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  1. Quick question: for those of us who give zero NANNY FILTERs what we look like since vessels are just disposable resources, will there be a [Random] button after race and class are selected? EDIT: Nevermind. Just saw the randomize button in the screenshots.
  2. Given how the training system works and that it's a buy to play game, that won't be as rare as you think it is.
  3. I used to believe this too. You'd think that putting the idea for a mechanic out there for thousands of gamers (people who have a lot of experience with games and what makes them fun) to critique and criticize would be something that game developers would be all over. I mean that's like a free consulting firm who literally has your future customer's best interests at heart and truly wants your product to succeed. But game designers are far too prideful to change or scrap their ideas, even when detrimental to the goal of the game: fun.
  4. Okay so nodes are not actually going to be large enough for 10 people to gather around?
  5. You have completely missed the point of my post, while at the same time reinforcing my case. Impressive.
  6. No. This is incorrect. The stats used are those of the player that does the most damage. Player A did 75%, and being the most damage, Player A's stats are used.
  7. Please no. Trolling and honest mistakes will result in frustration and anger.
  8. Why should anyone have to cripple/limit themselves when contributing to a goal? Will boss monsters drop worse stuff if a less highly trained player manages to do the most damage to it as well? The system is counter-intuitive and like scree said, discourages group/social play.
  9. No, player A did 75%. They are the biggest contributor. Their stats are used.
  10. Wow. What a terrible implementation. I seriously hope this Raph guy isn't in charge of anything important for CF. Just give each container an array of entries with each entry being something like this overly simple example: ENTITY=item; MAJORTYPE=resource; TYPE=ore; MINORTYPE=copper; WEIGHT=9.7531; VOLUME=3.1415; QUALITY=6.2831; TRADEABLE=1 There's no need for a bajillion entities in a database for what is essentially a single item with variable attributes. To limit the amount of stuff that can be carried around just give all containers a capacity in volume, and all carriers a strength stat. Volume cannot be exceeded, and exceeding strength results in encumbrance. It's absolutely tarded. They said before that crafting was going to be in your general skills, nothing to do with your archetype. So now if I want to play a Frostweaver, but my crafting interests are in siege engines or blacksmithing I'm boned? Thanks a whole lot ACE. You guys are making the game worse all the time.
  11. Yeah I read that before, but the part that I enhanced is what I remember from it so I didn't intend to turn them into CF credit. I wanted something of actual value so I've been waiting. That the devs are going with the easy "account is locked to a campaign, the end" instead of using a real solution is BS. I am very disappointed.
  12. "It's the account that's locked to the campaign." WHAT!? When I pledged, there were character slots, so I knew that I could take one character to one campaign world, and another character to another world. This way I could go into hard worlds with my PvP loving friends, and into easy worlds with my PvE loving wife and swap between them as I liked. Then you introduced the vessel system. Don't get me wrong, I like the vessel system. However you have totally ****ed me by forcing my entire account to be locked to a single campaign world! I totally understand that you don't want people to be able to be everywhere all the time, but this is a terrible design decision, especially when the solution to it is so easy.
  13. Where did the 700k come from? I'm personally not a fan of stakeholders/investors/publishers. They cripple creativity, risk taking, innovation, and only want what's been proven (read: WoW clones).
  14. tl;dw - "Social connections is why EVE was one of the best MMOs, and is the only thing keeping it alive now. We want to capitalize on that too." Let's see if you can get the social systems of EVE into CF, but given the design philosophy of the game I doubt it.
  15. I feel only the graveyard one was clever. There were many good entries that I'm surprised didn't win. The Frostmage/Crazy cat lady life one for instance.
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