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    Singing, music in general, Prohibition Era history, EvE Online, Wizard and Pirate 101... yes I still play, amateur meteorology, and eventually mastering all however many dialects there are of 'Chinese'. Certainly not web-casting, oh ... and coffee... I am VERY interested in coffee.
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    Stealing your coffee.

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  1. Come play with us!!! How to: Open Steam right click steam in taskbar "Servers" "Favorites" "Add a Server" Where it prompts you enter Launch ARK: "Join Ark" in the bottom left corner there's a drop down, select "Favorites" Look for PlebLvL Join Prosper TEAMSPEAK! pleblvl.com PlebLvL is a moderated server that is PvPvE (PVP happens but it's not the main article). Presently there's the Thunder-Dome where you can battle your tamed dinos to the death against other tribes. An automated wager system is in the works. Taming is 15% quicker, dinosaurs are 2x tougher and more plentiful, and Alpha Raptors and Alpha Carnos have been turned off because quite frankly they're hogwash. Hope to see you there!
  2. I hate you. ARK: Survival Evolved, and kind of EvE ... waiting on plex to dip back under a billion isk.
  3. Man ... this would have been so helpful last week. Heh.
  4. Oh my gosh, please, please let me know how the dilopocolypse goes! I'm in talks with our tribe right now about trading their beloved first-tames (mostly parasaur/trike) to a new tribe that cropped up not far from us to placate them, and get them off the ground.That's like 10 animals off the "feed me" list. I can't WAIT. I'll miss the incredible amounts of poop (for farming, of course ) but not HAVING to log in an hour before work to feed everything would be nice >.>
  5. (OOC: nevermind. Just gonna lurk.)
  6. Hahahahaha. I'm tempted to let ALL of our merry band wander. We've got 61 dinosaurs (including dodos) and it's begun to take longer than I appreciate to care for them all, it'd be less cruel than stabbing them in the braincase with a pick, and interesting to see just how many carnivores in the area they take out before succumbing to the wilds. Anything still alive at the end of 2 days would get to stay.
  7. So - dinosaurs. I have three Steogsaurus, Taiyang, Yueliang, and Daiqiu (or Sun, Moon, and Earth). After the great v171.5 wipe I'd sought out rare stegos to exploit their potential in keeping predators away from our base. I mean sure your metal-spike-wall can keep predators away, but it won't chase them down and utterly destroy them quite like these three, fine, lasses will. Typically they sit in front of our base as a T-rex deterrent, that is until our newest member set Yue to 'Enabled Wandering' sometime in the night to see how far she would go not realizing that her two younger sisters were set to follow. He let them wander a bit, watching in horror as they went tearing into the woods above our base after an argentavis, which is basically a hawk the size of a VW beetle. He runs into the woods after them, gets murdered, and raises the alarm but it's late at night, only one other member is on, and neither one of them can find the trio, they're just gone. Fast forwards to this morning. We still haven't found the trio, but nobody has gotten a death notification for them yet (which you get automatically when they're killed) and I'm pretty distressed, I mean, these are my spiky virtual babies and they're gone off into the woods on their own where there's tyrants, carnos, raptors, and all sorts of nasty things. I'm flying all over the coast, the mountain, the woods, and finally I give up and just get ready to train more stegos. I'm combing the shore for a nice replacement when, in global "WTF?! We're under attack!" Shenanigans, a rival tribe, is shouting for a truce. We don't know what's going on, none of our dudes are even close to their base, which is by the blue obelisk (the blue triangle shown on this map) and our base is by the red obelisk (red triangle). We're like "What's going on, we're not near your base." they report that a lone stego yolo'd into their base after a raptor and was messing up everything they couldn't call off in time. It was Yueliang, the 'oldest' of the trio, and though they'd caught her in a pen she was busting it quick. I get air-lifted over there, land, calm her down all good right? Tayiang and Diqiu had been set to follow, and about 30 yards behind their base had gotten stuck on some large trees. All of them had at least 3 levels up, and were SO full of loot they almost couldn't walk. They'd been murdering their way across the island for just over 11 hours. Among the loot were some pretty impressive things, stacks and stacks of arrows, 2 sauropod vertebrae (only gotten from killing Brontosaurus), 6 tyrannosaurus arms (from T-rex), and an epic metal pickaxe, mixed with other junk. We give all of this to Shenanigans as a “I'm sorry my stego slaughtered your two raptors” gesture, and they laughed it off cause it wasn't REALLY anybody's fault. I helped tame two new raptors, waddled my trio home, and completely forget to disable wandering on Yueliang, so OFF she goes again, this time south, along the shore. I'm picking up stones so we can upgrade our base when at the top of the screen I see “Your Stego Diqiu has killed Tyrant level 9”, “Your Stego Taiyang has killed Trike level 21”, “Your Stego Diqiu has killed Carno level 11”, “Your Stego Yueliang has killed Bronto level 9”. I could have sworn I'd left them at base so I'm VERY confused, as more trikes and raptors die and I rush back to base thinking it's a retaliatory raid. Nope, they'd wandered up the “death cliffs” and had just gone to town on EVERYTHING up there. I flew up there, hopped on Yue, drove her and her sisters home, and turned off wandering. They had 2 more tyrant arms, a sauropod vertebra, and had looted a full set of gear including bow and arrow off of some poor newbie that had wandered too close. TLDR; “Enable Wandering” needs a freakin range limit XD
  8. I put down a quarter of my stock today and did a full sweep of the island I live on (my purpose is literally "Just hold the cave" for my tribe so I get to mess around a lot). I had *just enough* meat to feed the remainder of my carnivores. This is going to be a long haul. Small Crop Boxes have been a relief but I'll be shrinking back my base today in the hopes that more trees/bushes re-grow. Tribe on the mainland actually had a meeting this morning about getting supplies out to their 'cave men' and I think it'll work, it's definately taken an 'EvE Online' feel though where everyone has a set description and quota. Since that's what I was trying to get away from I don't think I'll stick around till they fix this. That, and I have 481lbs of dodo eggs I can't access due to that new split-stack-bug. I actually read about an anklio like that on the official forums, was that you guys? That's helarious!! They were so mad but the way the guy telling it (enigmabox I think) made it a great read! Gosh I wish I could find it now XD.
  9. TLDR is in bold. As is with anything in it's infancy, it's just as frustrating and confusting as it is endearing and full of potential. It is very early alpha, so if you head into it expecting a finished product you're going to be dissapointed. It's rough, glitchy, unfinished, constatntly changing, wipes occuring here and there, stat balances rendering your favorite pet useless, and the official servers can be, and often times are, a starting players worst nightmare. That said, I'm still having a pretty good time with it. It's gritty, it's dirty, and you have to learn not to get too attached to anything because odds are you're going to lose it at some point, be it gear, a base, your pets, etc... and you really get out of this game what you put in. Comit to a 3 hour long train and you could get yourself a pretty sweet buddy, or if you don't have that much time on your hands you could take my approach and tame 30 dodos at 20 minutes a pop.The effort required just to maintan your property and pets is pretty intense, more so now that they've nerfed gathering, but it gives it a sense of worth that's been absent in a lot of modern games and almost, not quite but almost, makes the daily grind 'worth it'. What I like most about this game so far is how active the devs are, and how they respond to the community. They are taking this game VERY seriously and love any and all feedback we throw at them. They're currently working on a second map, and the community is already creating mods for the game that make it outright helarous. They way they're handling ARKs creation makes me hopeful for it's future, it looks like it could really be good. I can't really compare it to DayZ, but in terms of RUST well "It's like they wanted to make RUST the right way, but couldn't for copyrite reasons, so they added dinosaurs and it worked." - My friend Chuck. Hi Chuck. If you want to get started and get a feel for the game cruise the steam forums for privately owned servers. Good words to look for are PVE, Base Protection, Open Tribes, and most importantly Whitelist. See if you can get on one of those and you should be golden.
  10. Oof the balance issues. Holy cow the balance issues. I'm having more fun breaking this game than I am actually playing it. I have a DODO with 2,000 health that can 2 shot a level 40 stego. It's hidden amongst my innocent little level 14 dodo horde. I woke up 2ish days ago and it had rolled someone with an Apprentice Long Neck Rifle with scope, full flack armor, and like 20 bullets. Their megladon was sitting in the little 'bay' on my island so I sold that back to him for a totem. That was a good day. I'm not sure after the harvesting rebalance this evening if I'm going to keep playing it, because I've got one trike and 30 someodd dodos to feed, nevermind the scorpions and dillos, I don't even know how many of those I have now. XD I might have a problem.
  11. Protip - punch dilos unconscious. Once you've got 5 or 6 of them there's really nothing you're going to run into on the shore that they can't rip apart - players included! 800 health, 500% attack, and dump the rest in movement speed. Bonus points if you name them Zerglings.
  12. Dodo army reporting in! On the public servers (223 I think) I have an army of 28 dodos, all of them with points in AP and movement speed. I had 30 but some poor soul with a raptor mount found out just what happens when you cross the dodo horde. Dodozilla, currently level 104, has 400 hp, and 500% ap, he leads the group as the agressive alpha and is placed right at the door to the cave. Make it past that and well... good luck with the Onycs. Sufice to say I'm having a blast with this, even though it's far from finished it is quite enjoyable, and having gotten onto a private server as well I can just relax and tame bronots to my hearts content. This may be my 'crowfall killer' XD
  13. Playing ARK till there's something to do here. Dinosaurs! :D

  14. Hey guys! Going to put this game down until the forums start up again, and pick up from there. Consider this hitting the 'pause' button. Also, I may have lost my soul to Ark, so... sorry >.>
  15. Annndddd here you go. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-e2j1vHi69zzEAIaLv9ZeRuO5a7_AZm98bWnBO8eavo/edit#gid=0
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