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  1. Yeah, I have a problem. I have two different design goals and they are diametrically opposed. I want to be able to expose the strategy game information to everyone, even to people who aren't even playing in the Campaign -- but if I show the maps, that makes it pretty impossible to hide them at the same time. So instead I was leaning towards a hybrid approach: show the maps and the major features (mountains, roads, strongholds, etc) and hide the details until someone claims them (outposts, etc). I could also throw other things into the mix, like resources and mob spawners -- you'll probably recall they had them in previous versions. We had fog of war, and it was kind of cool, but frankly it didn't last more than hour once a new map came up. so when I hit the conflict between these two design goals, I decided that showing the strategy game was more important, and I gave that priority. I like the idea, though, so I will continue to look for opportunities to use it (or a variation of it) in the future. Todd
  2. Yes -- that's what the multiplier is applied to. Todd
  3. Yes, my capacity to get things fixed this week and next are certainly diminished -- but agreed these are issues that need to be addressed. Todd
  4. https://venturebeat.com/2018/07/10/crowfall-studio-artcraft-will-license-its-mmo-making-tool-artisan-engine/ Hey folks, This morning we announced a new division of ACE -- ArtCraft Technologies. This is a long-term strategic move for our company; the intent is to build a technology base that we can not only leverage internally on future titles, but that we can also license to other studios. In the short term, this also provides two immediate, impactful benefits: 1. We signed our first major customer, and the funds from this will be used to hire a "core technology team" of 6 to 8 senior engineers. These individuals will be tasked, first and foremost, with bolstering and optimizing the Crowfall technology base in preparation for alpha, beta and launch. 2. To run this division, we recruited Josef Hall, a name that some of you might remember from my previous Murder of Crows videos. Josef was the co-creator of both Shadowbane and Wizard101. We've been business partners for 15+ years (every company until ACE, in fact) and not having him here at ACE for the last few years has felt, for me, like I was fighting with one arm tied behind my back. His experience, design acumen and technical chops are a huge win for our team. I believe that Josef and his engineer team are going to be a force multiplier for Crowfall, and for our future game titles. Simply put, I can't imagine a better addition to our executive team. Todd
  5. Yeah, I do hate water. we have some generating in some of the parcels -- it's just not working great, because we haven't spent any real time on it. Flowing water, in particular, is annoying, because it causes issues at parcel boundaries (which is why the "riverlands" tile set is currently dry.) I'm sure we'll have to make it better eventually. just not high on my list. Todd
  6. I'm a big fan of dwarven crossbows (my Battle Master in my current 5e campaign has a repeating crossbow right now, in fact). Probably not in the cards pre-launch, but certainly on my radar for later. Todd
  7. yeah, I hate the way it feels, honestly, and we need to fix it. it just hasn't risen to the top of the priority list. Todd
  8. It seems to be intermittent. Glad it was resolved for you; we'll keep looking for it to hopefully stop it from happening again. Todd
  9. Yeah, I feel like we need to add low quality items (or components) to the loot tables to drive exploration and scavenging. Right now we have a technical limitation (oddly enough, items that are created outside of the crafting system can't be assigned attributed!) but obviously we'll fix that at some point and it will open us up to be able to make scavenging a viable activity. Todd
  10. I'm not opposed to expanding on the sacrifice system, but under-the-covers the disciplines are equip'd items (runestones, just like Race & Class). so an easier mechanism to achieve what you're suggesting would be to add a generalized system for getting items as a result of sacrifice -- and then including those Discipline items as rewards in that system. Certainly something worth considering! As you said, I am in favor of moving more of our advancement from the "passive" to the "active" column. Todd
  11. We usually wait until a release settles out a bit -- while "generally available" works for most projects, we're stressing Unity in a lot of unique ways. More stable version = more seamless integration for us. We will jump to 2018 at some point in the next few months, I imagine. Todd
  12. Still trying to figure out how to make roads worthwhile. Ideally I want some kind of a travelling or caravan benefits (reduced stamina, increased speed, increased caravan or mount speed, etc) so that using a road is a risk/reward mechanic. I hate water in games. It looks cool, but mechanically it's a huge (read: expensive) pain in the ass that rarely gives you enough "fun" for the effort. Boats, on the other hand, are awesome -- but having done an entire game about piracy (Pirate101) they are an even more expensive and bigger pain in the ass. so: yes, we have to do something with water, but don't expect a lot before release. I'd rather spend that time and energy on something more impactful. Todd
  13. I agree -- I actually think this may be one of our biggest, most unique features! It's been a huge investment of our time and resources, getting here -- but it hasn't surfaced yet... the worlds are built out reuseable parts, but we haven't had a way to put together those parts in a streamlined fashion so the payoff is still coming. Hopefully we'll start to see the fruits of this effort soon! Todd
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