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  1. Use Emails as Logins NOT Usernames

    Had a friend that didn't know he had a keylogger. they had his password but not his email. it wasn't until he told someone his email via chat that his game account was compromised. I can agree that email is hidden from display but if you don't know my email and you need my email to change my password then you can't get my account unless the game and email password are the same. it's 1/4 of your login (account name, password, email address & email password). with 2fa it's 1/5. you need the email address and email password to change your pass. people who stream can have their email shown which is no different. personally i believe they should mandate 2fa.
  2. Use Emails as Logins NOT Usernames

    problem is a keylogger can get both email and password. by using a username the keylogger may never know the email address. if you use email then its possible for the user to use the same password for the game and email which means loss of said email and CF account. i've seen it plenty of times where the email password is changed then the account password is changed. I'd prefer to use a username and than email.
  3. Consolidate or Remove copy-cat skills.

    Yeah i questioned this too. just merge them and increase the total time and let us choose which stat we want from the main part. I've noticed all of the tree's are like this.
  4. Use Emails as Logins NOT Usernames

    there was a breach of 400m accounts info recently. problem is people use the same email (which OP is asking for login) and pass for every site.
  5. Use Emails as Logins NOT Usernames

    That's like saying you don't lock your house/car doors because it takes a few seconds more to get in. I recently had a 2fa save my blizzard account! the blizzard 2fa app popped up saying an attempt from 中国 (china). This allowed me to change my password very quickly! Without 2fa I would have lost my account and would have had to contact support to get it back and recover any thing that was missing. WinAuth allows you to copy the 2fa code and the client allows us to paste it in (which i know can compromise the account). I even use a password manager which also can generate an 7-36 character password if needed. Using both I'd have to open password then copy it, paste it in. open winauth (which is setup with a password) copy code and past it in, then hit enter to log in. Would I like an easier way to log in but still having 2fa, absolutely, but i have a ruby tier account and i'm not taking the convenient route here. As for the streamers, it would be lovely to have a "streamer mode" which would hide the login screen from viewers or replaces the text with dots.
  6. gotta catch em all! /s pax south was the closest to me and i was unable to make it so you can ignore this.
  7. Expansive cooking system.

    the 'why not both' was for the buff:duration suggestion. Food can last us a few hours easily so I see no reason why there couldn't be some food with short duration and some with long durations. veggies tend to be eaten often because they digest faster than meat, so i'd think it could be a good reason to have both durations. Like Viking said, I can see Cooking and Alchemy having some cross over but not being a mirror of each other. I'd like to see Cooking have buff combinations like if you eat cooked meat, you get a str buff but if you also eat potatoes then it changes to run speed (making something up here). This way we can have some basic recipes but get more buffs by combining them differently. maybe adding something to drink to the above example would grant both strength and run speed.
  8. Pre-alpha 5.4*

    Questi test sono stati venerdì alla domenica. (translated with google)
  9. Expansive cooking system.

    why not both? some food buffs could grant a big bonus with short duration or a small to medium bonus for a longer duration. same with alchemy. maybe i'm bias because i played wow and the food buffs are 1h.
  10. if people don't know about the hardware id ban then it's possible to catch them off guard. however after it's known then they can bypass it. I quit playing The Division specifically because they didn't perma ban cheaters.
  11. Expansive cooking system.

    it'll have that. meat is dropped from npc animals with the chance for rarity to increase to legendary quality. Cooking should work the same way as the other crafting items. Crowfall will want specialized crafters. But I see what you're saying, instead of food just for chicken meter to have (temporary) buffs, well the cooking and the crafting isn't completely in game yet. Give ACE some ideas for buffs! IE: decreased metabolism which slows down the chicken meter but reduces the heat/warmth. Spicy food which can increase the heat/warmth but the chicken meter empties faster.
  12. If a CW is on one server, which I'm not sure how the backend is setup, I don't see the proposed 2k people logging in at once for enough days straight that would make it useful. I can see when maintenance happens but I doubt 1 CW pop would join at the same time. I can see cosmetics but it's 15$ for 1 per month, that doesn't seem worth the price. Most games do offer gold increase, resource increase or some other increase, such as Rift, as well as cosmetic (rift doesn't offer cosmetics with their sub). If there were VIP only CW then.. well that could go either way. They did mention new archetypes to VIP for a month then to everyone, not sure if that's still holding with Class and/or Race or not. They could release Naga race in Sept but offer it as early access via VIP in Aug.
  13. Server queue is only useful the first two weeks, with CF doing a soft release it might not have a problem. this could go either way, and i understand that. i don't see people paying for VIP bank space. I know PoE has, what seems like, great income from their stash tabs but I don't see CF needing that much space. I'm not seeing value in any of these proposed ideas.
  14. How does this get a person to buy VIP? No persistent training means VIP is useless, no need to purchase it. Skills take too long to train and the campaign could end well before any noticeable skill gains are made. I'd love to know how this will get people to purchase after the box has been bought? I'm pretty sure most campaigns will have friendly fire.