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  1. Once upon a time, FAQs were made because people actually kept asking the same questions again and again, and thus compiled the answers, instead of just starting a dialogue with yourself about what might confuse you if you didn't know what was really going on. It's pretty self defeating if you actually expect to explain everything before the fact.
  2. Macroing will happen. But a line in the sand should be drawn. Unattended macroing is bad. Anything where you're not actually at the computer playing the game is bad. Unattainable loot and overly repetitive tasks encourage macroing. Players are lazy and impatient. Players will get more lazy and impatient if other players have maxed-out characters with way better gear. If lazy, impatient players figure out how to max their characters and get the best gear by macroing repetitive tasks, then they will macro. At launch, you won't get real players macroing. You'll just get RMT zombie characters that act like bots but might be some dude in a basement paid to click buttons in a sequence over and over.
  3. The bad thing about 2 factor auth is that you can't force anyone to use it any more than you can force them to keep their passwords safe.
  4. The most important things players can do to stop griefing and cheating is use good sense about their own security. Use a unique password for anything that touches the Internet. (If you used the same password for, say, Playstation Network before 2008, and never changed it, then expect that password to be on a list somewhere, associated with your name if not your email.) Never give out that password to anyone. That means DO NOT LET SOMEONE ELSE PLAY JOOR ACCOUNT, JEENYUS. If anyone offers to let you use their account, pretend like it's 1983 and Nancy Reagan told you to JUST SAY NO. Never let anyone else use your email address. Register your account with true information. If you use fake information, keep track of it so support staff can help you. Never enter into Facebook, Skype or other profile-based conversations with people you don't really know, under the pretext of shady out of game deals. You don't want them knowing your location, date of birth, alternate email addresses, etc. Don't use RMT currency, item or power-leveling services. See above. At launch it's far more likely that you'll get an RMT problem than a cheating problem, if legitimate accounts get taken over and used by people who are not legit players.
  5. How many people concerned about Steam at this point have told at least one other person about Crowfall and why they think they want to buy it? Because that sort of thing is way more useful than Steam exposure, at least right now.
  6. Politics implies responsibility at some level. PK'in doesn't.
  7. If you can't express yourself without needing to read your own curse words, then maybe you are bad.
  8. Are you going to buy the game? If so, then you should tell your friends about it. If you're not sure, you should still tell your friends about it.
  9. For that matter, water ought to be a commodity as much as wood or stone. But then, would 'fire' be a commodity? You can't really put fire in a tank and put the tank on a cart.
  10. chomped through the heart and Todd's to blame baby you give buck a bad name
  11. The time you spend playing a game should be spent because you wanted to enjoy yourself, and that ultimately, enjoyment and emotional/cognitive connection should be the goal. Playing a game ought not be a job, and hours spent at a task is a poor overall measure of how good you are at that job (at least by itself,) so why should it matter so much how much time you've spent playing a game? Besides, if there's not a way to allow impatient players to buy stuff for real money, you better believe RMT will fill that gap. It'll be a delicate balance.
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