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  1. might be a good idea to have people post a screenshot to https://guillaume-docquier.github.io/crowcraft/. it'll actually be better when craft saves can be shared!
  2. yeah. all the guilds dropping materials on gear in the spring - fall will get tore up in winter when they can't replenish their gear! there's a fable about The Ant and the Grasshopper!
  3. please dont threaten me like that i'm guess you've never played games pre f2p era and dont have an idea how they were. right now is about right with how the community should be in game. the f2p crowd will come here for a month maybe two then most will leave. many will be trolls and will continue to harass the community. it isn't elitism. it's an opinion that i dont like f2p games. rarely are they great because they start, or were intended, to be cash traps. the f2p crowd is horrible and you'll never change my mind. the game doesn't have paid battlepass! imagine if campaigns were behind a paywall for the f2p game‽ I wonder how much bitching there'd be then. I picked up the Ruby pack so I've spent enough too. I hate how f2p games treat customers as ATM's. although if it does go f2p i wonder how the p2w part will start. might as well put some 5%-20% Back/Belt/Accessory items in. Might as well make the paid mounts have no durability. Then we could have P2W weapons which are 2x as better as anything possibly crafted! where does that poorly made dergs stop though? it stops with as a B2P game.
  4. because CF doesn't need 500k players right now. let the game simmer, they can fix some stuff then start a ramp up in advertising. i personally don't want the f2p crowd here.
  5. You want a Broker, not an Auction House. it's been beat to death in other post, too. https://www.crowfalltrader.com/vendors is an alternative, not the creator, btw.
  6. Having been on the test server, the items not listed in the Crafting Disc isn't discounted. IE Runecraft only grants a discount to Stone Processing. That's it. There is a small discount for using a higher tier Disc and/or Belt but nothing like is listed in the Sheet.
  7. that command line was needed for the non-owner to place items in the EK?
  8. the passive buff should have it listed. I think it grants additional to the extermination points. IE if you had 4 points at any table, you'll get 9 points with the BOK buff.
  9. just how the mechanics of the game are. if the devs want a broker they'll add one, regardless of what the people want. maybe they want one. maybe they dont. they've already changed the game enough that it isn't what was advertised on KS.
  10. if you dont have time to play then it's better to not play. unless you manage to get a guild tossing gear to you. the other option is to post WTB and let the crafts find you. if i had only 1 hour to play games, i wouldn't choose a mmo that has grind systems. I'd play more fps style games where you're in and out of a match in 20-45 minutes.
  11. but even is different to crowfall with regards to vendors. in Dregs, there's a sanctuary with dozens of vendors! would this building be ideal in EK's, yes, but we dont have them yet. it isn't ideal but seriously check out the bigger market style EKs. thats your best bet other than posting in trade discords/forums.
  12. and if you dont have any trade skills the distance to view said items is limited. if you're out in 00, you might not have anything you need even if you can see the whole region goods. but then you'd have to jump to another region, search for the item, find a station you can dock at and hope the item isn't in a station you can't dock. you're also not mentioning any of the possible chances of getting the ship blown up while traveling near gates or warp speed within a system. find a few trade EKs and run through them. one EK took me a matter of 10 minutes to go through. find another, lets say another 10 minutes. that's 20 total. worst case, use discord and post a WTB then wait. this will save you the most "time" as you dont have to visit multiple EKs.
  13. it isn't about "which generation is best". it's about what the philosophies the founders have for the game. they want a game that has roots in the 90-early 00 era where the qol wasn't there. economy is just as much a fight as the pvp worlds. if you want something from a crafter then find them and communicate when you need more.
  14. you can get on the CF discord, or Trader EK discord and ask around there. that seems like a time saving current method. when i get around to selling stuff, i'll be posting it everywhere I can!
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