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  1. Let's assume for a moment that quests will be in the game. A woman comes up to you, begging you find her Jamie. You search by the beach, and, as it turns out, he had been captured by bandits. You return Jamie safely to his mother feeling triumphant that you've relieved a mother of her grief. But wait! The mother stops you, begging you to deliver these apples to her cousin. She would do it herself, but she is so grief stricken that she just can't even. You take the apples and begin walking down the street, using the directions she gave you. And then the sad realization hits you. You're
  2. I like your ideas, but they seem too narrow for my tasting. I dislike the whole idea of the 3 class system, as there will normally be some sense of a rock, paper scissors deal. Perhaps if the classes were broadened it would appeal more to my imagery.
  3. What do I want from Crowfall? That's an extremely broad topic. I want many things from Crowfall, but the ultimate desire from Crowfall that I have is that your decisions will actually have consequences in the game, not all of the consequences bad, of course.
  4. Sure the whole concept of the resources and all is find and dandy, and I support it wholly, but I enjoy the fact that this concept allows players to be independent from a faction, i.e. the Independent Agents. Say a certain IA became particularly good at a certain skill, or perhaps a number of skills. Perhaps they became particularly adept at their PvP strategy. Perhaps one or more of these factions want this player for his/her skills. This player gets many offers. Offers of power, offers of resources. He/she declines, striving to remain independent. However, if faction A can't have him
  5. I would like to be the first to officially join The Pillars of Kings. (I may recognize me. I am The Phantom from Central.) We might want to establish an Alliance with The Hive, the guild of Duelist101.
  6. Here's a collection of all concept art I've come across. If you have any I don't, please do post them below and I'll give you credit for them. "2nd Gen" Concept Art:
  7. If I had to take a guess, I would say free roam. I would hope it is free roam. These Developers are too skilled to make something with the mechanics of an iPhone app. The decisions you make in this game will actually matter. Tread lightly.
  8. All the art I've found: 2nd Gen Concept Art: I've been composing a chart linking all of these together. Pointing out background entities, that sort of thing. I'll have it done in a few days, once I have enough information to start comparing everything.
  9. That probably is true. We don't have feedback from many people. I was just asking a few questions just for the sake of it, mostly to see if anything was decided yet.
  10. Here are a few questions for the Developers. Of course, I don't expect all of the questions to be answered, maybe a brief hint in it's place. What fun would it be if all of our questions were answered? 1) Will this game be free to play? *This will be the make-it or break-it for many people. 2) Will we have the option of switching to first person? 3) We've only about 43 days until the official announcement of Crowfall. Will there be any concept art for perhaps a map of the game before then? 4) Will there be a siege system? If so, how will it work? That fire mage seems to be cas
  11. Ugank the Nasty isn't satisfied with controlling only the goblins... he seeks to control the humans as well. He rallies the goblin forces, ready to attack the most renowned city in human history, only to find that he has suffered a great defeat, but he escapes, damning himself to rebuild the goblin empire with what few survivors he has.
  12. Smuggling and the black market... I like it! Someone give this guy a gold star. I do believe we have ourselves a genius here.
  13. That sounds perfect. There's hardly any room for error. I like the idea of the trial and error method. Having to physically Try out your weapon to see it's effects, and then they are perhaps discovered after using the weapon. Such as: Phantom Blade Creator: The Phantom Traits Damage: 15 Attack Rate: 12 ??? ??? ??? ???
  14. Having played from both sides, I do prefer Subscription-based games to F2P games. In games like Elder Scrolls Online, it's a bit costly, but you get access to every feature of the game without additional costs. In (most) Free to Play games, they run you dry for every little feature, draining your wallet and eventually driving you away from the game, as you seek freedom from the tyranny that is free to play charges, while still longing to play the game itself.
  15. I see this as a game best suited without pets. They might clutter up the battlefield (unless they're are disabled during combat, however that would work) or just simply get in the way. I'm not sure exactly how they would be incorporated, but I certainly wouldn't be depressed if I saw them.
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