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    Apple 1 - Hamster 0
  2. I've been a part of Sugoi for a month now. Some of you reading this may be interested in applying, and I just wanted to say that my experiences, as a new member, have been extremely positive. Here is a short list of what I have experienced in such a small amount of time. 1. active groups in every test 2. mature and humble people (no internal drama) 3. experienced players, many with competitive gaming backgrounds. 4. extremely organized and great communications (in and out of combat) 5. competitive environment. if you want to be challenged and reach your full potential, this is the place to do it. 6. more experienced players are always willing to take extra time to train and assist new or inexperienced players. 7. active and social on discord outside of testing times. (other games, anime nights, etc.) 8. sugoi has a unique and effective infrastructure to preserve quality and skill, but also scale in size depending on what the campaign worlds demand from guilds. most of all we have a lot of fun. we have a lot of logistics in the works for CWs, but for the most part we are focused on testing and catching our new members up to speed. Its been awhile since I have played with a skilled group of gamers, that are also humble and take the extra time to weed out toxicity. those who don't know us well may have a difference in opinion, but that's the internet. all of our focus and energy is on growing our guild and assisting ACE in their development process.
  3. and when a man loves another man, the man will lay on top of the other man to make a legendary vessel
  4. i support resource consumption on an ability by ability basis. there are two ways this could be done. 1. (the old way) allow people to initiate the first part of their combos without enough resource to complete the full rotation. this would require more UI management, but would offer the most freedom to players, especially when they only want to use the first or second abilities. 2. (hybrid) prevent people from initiating a combo sequence until they have enough resource to complete the entire rotation (if they wanted to), but only charge resource at the time each ability is executed. this would allow you to add other abilities into your rotation or make changes to your positioning without resource punishment. this would feel more fluid and require less UI management then #1, but slightly more restrictive. either way, front-loading is too restrictive and should be changed IMO.
  5. sharka


    i wouldnt go that far, lol. but i did play it for a long time many years ago. i played mostly in the early builds of the game, back when chris was a GM. mained a billposter and ringmaster.
  6. sharka


    Aion, TERA, Flyff, Dragon Nest, etc. played a lot of these games. welcome!
  7. Normally, I would be against race/gender lock, and this has been the case for many of the mmos I've played. Crowfall is an exception to my list... Removing gender lock would be a change I would support, but I do not support multi-raced options. My logic behind this is related to the large-scale sandbox features and customization options for each archetype. In many themepark mmos, you have a very small pool of classes with limited customization on stats, abilities, and equipment. It is easy, even with no gender/race lock, to determine what your fighting. Crowfall, however has a plethra of stats, abilities, equipment and other powers that can be changed on a class. It also focuses on PvP content, not PvE. With all of the options CF gives you, it is very important that the animations and silhouettes immediately reveal the enemy and ally you are encountering. The message of what class, armor, and potential abilities should be telegraphed to the player quickly to support combat decisions. Adding genders would not disrupt this much, but unlocking races would. When you engage a group of players, you need to know at a distance what you are encountering, or at least as much as possible. There would be very little details, perhaps only a weapon, to help a player decipher their opponents. In larger scale PvP, a change like this would disrupt combat response and strategy. these are just my opinions, based on my experience in MMOs.
  8. http://crowfall.com/en/news/the-411-on-strongholds/ Based on the text I would assume that it would not transfer the skin, as you would be crafting individual pieces that are new. We will have to wait on a confirmation, but it won't be a simple "click upgrade".
  9. See my previous post. The game used to offer a lot of freedom in areas to capture, and there was a time in which the destiny board was not implemented. Instead of offering freedom and variety of choice you seek in a sandbox, it really has become an illusion of choice. On top of the things I stated above, building T8 on guild islands were also a mistake. The only "fun" place to live is in the black zone. But the rewards are not worth the consequences. You can live perfectly fine and progress perfectly fine in safe zones , and send out raiding parties as you wish. Sure the black zones give you closer access and a crafting benefit but the amount of headache it requires to maintain that territory is not worth it. The only thing decent in that game is the 5v5 territory wars, in which they only allow u to do once a day (unless they changed this back). It also matters if you can compete within the tier of gear. I used to be in vendetta early on, and we would have very fun pvp roams and open world fights. In recent months I pretty much sit in town dueling to pass time by I could go on for hours about other changes they made, but you get my point. the content is just simply shallow and boring. you cant engage in fun pvp anymore to take a break from the grind, because new systems are too restrictive and many areas lack a competitive draw.
  10. They added telegraphed abilities to add a sense of skill shot, but the pace was kinda slow, unless you were running claymore lol . The tiered based grind created linear power increases and boring time sinks, where players became divided by power differences in items more than anything else. Not to mention that even with LP you can't diversify yourself much, leaving you with sandboxish choices in the beginning, but restricted as you move forward. They completely ruined the freedom of territory and the PK system and other pvp rule sets ruined the game. There are many other reasons why the game is struggling.
  11. I've been following and testing Albion for 2 years now, and each built gets more and more depressing lol. What was once a foundation for an awesome sandbox, has simply become a linear, restrictive, instance glorified GvG game.
  12. Ive played all of the games you listed. Many of them were enjoyable for awhile, but always lacked something on the end of pvp. Here's to hoping crowfall can execute their vision. Welcome to the community!
  13. Yes, it has been quite sad to watch albions decline. I go back every test but leave with disappointment. Which guild were you apart of?
  14. sharka


    Welcome to the fold, and thank you for your service.
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