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  1. Hey folks, We made a round of changes to the matchmaking system in 6.510 and need to put it through the paces. If any of you happen to be available, we're going to turn on matchmaking on TEST today at 4pm i.e. about an hour from now, run a HungerDome match or two and see how it handles the load. For convenience, here is the link to download the TEST client again: https://crowfall.com/en-US/account/download-client NOTE: we have had sporadic reports of some players getting a client freeze/hand on the Team Roster page. We're trying to puzzle that out now -- so if it happens to you, try waiting for the match to start and seeing if it resolves -- and either way, please send us your client logs to support and help us track down the issue. We appreciate the assistance, and if we don't see you in HD, have a great Easter! Thanks! Todd
  2. Hey folks, I mentioned in our last Q&A that it might make sense to do an off-cycle “bonus” Q&A session this month -- but given the severe weather in Austin this week (with power and/or water being out for more than half of our team) that doesn't really make sense any more. The next one is only a week and a half away (March 2nd), so I’m going to suggest we hold off and cover everything then. A lot of you have also been asking about getting a Dregs campaign on Live -- we were hoping to do that this week, but that has been delayed, as well. There are a few more issues we need to iron out. The freeze is supposed to be over tomorrow, so hopefully we can get a Dregs campaign running on Test in the next few days and push it to Live quickly once we know those issues are resolved. Sorry for the delay. The important thing is that the team is safe and things are moving forward again. Thanks for the concern, and we appreciate your patience. Todd
  3. Hey folks, We are aware that many of you are waiting for the new version (6.100) to go live with a Dregs campaign; the anticipation and energy is palpable. We are moving fast to accommodate that excitement, making changes as quickly as we can -- apparently too quickly, because this morning's update presented a strange new assortment of bugs and behaviors that we have never seen before. Please know that we are looking into the issues now, and hope to have them resolved as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. Todd
  4. I'm definitely working my way through it. Frankly, some of the requests are not feasible in the time between now and launch, but others seem reasonable and I'm going to see if we can work them in. Thanks for the feedback. Todd
  5. The next version of 6.100 (which we are attempting to push to Test today or tomorrow) will give you control (in your preferences/settings panel) to tell your client how many FX sequences you want to see at any time. You'll be able to crank it up to 1,000 or down to 0, if you choose. Try it and please let us know the impact that you see in terms of fps gain/loss with various settings. Thanks! Todd ACE
  6. Thanks for the heads up. It will absolutely be resolved before beta. I just can't fix it instantly. Todd
  7. I didn't want to add yet another term for people to learn, so instead tried for symmetry: outpost (small and large), fort (small and large), keep (small and large). Love the idea about blocking different entrances -- great way to add variety to a single combat area. I'll think about the right way to implement that. Thanks! Todd
  8. interesting ideas to sidestep the current tech limitation -- will noodle on these. thanks! Todd
  9. Hey folks, So I'm trying to distill this thread down to some basic points that I can turn into action plans to address. From a high level, it sounds like the two biggest concerns for the ex-SB folks are: 1. Character customization is extremely linear, especially compared to SB, and 2. The SB=style siege handshake mechanic would be much preferred over predetermined time windows. Is this an accurate summary? Thanks, Todd
  10. The EU campaign will have siege windows centered on EU prime time, as they always have. We're asking for players in both regions to try and log in to their servers during their respective siege windows, so we can get more player concurrency and see how the servers hold up. Todd
  11. Guys, I hear what you are saying, but we can't just "flip a switch" and change siege schedules on a moments notice -- much less change the underlying system that relies on them. What we can do, right now, is launch an EU campaign in addition to the NA one. The reason that we didn't plan to do this is because we're trying to stress the server so that we can find and fix issues that only surface under heavy player load. But I get it. If you guys want a second campaign, we'll prop one. Here is my only request: since we're not going to concentrate folks down to one location, it would be very helpful if you guys would try to log in during siege windows to increase the load so that we can still get the testing that we need. Server performance testing is critical to us being ready for beta, and I want us to get to beta as soon as possible. If you'll help us get the numbers during prime time, then we can still achieve our testing objective, and everybody wins. Thanks, Todd
  12. https://community.crowfall.com/topic/27474-5110-test-patch-notes-for-61220/ Todd
  13. Hey folks, We are putting a new version up on our TEST environment this morning! This version has 3000+ bug fixes and miscellaneous polish updates since we posted the last version on 5/28 (I know, crazy, right?!) and we would love your help in putting it through the wringer. As I mentioned in the last ACE Developer Q&A Livestream, now that we have LIVE running again, we will return to our original approach for managing the TEST and LIVE environments: the purpose of our TEST environment is functionality testing; i.e. verifying new features and content, bug fixes and performance improvements in preparation to move a build to LIVE. The purpose of the LIVE environment is to get a feeling for playability. To that end, once we launch this version on the TEST server, we’re going to set up a few things that make it easier on you (our brave and stalwart testers) to push against the edges of the build and help us find the cracks, including: - Turning up the speed of passive training to 10x, to run you get through the skill trees faster, - Adding in free resource and materials vendors in the Temples and Strongholds to let you build all the buildings, - …and because we have a sacrifice system to quickly turn items into XP, these same vendors should give you a quick path to level up new characters so you can test out combat. On that last point in particular, we would love some help with combat testing, as significant fixes or improvements were made to Retaliate, Frostweaver targeting, Trap deployment mechanics, collision, overall client performance (and a ton of other stuff that I’m forgetting but you can read about in the patch notes). Given that it’s the TEST server, we’ll bring it up and take it down as necessary, and generally without warning. We don’t know yet whether or not we’ll keep it running over the weekend; that depends on how the initial testing goes… if we think it’s helpful, we’ll do it. If not, then we won’t waste your time. First round of testing will be God’s Reach and Infected; we have a few lingering issues with Dregs and New Player Experience, but we should be able to start testing those early next week. The goal is to get this version out to LIVE as quickly as possible, so we can get you guys playing a Dregs campaign and finding the “highest nails” that we need to address next. As always, thanks for your assistance! Todd p.s. if you want to take a look at the TEST version, it requires a separate installer, which you can download here: https://crowfall.com/en-US/account/download-client
  14. Oh, got it. I meant "if you want to play on Dregs right now, then stay on Test." Todd
  15. Yes. There will be a wipe before Beta, and there will be a wipe before Launch. There may be other wipes, too, if we make significant changes and we cant find a way to avoid them. I'll talk to the team about increasing skill training and adding testing mats. Someone mentioned that in game, as well. It's a good idea.
  16. We'll never let it fall that far behind again. Todd
  17. No, our investors and partners weren't consulted on this, and there are no contractual obligations or monetary triggers behind it. I made the call to push GR and Infected up to Live because it's a better experience for new players in almost every way -- as you would expect from 9+ months of development. Client performance is far better, as you suggest (we're seeing an increase of +20 for most players, and even up to +50 fps for some), but every other game system is better as well. Lighting is improved. Seasons now change the appearance of the world. AI is better. The user interface has been significantly overhauled. The powers system has 9+ months of bug fixing and polish. There is a mountain of new features and content. Propping to Live now also spreads out two different risks that were previously tied together (launching such a large build AND launching a new type of Campaign) so that we can tackle issues that arise in one or the other without fighting a war on two fronts. When Dregs is polished enough to launch, it will now be an incremental update to Live, which is much easier to stomach. For those of you testing Dregs on Test, not much has changed. For new players coming in, it's a world of difference. Todd
  18. If you want to continue playing Dregs, then stay on Test. Live was so out of date (almost a year) that it needed to be updated. Todd
  19. The version that running on Live was from last July (!), so there is value in refreshing the environment and getting God's Reach and Infected in front of new players for that reason alone. Both the Dregs and the new player experience will be added to this version once they stabilize to a point where we feel comfortable; at a minimum there are some campaign scoring issues that we need to iron out. We're working on both of the above as we speak. and yes, they will both be added to the alpha environment prior to beta. Beta, for us, will trigger when we feel comfortable enough with the build to begin inviting in the registered crowfall.com players (360k or so) in waves. Todd
  20. All backers have access now. We'll start to invite registered players in waves once we announce beta. Todd
  21. We're trying to decide that... It's certainly in a much better shape than what is currently on live, but we won't be able to start inviting beta folks until at least the first section of the NPE (new player experience) is ready. That's cooking right now internally.
  22. Hey folks, Quick note -- we're not making a huge deal out of this, but with this latest patch we are officially ticking the version from pre-alpha to alpha. The game has been in development (and in 24x7 testing) for a few years, now, and frankly we probably should have called it 'alpha' some time ago. We'll do an announcement this morning, but we are electing not to do an official press release, because we feel like the distinction between 'pre-alpha' and 'alpha' doesn't mean much to the audience at large... Internal designations vary so much between teams and projects that frankly, it doesn't mean much until you start to invite in the public en masse. That's beta and that's when it gets real. Beta is what we are all focused on right now. We have some solid momentum going now on fps improvements (huge strides in the most recent build, as you can all attest!) and we're rapidly narrowing in on final elements that we need for launch. As always, I want to thank all of you for your patience and your support, with a special call-out to those of you who have spent hours (some of you thousands of hours) helping us test this game and providing us with your critical feedback. It is more appreciated than you will ever know. Regards, and onward to beta! Todd & Gordon
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