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  1. ye thats exactly what i meant,not just active skills but an impact on your stats overall and/or passive skills that strengthen your character.
  2. ye probably should have phrased it another way,that isn't instantly associated with WoW mechanics
  3. i think there is a big misunderstanding what i meant. i know everyone will be able to carry any weapon and everyone will be able to leaner every profession and i know that there will be disciplines,which aren't nothing else than sub classes for your bas class. i am talking about combat skills that are bound to your profession rather than your archetype and discipline.
  4. just a random idea that popped into my head,but ill throw it out anyway. from what we know we can assume CFs professions will be important,they will be effort and time consuming and actually matter. and we also know that there will be quite a variety in classes with their sub-classes and so on. but what if the profession you have would also have an impact on the skills for combat you possess. this could be easily done by giving each profession a skill-set that can be unlocked just like your class skill tree,but not by leveling your character but by leveling your profession. an
  5. by all means no reputation system,though im fine with the first part. something like a friendliest just for foes and if those ppl are in your area their tag could be especially highlighted. but absolutely no to everything that followed,it will be abused and even if it won't be abused it completely destroys shady gameplay
  6. tsumugi best heroin ever,maybe even better than beloved ramiel-chan. VS
  7. ye,out of fear for my own creations i have butchered them^^
  8. imagine a light weighted bowman riding the centaur. i can already see the mongolian hordes coming^^
  9. well then let me inform you that i plan to create a player driven AH^^
  10. there will always be something like a merchant,even with AHs in place the ppl who spend their time speculating on price changes in the AHs are also merchant,the AH is nothing else than the stock market of modern days. but we know there is no AH and we know that there will be caravans,so i suppose people who focus on logistics(better caravans,advantages that increases inventory capacity and so on) will most probably become merchants
  11. i don't know how often i have to repeat it,WE ARENT ONLY PLAYING IN EK. we plan to spend our main time in the campaigns just like anyone else. but we will actually use our parcels in one single guild EK rather than each having his own EK.
  12. there is no system in place because you don't need a system for this to be done,a system would only limit us. i don't have anything against something like a friendlist though,where you can categorize people and guilds.
  13. no we are not completely giving up on winning,as i said we don't really know much about how the rulesets will work,how embargoing will exactly work and so on. there may be other ways to win. the possibilities are wide and the information given to us is still very lacking,we will have to see.^^ and why i am playing CF,thats because even though it seems the winning-condition is conquering,they still create a very promising crafting system,furthermore there is open PvP,logistics,player driven economy. its the game that is closest to being a civilization-simulator,which i personall
  14. i also wrote a lot of times about this subject but at the end you don't need a system for that. a quest is basically nothing other than a job,the adventurer provides a service and receives a formerly agreed on payment. the only difference in CF is that there are no NPCs who give you quests but it will be players. and since it is done by players we don't need a mechanic. for instance lets say there was a mechanic that would automatically send the payment into your inventory or mailbox,that would completely undermine any shady gameplay in that game aspect. without such a mechanic t
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