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  1. Yup! I managed the same issue talked to him on my frostweaver, and then went back to do all the other stuff. Then when I got back to huebald I can no longer talk to him. There seem to be a few things you can do in the NPE to break the quests.
  2. The only two changes that currently are bothering me to no end. Having the Fae flappy bird mini game ruined by getting it's wings clipped. I also think the 1 stealth ult change on assassin is a little over the top unless it's going to charge much faster. currently it feels like it takes a week to charge it back up. I get that people like to cry nerf assassin but there are plenty of ways to deal with them being in/going into stealth without making it next to impossible to get the ULT back. I'm not going to moan about classes needing nerfs. I feel like a lot of the nerf this now complaints are overreactions. I am also in the camp of small changes are better than knees jerk big changes always.
  3. During the NPE it's possible to refine the lumber during the quest" refine the materials at Master Flamma" thus breaking the quest line entirely, unless a new player wants to farm 250 wood to make another lumber to dismantle wasting loads of time.
  4. What he is saying is use arrow heads made from Iron only, when making the quiver. I tend to use ash for the rest of the stuff like the shafts because it's plentiful. If you use tips made from any other ore your warden will not be able to use the resulting quiver. Also make sure your blacksmith is either a armoursmith, or weaponsmith as that will effect the damage of the arrow heads which also impacts the result for the quiver damage.
  5. Limited action bar space for some classes is exacerbated by energetic harvest needing a space. Everyone gets it eventually the pips generator has it's own icon, just allow it to be key-bound on it's own, and it get it off the already limited melee and sometimes ranged bars dependent on class, and build. This is only an issue for a few classes, but it should not be an issue at all. Having to choose between your build effectiveness, and not being able to use energetic harvest is just one of many design flaws, that impacts some characters harshly while not others. No constantly changing it to harvest is not an option, in a pvp game where you can be jumped while harvesting. If you consider things like connoisseur you could just give everyone a utility bar even. Quality of life thing ya know.
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