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  1. I'm a non-backer but long time MMORPGer. Typically PvP hasn't been my thing unless I can find a nice support role. In my older years my twitch reflexes aren't what they used to be. However, I came to Crowfall to try and break a habit and embrace PvP and the social war aspect I loved in Dark Age of Camelot RvR. I did have a boost to level 25 token but went the recommended route and started at level 1. I choose a Human Templar as I wanted something that could take a hit while I learned how to play. Though there was a wide variety of classes and races they were restrictive which is a shame. Most of the race/class choices I would have made were barred. The character customization was pretty limited as well. I felt more like I was making a Torchlight character than an mmoRPG character. At first I read every quest text but immediately noticed the lack of almost any voice acting. Ok no huge deal but a little more vibrancy in the beginning might have helped me immerse more. I did like that the quest line all the way up to about level 28 was singular and I wasn’t juggling the “main” questline along with a bunch of side quests. Right off the bat I was attacking trees and rocks in order to start crafting better gear. The basics made sense to me immediately. Soon enough I had all the harvesting tools and basic armor. Occasionally a drop might be better than my basic gear. All good, loot be loot. Combat was very straight forward against mobs. I have yet to encounter an opposing player. At first I only had a couple skills but by level 28 my bar was full and maybe one or two skills that didn’t fit. I could easily take on 4-5 mobs that were higher level than me. Combat became more of a chore than a challenge. I only died once and that was at level 28 when I went solo into a major fort. I just needed to see how tough the fight would be. I was annihilated. At level 28 my quests became Secure 10 forts and Kill 10 Players. At this point I hit a wall as I wasn’t sure where to go. The game would say “Pass beyond the 3 gates into more dangerous areas” What 3 gates? Where, what map? I eventually with chat help figured out they meant 3 horizontal games on the map. There was no dotted line or any other map marker. Even though I was in a Guild I felt very alone all the time. Players in Faction chat would say “Who wants to meet at Warggebblurble and attack Hooowutitiz?” I tried twice to meet up but failed. I imagine this changes with more familiarity and more players but I always felt like whatever was happening was hella far away. Make a group finder/maker is needed. I was baffles several times in the tutorial questline by them tell me at level 25 to craft a shovel or bracer. Something I had done ages ago. I never had a single connection with any NPC character. They all looked the sameish. There was no oompff. If I was supposed to care about which faction I should choose that was never made clear or presented. I’m Sun and in all honesty I’m not sure what the other two are called. All the worlds I vistited looked the same to me. Hills, trees, rocks, and small villages or forts. Toss in some hunger crystals. I’m still interested. I think I need to find a more active Guild, make some friends. I’m not giving up yet, I can craft. I got Advanced Blacksmithing, zomg the material requirements for Plate is insane. I have yet to even figure out how to get to my Eternal Kingdom but I have only imagine it will be a resource sucker.
  2. I've had two minor issue since I bought the game yesterday. First I wanted to change my ingame name and second my 2FA seemed to be borked this morning. in both cases the issue was resolved with minutes. The later in like under 2 minutes. Big high five for the support team. Thanks guys!
  3. Brand new here. Old time MMORPGer looking to have some fresh fun. Look forward to joining a Guild and meeting new people while I haul lumber.
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