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  1. Scorn was my first server, though I can't remember the name of the guild I played with. I think I took part in only one or two banes there before I stopped playing for a while, and then came back and played on Mourning. I do remember playing against R30s in one of those banes though... and probably losing.
  2. custardin' Warp Wolves, man. Those guys are great (unless you're not the one playing them).
  3. TTS seems way gimmicky, at least in how they present it as a "look at the physics! you can knock poorly made socks over and LOL" kind of experience. I know far more people who use OCTGN for table-top game emulation. Disclaimer, I haven't used either myself, but that's what I gather from each, and I spend a lot more time table-top gaming than video gaming.
  4. I've got a handful of Warmachine and Hordes stuff. Played primarily with Convergence and Minions, respectively. Really fun game, and Privateer makes some of the best sculpts in the industry. Enjoy it!
  5. So heals on Burger....'s computer, then?
  6. Are you the person to thank for this mark tattooed on my leg?
  7. For the MV community, Zing and I are currently posting here, and I've seen Bardiel post a few times as well and he played with us a while. There's a thread over on the Mordkessel forums to make people aware but the traffic there is pretty minimal anymore. I'm sure some other old MVers will turn up eventually if this thing looks remotely as promising as they are selling it to be!
  8. Who ran the tournament on Mourning that they called The Game of Thrones in homage to the books? I want to say it was Grimjack, but can't remember for sure.
  9. Holy cow, Aesa, haven't heard that name in a very, very long time. Lots of memories around here. I remember playing with Prue as well! Though as I told Thorbienn last night I can't really well remember what I went by in CR, so I doubt anyone will remember me either.
  10. The best way I like to describe Shadowbane to people who haven't heard of it is to say it's the closest thing to "Game of Thrones: The MMO" as the genre has ever seen. I mean, you know, minus the incest. While there was certainly a game there in the traditional character-with-stats-that-advances-over-time and killing-things-to-get-loot kind of way, the meat of the game was the politics of Group A clashing with Group B for whatever reasons they may have had ("they killed my leveling group", "they allied with Group C who is our enemy", "they talked poorly made socks on the forums", "they were there as we were running through the area so why not kill them?", etc.), and ultimately going to war over it. Then say Group A loses the war, and thus lose their place in the world, and their potential influence over other groups in the world by being seen as weak. Or maybe Group A surprises Group B at ground zero by arranging aid from Groups D, E, and F, and Group B has no chance at winning said war due to alliances forged. Well then D, E, and F just made enemies with B... and the cycle continues.
  11. Hey girl hey! Originated on Scorn at launch, but found my way to Mourning eventually. Ran with Chaos Rising for a little while before joining the MV/TDL crew. Haven't kept up with them in years, but damn if this doesn't pique my interest.
  12. Oh hey. Some good people popping up around here. Blessed are something something, blah blah Chaos.
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