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  1. VIP Tickets are now in merchandise tab. You can convert this into VIP now, if you like. Todd
  2. Tomes P2W Model

    When/if we add tomes after launch (and I suspect that we will, because we do need a catch-up mechanic for late arrivals) we'll put a gate in place to keep people from abusing it. My current plan is to add a global max # of minutes since launch that players can't exceed; in effect, a new player won't be able to use Tomes to gain more total minutes than a standard VIP player who started on launch day. Todd ACE
  3. Hungercast Episode 2 Question

    VIP tickets can not be imported into Campaign Worlds. Todd ACE
  4. We're still trying to figure out the right answer to cloaks. It touches a lot of areas (and a lot of art assets that we frankly don't want to have to redo) so it's complicated. Todd
  5. If so, then this one is on me. We have said in the past that 'about half of the race/class combos would be available when 5.3 goes live' and I assumed that you guys would like to know which combos, so that you could start to plan your builds now. No matter which half lauched first, some people would inevitably NOT be getting their personal favorite build, so better to set expectations sooner rather than later so that people have a chance to adapt. A few other odds & ends: - no, 5.3 is not coming to Test next week. it has to go to our internal test server first, and pass our internal screen. and we're still working on it. - in the meantime, we're continuing to add polish and fix bugs in Campaign World (5.2). expect this to continue 24x7 on Live, even once 5.3 goes to Test - I like the idea of Elken being in the Sylvan group for narrative reasons, as in my mind they originated as a blood-thirsty cross between a Hind and a Satyr. I can see an argument for adding them to the Monster group, but I have always liked like the idea that the light and beautiful fairy wilds has this horrific, violent undertone and to me the Elken hit that note just perfectly. Todd
  6. per Melissa, not a mistake. Playable in 5.3. Todd
  7. yeah, I forgot. If and when we want to add a respec mechanic, it would be very simple to tie into this system: allow people to peel pips off of trained Skills, in reverse order, to get some % of those minutes back into the Time Bank for that tree. This wouldn't allow you to spend those minutes in other trees, obviously, but it would allow you to change course within a single tree. Todd
  8. Choices No Longer Have Consequences

    To be clear, I'm not necessarily opposed to adding something like this (or the similar suggestion from Tinnis, limit the number of Tomes that an account can use over time). Also, it should be pointed out that while the Time Bank is a necessary feature for launch, the Tomes won't be added until some time post-launch. If I had to guess, I would say at least 3-6 months. Lastly, please remember that the reason we revisited this system at all is because of the feedback you guys gave us on the last iteration. We don't make these decisions in a vacuum. I want to find the solution that works best for you, for us, and for the players who join our community in the future. To suggest that we "don't listen" is simply not true. Todd
  9. Good catch and valid criticism of current table design. We'll need to address this. Todd
  10. Important note that I failed to mention : while Time Bank is scheduled (and necessary IMO) for launch, the Tome functionality will be added some time later (my guess is at least a few months later, but we will see where it falls out. There is a lot of schedule changing that will happen between now and then). Todd
  11. wikipedia disagrees with you. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twinking Todd
  12. Founders' Update: Interactables Changes

    yes, "taking a hatchet" means cutting them dramatically. I think 1s is correct for most of them now. Todd
  13. Campaign System Test: DOWNLOAD

    The link is dynamic; it will provide you the an download package that will allow you to connect to which test universe matches your entitlement. Todd
  14. Campaign System Test: DOWNLOAD

    great question. unfortunately, no. the way it is currently set up, the download uses the same entitlement as the login. we'll see if we can't fix that going forward. Todd
  15. Founders' Update: Campaign System Test

    Emails should be going out tonight (fingers crossed) but for those of you who are ready now, I just posted the instructions in a separate thread here: Thanks! Todd