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  1. Twitch Streaming- Sniping

    cuse words are auto changed. it was better than putting up asterisks. it was put in as a joke but requested it stay. I'm hoping ACE adds this into the in game chat! others have touched on the topic already but i'll state them again for exposure. get in a group! you'll have more fun and so will the viewers. delay the stream. even 1 minute is enough. it's pre-alpha. at least you're learning about the stream delay now and not when the game is released.
  2. i suggest taking a step back and don't play the game for a month or two. It sounds like you need a break.
  3. Questions for Todd

    I know we need factories and blueprints and testing there of. once that is in, maybe mounts and caravans. maybe farming.
  4. Best Disciplines for a gatherer Duelist

    just remember it's possible that a thrall, which is used to craft the discipline, might not spawn in the campaign you're in. It's possible the thrall spawn could be limited, also.
  5. Soft Launch

    @PopeUrban Actually accounts could go in either way. someone buys an account, buys tomes, sells account. they buy a pre-trained account. they buy a pre-trained account and buy tomes. The time has to be spent regardless. Problem with 3rd party sales is ACE is the one dealing with charge backs, getting emails trying to revert a 'sold' account (i've seen this on the wow reddit). It takes time and salary for ACE to deal with it. With a trusted program, both parties know it's being traded, hell the seller could toss in X VIP/Tomes to make the offer sweeter or ACE could say all accounts are bare. I can see more people buying accounts than tomes. If someone gets tired of the game or they believe ACE is moving the game in a direction they don't like, sell it. If CCP wanted to shut down character trading they can. They shut down the casino's without worrying about "culture of expectation". Seems you're against it, i'm for it. I'm going to let the topic go.
  6. Soft Launch

    problem is you can't stop 3rd party sales. unless ACE decides to never allow email updates. I'd rather ACE get 35$ to swap accounts between players than hear about them on other websites. I'd prefer people buy accounts and use tomes to catch up instead. If you have 5+ accounts and plan on selling those tomes, there's no reason to want to ban official account trading. But you could just sell the excessive accounts, also.
  7. Soft Launch

    Either ACE gets a little kickback for the account or it's on a 3rd party site where ACE handles all of the CS and makes nothing. Someone can buy an account and still use books! I'd much prefer to see Accounts listed in the TTP so a scam can't happen than it not be there. Krakken mentioned some information too so I wont repeat that.
  8. I spelled it wrong:
  9. @ACE_Jackal I played a game called Traivan. Are they related?
  10. i doubt it. landmark was designed to be a builder for the new EQ game which never happened.
  11. Chinese goldfarmers?

    I wouldn't be surprised if CN had their own server. I'm not sure if the latency would make it possible for them to play well.
  12. Soft Launch

    Only issue I have is some could be convinced or ask specific questions based on reading and posting themselves. I started Eve Online nearly 12 years ago and I could never catch up those that started at release. I started WoW 3 months before BC expansion came out with the only 'catch up' to progression was to get to max level. This was before I knew about raid gear and item levels. WoW now is setup that a new account can be caught up in approx 3 weeks if you level fast. WoW has one of the fastest catch up systems I know of for any MMO (skill injectors from Eve aside). Warframe has been out 5 years and I just started last year (though it didn't last long). I fully expect to see intermediate gear used for 90% of CF content. There will be no need to catch up with skills because of the stat caps (new skill tree design aside), you could progress faster if you picked similar classes. Whereas If I picked a tank (lets say the Knight) and a Dualist then my skill training will be almost doubled compared to yours. I've never decided to skip a game because others have progressed further than I can. Many games have a cap so catching up is easy OR they allow for new players to play along veteran players. Eve (pre-skill injectors) allowed new players to use small ships with electronic warfare mods to be useful in big fights. Warframe has some weapons locked behind a 'level' but there are useful weapons usable well before those 'level' needs. [e] I did mention on the ACE Dev section that ACE consider expanding the Trusted Trader Program to include accounts to sell and trade. This would allow veteran accounts to be sold. I posted some limitations that CCP, developers of Eve Online, does so that it's nearly impossible to scam. JT said he's run it by GW to see if it's worth adding. If it was added then anyone could buy an account that had training from soft launch day one or could buy an account from year one and not be that far behind.
  13. Soft Launch

    we've had a year or more without end game skills or top tier gear. it's there so it can be tested. that's the reason they've changed the skills to be faster.
  14. Soft Launch

    Basic group is 3 months, intermediate is 6 months and advanced groups are 12 months. To move to the next group you need to train half so, 45 days, 3 months, to get the advanced but those skill nodes in the advanced group take long and give the same amount as the basic and intermediate, thus making them worth the least in terms of progression. Take that and add in skill caps, it could be possible to only need a few points per node. you get more skills in the basic and intermediate than in the advanced group.
  15. Soft Launch

    I played eve well beyond it's release. I don't remember reading anything about the game yet I joined 1-3 years behind the release. I wasn't really concerned about being behind that I wanted a skill reset. What I did was read eve forums and any other place I get my browser on to see how I can get skills faster. That pointed me to the Learning skills (these boosted attributes so you learn faster). They did not do anything to progress your character with in game activities. I couldn't mine faster, i couldn't shoot/kill better, i couldn't use my ship better. It took me 3 months to get all of those skills in but I did that while increasing some basic skills. I never caught up but left the game when I had ~110m skill points (roughly 1 month is 1 million points). I never caught up but I still useful to my corp/guild. Others have mentioned that Soft launch is the real launch of the game. There might not ever be a 'retail launch' it could be as others have said where ACE just spends some budget on twitch streamers to draw in some players. ACE might spend some of their budget on click or video ads in Facebook or Reddit or twitter or YouTube. They might announce the game is officially launched on x date just for the press releases and 'free advertisement' it'll get or they may not. I'd much prefer a solid organic growth by word of mouth than ACE putting ads up on social media just wanting to get a quick surge of players. This is a type of game that needs a community to help new players get settled in. I was just looking and it took Eve 10 years to get 500k users. That's some solid growth for their niche, although a third might be alt accounts. ACE isn't looking for multiple million users (though i'm sure they'd be happy with them) unless it's organic growth.