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  1. Market Concerns

    @krakkensmacken that wouldn't be bad. I hate having to search multiple npc's for something. putting it on npc vendors across instanced EK's would make manual searching horrible. there's a reason we don't have markets any more and have all in one stores, internet aside.
  2. Market Concerns

    how i see it: someone will make a marketplace website. i can list my items, label my EK and people can search more than 1 EK via the website. they'll still have to visit my EK and buy from my vendors but that beats visiting every EK where it'll take a while to search for an item you're looking for. i can see market EK hubs being created where someone's EK is notorious for trade and you'll go there for the 'best prices and selection'.
  3. Protecting the Sheep!

    this harvester is getting materials that can be used to kill my people. there is no innocence in this game. everyone is guilty. if you need to harvest and friends aren't on then you can go play in your EK or you can look for new friends (along with the ones that aren't online). having a big guild or groups of guilds (aka an alliance) will go far in this game. At any time you want people online that you can group with. I'd venture a guess that you could be crafting while friends are offline. when friends are online you're gathering. this gives you something to do when you're on. If a crafting table is needed then you make sure friends are on. the people here are tired of having pvp-safe areas in other games. they yearn for a true open world pvp game. if you love raids or dungeons, then just imagine any enemy in this game is an 'advanced AI boss'! the AI is so advanced they'll loot you if they manage to kill you.
  4. to add: Yep. there are plenty of open source password managers that save and generate passwords. 2FA is pretty much a must, imo.
  5. could have sworn it was an email to log in.
  6. I don't have a mobile phone but....

    i use WinAuth
  7. PvP Options Outside of CWs

    I wouldn't mind limited duration events that feature different types of PvX. We had the Hungerdome and I'd love to see it come back for 3 weeks to a month then disappear till next year. At some point people will get tired of the CW loop and will want something different, having Hunderdome and a few seasonal events would be enough to change the face/feel of the game. Add in some limited cosmetics and people will want to participate in them.
  8. The player vs environment

    you'll have skills but won't have the materials. you can still fight without advanced gear, basic gear is pretty good (it'll suck for testing because others have high end advanced). your crow is what you connect with. the character you play is similar to a toothbrush. the character is a tool for your crow.
  9. Reply to Suggestion/Question

    oh, that sucks. Maybe ping them about it or suggest it?
  10. Reply to Suggestion/Question

    @KrakkenSmacken I'd prefer to hit a reply which automatically adds a mention to the comment. Adjacent to the Quote could be a Reply which does that.
  11. Reply to Suggestion/Question

    and i have it opposite. email from quotes but not tags. but in order to tag/mention someone I have to scroll through a list of people not even in the conversation or know how to spell their name. The reply box isn't in a frame so I can't just scroll up and look-n-type.
  12. I noticed there isn't a Reply to a specific comment. If someone tags me, I can't just click on a Reply but have to type out their name to mention them. IE I wanted to reply to KrakkenSmacken and had to type out nearly the whole name before it'd show their name. It could have been convenient to click a Reply (in their comment) while my comment would have their name already setup as a mention. Could a mention start by those who've interacted in the current thread first then list everyone?
  13. Please put in place a bug/suggestion tracker

    I know they're open with the community but if they don't comment they're working on something then we don't really know it's being worked on. If they're already using a system for tracking then maybe it could be possible to show some parts of that tracking system.
  14. Please put in place a bug/suggestion tracker

    oh that sounds nice. Thought maybe certain parts could be checked as 'public view'.
  15. Please put in place a bug/suggestion tracker

    @KrakkenSmacken can Jira be displayed to the public?