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  1. When I log in to campaign or gods reach my FPS is capped at 10 and my play experience is very jerky, with it take a second or two for the game to respond to my commands sometimes. I have opened up windows task manager and I can see that the memory keeps increasing. The first time it got to 99% before I rebooted, now it's 96% and climbing, but the controls are too unresponsive and jerky for me to play properly so calling it quits for now. I will email you my logs.
  2. Is there anything you can do to boost passive skills for newly active testers? I am in the crafting/harvesting division of my guild and we had planned for a full passive skill wipe. Now we know that won't happen plans have changed, but myself as a newer returning tester with only a couple of weeks of passive points built up isn't able to pick a crafting specialisation to test. It will take at least 85 days to go from new arrival to being able to have one crafting tree bought out. Is there a way to set your points to that you have 90 or 100 days under your belt for the next release?
  3. Looked in the Account Vault, and the Meat Tartare I created in the newbie area from mystery meat has a value of -1. I would expect value to have a minimum value of 0.
  4. Icon consistency for Duellist - Looking at the melee toolbar having sacrificed my way to L30 on Test. Most of the icons that use the pips have a star as part of the icon, which matches the stars that represent the pips for the duellist. However the Rapid Fire icon, with the two pistols, uses pips for the strength of the shot, but there is no star as part of the icon.
  5. Made some advance plate boots. Class restrictions are listed. KNGT, TMPR. However with the right talent points, Duellists with Dirge promotion can also wear them. My character can put them on. But thinking that the descriptors of who can use them need to be tightened up. Maybe reduce class code to 2 digits and have a hyphen to a code for the promotion class it represents? eg. DU-D Duellist Dirge ie Class: KN, TM, DU-D (and any other promotion classes that can use plate)
  6. First use of the Metal Plates crafting component in Blacksmithing. The top slot says Iron. This is a little confusing, I wasn't sure if it meant iron ore or some kind of iron bar. Turned out it was iron ore. Can you make the label on that slot iron ore instead of just iron.
  7. Standing at 2303, 18, 2694 in the temple in God's Reach and looking South, the discs above the vendors are visually layered on top of the flames of the sacrifice fire rather than being behind the flames.
  8. If you try and split stack a stack which is next to the edge of the screen, the interface half disappears off the edge of the screen.
  9. Levelling up my Duellist in Gods Realm using sacrifice. I've noticed, particularly in the late teen levels 16-18 that when I spend the last talent point on the tree, the window doesn't update. It won't let me spend any more points, but it looks like I could spend more. If I close the window and open it again, the totals are corrected.
  10. Hi there, On the God's Realm in Test. Not sure if you care about mushrooms spawning inside rocks when the realms are procedural. Loc 2541,5, 3028.
  11. Hi there, I backed some time ago, and now I'm getting a chance to playtest. I hope things are going well for everyone playing and testing. Regards Asryd
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