give them the possibility to ''invent'' their own stuff. people suggested to make a crafting mini game,but this wouldn't result in unique items,only craft able by one guy who invented it and wrote a recipe down. no,because how should this be programmed? if you would do a mini game,you would need to pro
  12. ok since a lot of people take all my suggestions as instructions how things could be implemented in the end,but that was originally not my point of this threat,my main point is a circular development of society,power and individuals not a linear one,like we know it from every mainstream MMO. i gave some detailed examples how it could be achieved and argumented why this would be a fitting way to do it,but its rather long to read and a lot of people don't want to read so much,which i can understand. my point is: if you remember games like WoW there will always be a optimal skill buil
  13. i like your concept of NPC population that can be used in different ways,but also need to be sustained. let me go a little deeper into that point,because i saw an interesting concept in another game,namely age of wushu/wulin. if players go offline there,their character would continue to wander the world as NPC,they could even be target of kidnapping missions and be interacted with. So i definitely would like to see something like that,it would also help to make the whole conquering and war like GvG to be more MMO compatible. lets assume im a combat oriented character,im somewhat of a so
  14. ok so since i made this post i thought a little more about EK. so to make it clear how i imagine EK and dying worlds. both of them should have the same kind of basic mechanism is described,the societies should in both worlds base on the same gameplay mechanics,so if we assume they implement al my suggestions,then don't do it only for the dying worlds or only for EK but for both equally. And the only difference between EK and dying worlds should be that EK is eternal,while the dying worlds are not. But this brings the Devs back to the SB problematic. that would be stalemate in the ga
  15. ok im back in da house^^ so a point you brought up and i forgot to properly explain. you asked how a community would stop this archaic combat crazies,who live of pillaging and so on,would a town even form if the people who would eventually form it,get pillaged all the time right from start. you said,since those combat crazies want combat,you can't stop them by killing them,since they always respawn,even if they loose EXP and whatever,they won't stop,since combat is what they desire above everything else. and they dont possess ability to think in the future and see that it would end u
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