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  1. That's like saying you love your automobile so much that after you pay it off, you'll continue to give the manufacturer 300$ per month to help support them. I love the game idea. I tossed some cash to buy a pledge, if they want more they have to earn it, they have to give something to get my revenue after the sale. Had they said it was a complete subscription game at the beginning I wouldn't have had a problem. you can go hug the hunger for all I care with that statement!
  2. Campaign with World Bosses

    I had an idea of activity at a mining pit could awaken a dragon-type mob and it would have to be taken down or it would wipe out the world. But ACE didn't like it
  3. What computer should I buy?

    best price to performance ratio will be to build it yourself. It's really easy except for putting the paste on the CPU, and there are plenty of videos on how to do that. I don't believe I'd suggest buying a prebuilt system because they usually have bloatware on them or they'll cost so much more.
  4. It'll be 10-100 or more different worlds you could join. Each world is unique with a generated terrain and rules. It'll be quite the opposite of a mega server game. This is at soft release or release. Right now it's 1 or 3 servers to the handful of testers to join.
  5. Only thing I can think ACE could give for VIP that isn't training or 'power' related are: Custom prints for unique cosmetic armor/weapons (they did mention in KS of a unique sword and armor print). A certain amount of currency to buy things from the store. Access to early visual decour and building skins and layouts. Early access to new classes and/or races. Give everyone the ability to start training simultaneously so there isn't any power involved. Unique race features, extra color options, unique gfx for spells. High resolution textures.
  6. Please add achievements to the roadmap

    Does it add to the game play? I really despise most achievements because they aren't really achievements they're participaction prizes. Now I do love statistics and would love to know how many x class/race/npc I've killed. How many times I've died. How much total damage I've done/taken, etc.
  7. Chatting while Gathering

    I'd prefer to have integrated Discord voice and not needing to type unless it's to a guildie not in the area.
  8. I know this is quite the resurrection of a post at almost a year but I just found out about another games' integration. I wouldn't mind letting people know which campaign I'm in or if I'm in the EK. I'd still like to see some type of merging of Discord and CF! Here's a preview of what it looks like.
  9. I was just thinking about a Necromancer class. but the con of the class is the more it's played the faster it becomes 'corrupted by hunger'. Once fully corrupted, it become an NPC, thus losing the vessel. I really want a class that uses a scythe and can summon the dead, be it beast and/or humanoid. I love melee and ranged, depending on combat tray. Maybe this class could counter another class or discipline. Would be neat to have a major discipline specifically that allows the Necro to summon a player's vessel for a limited time (30 - 90s). Maybe the Necro could be the only class that can rez players. To balance this, the rez can only happen once per 20 hours and advances the hunger corruption. Maybe they'd get a bonus to the crafting of Necromancy as well though this could pigeon hole players into said class. As far as lore, they could be the keepers or container for YAGA. YAGA uses them to capture the memories of the dead, then consumes them. Summary: Necro class that wields a Scythe. Can be Ranged or Melee depending on combat tray. Ranged - 80% support and 20% damage Melee - 80% damage and 20% support As the class is used the vessel becomes corrupted by the hunger. Can resurrect 1 (maybe aoe up to 5) player every 20 hours but increases the corruption. Class can summon dead beast or humanoid. Major Discipline that allows the class to summon a players vessel for a limited duration.
  10. Linux Client

    never heard of 0AD. But it remains that it cost too much to develop a client for such a minute amount of people. I could see ACE consider it if Linux had 10k people ready to play the game. Any number under 10k is just a waste of development cash.
  11. Launcher too big

    I mentioned this in one of the test feedback thread. I've actually found a bigger launcher courtesy of Fortnite.
  12. Mining Gems

    I could see rare gem nodes that spawn. Maybe a once a game month spawn. It would be as though someone found a diamond vein and could obtain a few dozen diamonds. This could be turned into a POI as well or a separate spawn. Gem mines can exist though I believe it's mostly diamond.
  13. I found a bigger launcher than CF.. I'll have to retract my previous statement about it being the biggest.
  14. While in the Skill menu's Escape doesn't back out of said section.
  15. patch ui is pretty big! It's the biggest I've seen and this isn't that type of compliment. [edit] When I minimize the patcher, can the icon show the download progress?