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  1. But you can't be an artist just yet and show off that special calling card like I, and other would like to!
  2. Why is this a question, he is a man of reputation and respect, and likes a lot of things. He is very open and honest with his decisions and doesn't mind going places.
  3. It would be very handy and interesting to have a system that would allow you to craft paper, then right logs, notes, graphs, drawings, and various other details. It would be semi-complex to initially code, but the possibilities for a system like this in a social MMO are boundless, especially if it can be an item displayed and used.
  4. Today we will rise Tomorrow we will fly by The crow falls with lies
  5. How many fully spec'd crafters would it take to fully gear about 50 people of all archetypes?
  6. Only way it seems possible to roleplay is through a story of a body you inhabited.
  7. Issue with rping as an archetype. Your archetype isn't you. You're just a soul. How do you roleplay a body not tied to you at all. That you just simply take control of?
  8. So is anyone else curious as to why we are in the dark for stealth as of now? Well, besides the irony of it.....
  9. I think I might just do sonething today...... Nah I'll do it tomorrow.

  10. Contributor to bronze. I am hoping to upgrade further.
  11. I already used my upgrade, but now that I can afford a more expensive package I plan on buying a better package. If I do buy one: am I no longer able to get the benefits of the upgrade, do I get the same benefits, just with the standard price, or do I just get a 2015 package instead of a KS-2015 package?
  12. I´m a bit upset that I can´t enter, but at least I get the liberty of still being able to play the game.
  13. If there were a legionnaire king..... how would he sit in a throne?
  14. They did clerify that they were adding projectiles and a physics system to back it. This includes arrows.
  15. Welp, haters gunna hate, hate, players gunna play, and bards gunna..... Bard? Anyways, skarthy, I hope you end up backing the game, and have fun with the lot of us.
  16. I'm too hyped for ranger gameplay with the arrow physics. The capabilities I'm imagining with arrow arcs and predictions for player postions has me in an uproar.
  17. Although the way skill progression is, you won't have to rush anythhing since all secondary bonus levels are passive and primary levels are non-existant. From the time you enter the game you get all skills possible at your disposal, although for crafting you need the materials in order to craft what you want. So it's a rush for resources if anything.
  18. The only issue is they would need a secondary AI system involved which would be a ton of work to the already 14 archetypes they have to deal with.
  19. I loved the chain pull physics, but I feel it is a bit broken to be able to launch someone like that. Especially when they just bounce off your character in the progress.
  20. True, although it does require a lot of thought and time management. I still feel like it would be too much work for little results. Unless you have 2 pc's to use at once, you can't easily trade between your characters. You would have to specifically allow that char to your chests and EK if you only have 1 pc.
  21. Personally, it would be very helpful if the css code was responsive to the device.
  22. Personally I'd find it funny to be looting a body to find a sword name. "Butt stabber." Or an armor peice name ."Protect me please." It'd be really unique and interesting when you find custom made equipment that has interesting and goofy names.
  23. It shouldn't, although compared to how much time you could dedicate to one account, honeslty it isn't worth buying a secondary account unless you are sure you will dedicate your time equally between them and be able to balance multiple guilds and campaigns
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