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  1. just some quick suggestions for the launcher: 1. dark/night mode. many websites, apps, etc are switching to it and i'd love an option for it on your launcher. 2. don't close the launcher when i quit the game. i'd prefer it just move to the system tray (near the clock) so i can quickly launch the game again. 3. remember info between updates when opening a new launcher. i hadn't played the game in a while. i entered my info into the launcher, it did a thing. then a new launcher popped up without my pass/2fa. so i had to enter them again. maybe i'm spoiled with blizzard
  2. still faster though. but i understand your point.
  3. it's 10 times faster for testing. the first group will take 30 days complete unless it's been adjusted.
  4. i posted about this.. if we can move 75% of the first group into the next tier. the 3rd tier is 50% then 25% for the final tier. The 2nd tier would be 50% into the 3rd tier, etc. and by the percents I mean, if you had 100 points over, you could place 75 into tier 2 or 50 in tier 3 or 25 into tier 4. IE the cost for training increases each tier you progress into. I'm downloading the 5.7 patch so i'll get an image up sunday some time if it's needed.
  5. i'm surprised woodworking doesn't have wood arrowheads for basic damage.
  6. it's weird because all of those professions need strength to do.
  7. oh i haven't made it that far. still in the beachhead which is why i started the topic. which is why it seemed weird.
  8. Just wondering the rationale behind putting Survivalist Cooking before Survivalist Campfire. Shouldn't know how to create a fire before cooking food?
  9. @krakkensmacken that wouldn't be bad. I hate having to search multiple npc's for something. putting it on npc vendors across instanced EK's would make manual searching horrible. there's a reason we don't have markets any more and have all in one stores, internet aside.
  10. how i see it: someone will make a marketplace website. i can list my items, label my EK and people can search more than 1 EK via the website. they'll still have to visit my EK and buy from my vendors but that beats visiting every EK where it'll take a while to search for an item you're looking for. i can see market EK hubs being created where someone's EK is notorious for trade and you'll go there for the 'best prices and selection'.
  11. this harvester is getting materials that can be used to kill my people. there is no innocence in this game. everyone is guilty. if you need to harvest and friends aren't on then you can go play in your EK or you can look for new friends (along with the ones that aren't online). having a big guild or groups of guilds (aka an alliance) will go far in this game. At any time you want people online that you can group with. I'd venture a guess that you could be crafting while friends are offline. when friends are online you're gathering. this gives you something to do when you're on. If a cra
  12. to add: Yep. there are plenty of open source password managers that save and generate passwords. 2FA is pretty much a must, imo.
  13. i use WinAuth https://winauth.github.io/winauth/index.html
  14. I wouldn't mind limited duration events that feature different types of PvX. We had the Hungerdome and I'd love to see it come back for 3 weeks to a month then disappear till next year. At some point people will get tired of the CW loop and will want something different, having Hunderdome and a few seasonal events would be enough to change the face/feel of the game. Add in some limited cosmetics and people will want to participate in them.
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