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  1. Very pleased the continual financial support made it possible for the uncoupling of the AT's. The enormous amount of diversity this will allow for, should help make Crowfall epic. Great work!
  2. Congratulations on exceeding your expectations for the equity funding.
  3. Loving the willingness of ACE to listen to its communities ideas that make sense and then actually implementing them in these various iterations of the game development. Thanks Vectious and all the others that helped lay out the ideas for change.
  4. Concerning an EK that is set to "open". Will anyone be able to come in an collect resources from that EK or will there be a management tool to set permissions for who can harvest the resources on said EK?
  5. I really loved seeing the collision and how you'll have to take that into account during fights. Although, it would have been awesome to see the person getting stuck in the house, then destroyed by the three man team, be a centaur. Quick turn and donkey kick, wheee... all three go flying from the staircase. Looks great so far!
  6. From what ACE has shown so far, pre alpha looks much further along than I ever expected. Have to remember to temper expectations once into the test, because from what we've seen, it's pretty easy to get excited at this point.
  7. Pretty sure that was Arvada.
  8. Would love to see Guilty get the site going again. Make it happen!! Koy
  9. I agree with the slightly different colors for the varying attacks. Could help to add more depth to combat and could look amazing on the battle field. Maybe it could be the quick attacks or lower damage fire attacks burn a bit more red indicating a cooler temp, progressing through orange for combos or purge and finally white-blue for a fully charged meteor. Either way the test looked amazing!! Thanks as always for the continued updates of progress.
  10. I believe they answered your question at 14:03 of the Combat Chat 3 video. I was glad to hear the answer was yes.
  11. Those animations pictured and described seem like they'll be amazing.
  12. It's great hearing Todd reemphasizing our game is being built completely around PvP. Then just using any of those aspects that fit into the EK being utilized there. Not the other way around. rightgamebacked.
  13. Good interview. Thanks for the write up.
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