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  1. I appreciate your post and like your point of view; but I really feel like you could've just put this into the classes thread that was started a while ago instead of starting a new one :-p
  2. Yeah I'd rather not just have night for the sake of having a cycle. I want a reason to be unsure about going out at night rather than just admiring the nice graphics of the day vs night cycles.
  3. I think that's all we can really do for now at least. In 45 days we'll know more and can evaluate the situation with a lot less speculation. ;-)
  4. I did not mean to establish the perception that those could be the ONLY alignments possible; I was just using an example. The problem with having them completely unwritten for you is that you'll find people's stories often clash with each other and make trying to do quests together almost impossible (depending on the context of what you mean by forging your own story). That was one of the problems in ESO, you'd randomly find yourself unable to fight with your party when you couldn't see the same enemies because you'd made different choices previously.
  5. Nope, I don't want to deal with the people who wait till the last second of their turn timer to make all their moves every single time. In a purely PvE game, sure, but I'm sincerely doubting that CrowFall will be anything even remotely close to that.
  6. I'm hoping that the quests allow for a kind of alignment choosing similar to what was in SWTOR, where how you choose to complete your quest would lead you down a path to darkness or to light. I want to forge my own storyline rather than have to follow a pre-built one that everyone experiences exactly the same.
  7. Yes. This. I personally love the competitive side of an open world pvp game. However similar to navlaan I've only experienced it when it's been improperly managed. No I don't want a theme park MMO where everything is dumbed down and my hand is held every step of the way; but I do want new players, who may not have experienced a play to crush style game, to be able to find their way into the community and adapt to the world within the game. This means having a willingness to give grace to those people who like a completely different play-style than ourselves. It means being willing to set down
  8. Lol those original DF towers had such silly range. You could just jump in front of peoples swords to get them red-marked then after they died to the towers you could take their stuff.
  9. Someone lock this thread please, it's devolved into mindless hatred filled with ignorance and assumptions.
  10. A lot of SBers aren't like this. It's just the very aggressive ones we see the most of because they're also the most opinionated and vocal. Please don't take in the assumption that all the SBers (or even just people who like open world PvP) are like this. It will only make the nice ones irritated enough to retaliate back at you and etc etc etc... until both sides just assume that the other is only full of asshats; when in reality the people who are beings jerks about this are really the minority within each group.
  11. You appear to only be taking into account a perfect game that you've concocted in your head that in no way can actually exist in reality. If a newbie whose only played for two hours stands a chance against someone that's played hardcore for a month in 1vs1 combat then clearly gear has no large impact on it and refer back to my previous posts. What is visibly worn is usually a pretty good indicator unless there is 0 difference in how gear looks. For the veteran player whose spent a month or so playing that 2-3 hours isn't much compared to the new player whose just trying to figure out the game.
  12. Darkfall had bindstones that were often times in towns and cities that you spawned at after death. Graveyards illustrate the same point, a person cannot really follow you after you've respawned to kill you again if they don't know where you are. They may have general direction but assuming the world is rather large it is easy to lose them. Please remind me again of the open world pvp full loot game where you spawned at your body, must've missed that one. Then if gear is powerful enough to dictate combat then open world pvp with full loot becomes a nightmare for any new player. A month int
  13. I really don't think you're even reading my whole posts, so I guess I'll have to repeat myself in shorter paragraphs. When you respawn at a city or town it's pretty hard for the ganker to immediately find you because they're still at your body. Unless there's going to be some kind of tracking system or if mats only spawn in one place it's actually hard to find someone after killing them once unless they go back to try and get their stuff. In full loot system people are not going to be wearing their best equipment and are always going to empty inventory completely before going out hunting.
  14. I feel as though you either haven't really devoted yourself to crafting before or really played a game where you ganked people a lot. Sure crafting in the beginning you really don't lose a lot, but as the game progresses you'll most likely need more and more mats and have to spend more and more time out collecting. When you die after two hours of spending real time just collecting resources and you lose everything? Why bother being a devoted crafter? Because here's the second flaw in your ideas, as someone who personally has gone out of their way to gank people who spend a lot of time craftin
  15. Yes that! Very much so that. *insert doge meme*
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