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  1. "The player shouldn't be their own Island" Tandem crafting instead of solo crafting could be a type of synergy, it also fosters team work which i believe is the developers sole purpose for the game.
  2. There's a lot riding on the crafting, i think Crowfall devs know this that's why no mechanics have been shown even though they're working on it in the background.
  3. @rand@ Selling ruby ammy 15K each! I also enjoyed haggling with customers to give up their uncut gems to me that helped power level me to diamond amulets. Otherwise i had to go into the back of the wilderness to snatch some spawning sapphires, which 80% of the time were being camped by marauders.
  4. Not sure: Was never really a fan on playing alts, I'd normally play one character right through to end game, making your 'character' as a mere tool with differing qualities and rarity dictates the worth of the character you're inhabiting by default, it'll just be another min-max meta game except the worth of the character won't be defined by what you've achieved, but by what you're wearing, figuratively.
  5. That's a statistical improbability, also why would i play a game if i never died? Sounds boring to me. Are we going to see weapon/armour crafters prioritize characters that are stronger/rarer than their counterparts? You betcha, even if the wielder of the wearers skin is less skilled than others, it'll be that you must X to run this dungeon or gtfo we see in every MMO to date. Sorry for the edits my fingers are tongue tied.
  6. Agreed, characters are just commodity now. No i don't believe an ethereal ghost jumping into corpses is a character in my opinion.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6r3v_3X-2ps depends on the netcode but for sure time travelled calculates into DPS loss as well. They could add in an artifical handicap but this would probably most likely be exploited, this is why i never added a suggestion for this because someone is always going to lose out.
  8. Every MMO to date is tab targeted, please break the MMO stale mold. That said i know latency will be an issue for aiming and i'll have a 300 ping but i still don't mind. I'd rather have free aim range attacks with a 300 ping, than a boring rotating tab targeting system.
  9. Thank you for taking the time to respond, much appreciated.
  10. Basically skipped after the end of that last sentence thanks for saving me time, I'll take your advice. I don't think OP is being entitled for asking for an update on his favourite systems in this game, sounds like some people are just extremely arrogant and like to accuse others of being entitled while being self-opinionated and condescending.
  11. *remembers busting rocks and swinging a few picks in her time* Runescape classic, i get carpel tunnel just thinking about the mining guild.
  12. I made a similar thread about crafting also, basically get rid of the menu based crafting system and replace it with anything unique...seriously anything is better than playing a spreadsheet.
  13. Yes lets copy dragon nest combat tera combat and rename the game WoW 2.0.
  14. I necrod it on purpose because nothing has changed in information in regards to crafting since this thread was made :3
  15. How about a system that involves quality of the item based on mistakes made instead of RNG - as an example you could even make it that you could have two crafters working on the one item for highest quality Vs quantity of items produced separately. With this type of system instead of standing afk at a workstation watching a loading bar you can physically be making items virtually while on lookers can watch, as well as make a fair system that is based on your own skill and expertise rather than luck of the dice.
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