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  1. Given how the training system works and that it's a buy to play game, that won't be as rare as you think it is.
  2. I used to believe this too. You'd think that putting the idea for a mechanic out there for thousands of gamers (people who have a lot of experience with games and what makes them fun) to critique and criticize would be something that game developers would be all over. I mean that's like a free consulting firm who literally has your future customer's best interests at heart and truly wants your product to succeed. But game designers are far too prideful to change or scrap their ideas, even when detrimental to the goal of the game: fun.
  3. Okay so nodes are not actually going to be large enough for 10 people to gather around?
  4. You have completely missed the point of my post, while at the same time reinforcing my case. Impressive.
  5. No. This is incorrect. The stats used are those of the player that does the most damage. Player A did 75%, and being the most damage, Player A's stats are used.
  6. Please no. Trolling and honest mistakes will result in frustration and anger.
  7. Why should anyone have to cripple/limit themselves when contributing to a goal? Will boss monsters drop worse stuff if a less highly trained player manages to do the most damage to it as well? The system is counter-intuitive and like scree said, discourages group/social play.
  8. No, player A did 75%. They are the biggest contributor. Their stats are used.
  9. Wow. What a terrible implementation. I seriously hope this Raph guy isn't in charge of anything important for CF. Just give each container an array of entries with each entry being something like this overly simple example: ENTITY=item; MAJORTYPE=resource; TYPE=ore; MINORTYPE=copper; WEIGHT=9.7531; VOLUME=3.1415; QUALITY=6.2831; TRADEABLE=1 There's no need for a bajillion entities in a database for what is essentially a single item with variable attributes. To limit the amount of stuff that can be carried around just give all containers a capacity in volume, and all carriers a strength stat. Volume cannot be exceeded, and exceeding strength results in encumbrance. It's absolutely tarded. They said before that crafting was going to be in your general skills, nothing to do with your archetype. So now if I want to play a Frostweaver, but my crafting interests are in siege engines or blacksmithing I'm boned? Thanks a whole lot ACE. You guys are making the game worse all the time.
  10. Yeah I read that before, but the part that I enhanced is what I remember from it so I didn't intend to turn them into CF credit. I wanted something of actual value so I've been waiting. That the devs are going with the easy "account is locked to a campaign, the end" instead of using a real solution is BS. I am very disappointed.
  11. "It's the account that's locked to the campaign." WHAT!? When I pledged, there were character slots, so I knew that I could take one character to one campaign world, and another character to another world. This way I could go into hard worlds with my PvP loving friends, and into easy worlds with my PvE loving wife and swap between them as I liked. Then you introduced the vessel system. Don't get me wrong, I like the vessel system. However you have totally ****ed me by forcing my entire account to be locked to a single campaign world! I totally understand that you don't want people to be able to be everywhere all the time, but this is a terrible design decision, especially when the solution to it is so easy.
  12. Where did the 700k come from? I'm personally not a fan of stakeholders/investors/publishers. They cripple creativity, risk taking, innovation, and only want what's been proven (read: WoW clones).
  13. tl;dw - "Social connections is why EVE was one of the best MMOs, and is the only thing keeping it alive now. We want to capitalize on that too." Let's see if you can get the social systems of EVE into CF, but given the design philosophy of the game I doubt it.
  14. I feel only the graveyard one was clever. There were many good entries that I'm surprised didn't win. The Frostmage/Crazy cat lady life one for instance.
  15. Do you honestly not realize that the forum is for feedback purposes? This guy gets it. They're going to "turn some knobs" but what you see is pretty close to what the Ranger will be on release, and its core design is broken AF.
  16. Wow. What can I say? Since you like The 5th Element, how about this: "I am very disappointed!" Do you honestly not realize just how incredibly OP the Ranger is its current form? Let's take a look at the so-called "minimum viable powers" lol Ranged - Fundamentally the Ranger is a ranged class which always has an advantage over melee. And the arrows are much faster than the Confessor fireballs, and gets an aim zoom? Anyone who has played a FPS will have no problem landing shots. The only things I can think of that would possibly balance this is if your allies can block arrows (maybe with friendly fire?), and/or the ranged attacks simply do noticeably less damage than melee attacks. Also, the Ranger should not be able to fire an arrow while moving, or, if moving gains a large accuracy penalty (perhaps a skill can reduce this?). "Traps" - When I think "Ranger and traps" I think of stuff like snares, deadfalls, tripwires, etc. that take time to construct at the Ranger's location, and must be placed tactically to improve the chances that an enemy will trigger it. I do NOT think of sticky, wall destroying satchel charges that self arm in 1 second and can be thrown as far as an arrow can be shot! Furthermore, who thought it was a good idea to make traps an ability with no "ammo" consumption? Finite arrows, but infinite traps? Lifesteal - Because nothing is more fun than trying to kill something that heals itself as it kills you. Especially when combined with... Blink and Disengage - So you're giving the class a blink which also gives a 50% movement speed buff, AND a 25m disengage!? Are you ****ing serious!? So even if the lifesteal can be overcome, the Ranger can just leave. SMH The only thing it's missing from the Big Bag of BS Mechanics is a stun, but it makes up for that with a ranged, AoE, 6 second silence! Here's the "I Win" combo that every Ranger will use if anything ever comes close: Blink --> run away for 3 seconds --> turn 180* (instantly, due to the horrible pseudo-kinematic character controller) --> non-channeled Slice N Dice --> Disengage --> (optional: lifesteal + throw satchel charge/suppression/barrage) --> turn 180* --> Dodge Roll --> run until the the skills are off CD and repeat Hide - Ironically, the Hide ability looks to be slightly balanced since the Ranger must be out of combat, and cannot move while hidden, but after using the I Win combo a couple times, the Ranger should be far enough away to Hide and go get a pizza, completely safe from any retaliation since there's no way to break Hide w/o knowing where the Ranger is in the first place. It's perfect, infinite invisibility in plain sight. Archer’s Stake - Cool idea with terrible execution. Why in the hell should "stand next to spikes" = "huge attack power buff"? The spikes should be a deterrent to melee classes, not an attack damage steroid. They should physically block movement and be a thick enough model that melee attacks and many melee abilities cannot reach the Ranger behind the spikes. The spikes should have a large HP pool so they can be destroyed, but any melee attacker would take damage from attacking them and be riddled with arrows in the meantime. They should be formed in a semi circle so a Ranger can place them strategically near a wall or cliff or with another Ranger to get full protection. "We didn’t want to burden our Rangers with carrying around a large wooden stake..." Why? Just as arrows are and as traps should be, why not make it a finite resource? Even better, make every tree a "harvestable node" from which a Ranger can resupply their spikes. I assume that inventory will have a weight or volume limit, and this would play into what you said: "the Ranger requires much more preparation and hand-eye skills to play than any of our other archetypes." The Ranger is broken AF. I am very disappointed.
  17. Can you post an entry once per picture, or once in total?
  18. Never played Archage because it's a Korean massive and all of those are godawful. GW2 did a great job of under water combat. The skills you had access to were completely different under water. It was a whole different playing field. Not just the skills, but the 3D movement as well.
  19. That they'll do what other games do because it's "expected by the players." Examples include: Gutting their dynamic character control by artificially adding in kinematics so your character stops, turns, and starts instantly without any momentum. "Stealth" being long term, binary invisibility without regard to the environment, players looking at the stealther, or any other factors that should influence if someone can see them or not. It's just "click button, totally invisible, lawl" Drizzt-clone rangers whose only weapon choices are bows and dual wielding swords. Inclusion of stuns, the form of CC that ranks highest on the Un-fun Scale by a large margin. Or that they'll do things with only one agenda: money. Examples include: Half-assed approach to water. There will be no under water combat. I doubt rivers will have a current. "Swimming" will almost certainly be on the surface only. Because it's "too expensive just so you can fight a fish." (I personally was planning on fighting other players under water.) When the game has passed its prime the devs will cash out by transitioning to P2W just like EVE has.
  20. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I have ALWAYS hated that! It's counter-intuitive and ridiculous. If a dude is running full speed he shouldn't be able to stop on a dime, turn 180* in the blink of an eye, and go full speed again in the opposite direction! You have a real opportunity to make a game where that unnatural behavior doesn't exist, and you're going to intentionally add it back in?! I was so excited for the physics engine and you're going to poison it with the same garbage every other game has. I thought the audience you were aiming for were people who are sick of WoW and all it's clones and wanted something different. I guess I was wrong.
  21. So Kickstarter pledgers who also have VIP would be able to train in 5 archetypes? 1 (that everyone gets) + 2 (from VIP) + 2 (from KS) = 5? I'd be on board with that. Since they basically allowed everyone extra "slots" via VIP I'd like to get what I pledged for. Or any Tom, Diċk, or Harry can just you know, buy three accounts, have lifetime pseudo-VIP status, AND get to train 3 general skills at a time which is even more powerful than 1 general skill queue and 5 archetype skill queues (of which only one can be used at a time).
  22. The sword animation is lethargic and leaves her open the whole time. The bow jump flip roll animation is pretty cool.
  23. Just remember, if it can be botted, it WILL be botted. Don't for a moment think "low skill + low effort = low reward" will be any kind of deterrent because if someone can get millions of "low rewards" while they sleep, they will. A poorly made sockston of a little thing is still a lot. Ugh language filters make baby Jesus cry. Especially this one that replaces words with whole phrases rather than just putting a few *s in there. To reiterate, a shtton of a little thing, is still a lot.
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