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  1. It's interesting that you say that Viking, for I recall someone deciding to adhere to the forum rules & actually trying to change his mentality. But instead of being taken in that light, they are then accused of being sarcastic with absolutely no proof. No actions out of CoC regulations, and they actually sounded "human" but now they are banned. So let me get this straight: we can't ask for change in forums, we can't be unfriendly in anyway NOR can we be friendly after we are, in fact, labelled unfriendly. So how do you survive these forums? You get out. Mass genocide. As was m
  2. I agree with ellie and adall on this one, these "forum rules" are geared toward the mass genocide of a certain group of people because they don't want them here While This said group has not remotely taking this stance. In fact there are multiple occasions where they have attempted to break this "social barrier" to no avail because some people just have sticks so far in the custard they don't realize it is there anymore! And as everyone has said before, if the forums aren't a "direct representation" of the game, to backers and investors alike, why can you all tell the community to
  3. "☆ We are in a positivity drought, so just live. Be the change you want the game to be. Go Primal. Just follow your positive gaming star. ☆" Greetings wayward travelers and. hopefully, welcome to your new home! Throughout this day and age there has been an influx of "Hardcore" gaming communities & negative tyrannical mentalities plaguing our gaming world... So much hatred for those not of your guild, so much focus on what means so little in life. A couple of buddies of mine came up with that quote up top, do you like it? We sure do! For it is on those words that our gui
  4. You know what? I think everyone is right. Thats why I vote to discontinue this idiotic idea of a forum. It is: 1. Abysmal for Customer/Developer relationship at this present time 2. One Large argument over something that hasn't been created yet 3. Creates no hype since it is "backer post only". New people won't even be able to participate. 4. Creating a toxic environment for potential players & backers alike. We also have/ can create: 5. We already get "as the Crow flies" updates monthly 6. You can tailor updates in a newsfeed on the website mainpage, eff
  5. Thank you for clearing this up for us all, we greatly appreciate it.
  6. Order 66 was initiated and it all went dark after that... Flashes of sabers, the sky went dark with Troopers. We barely made it out alive... Now we have banded together and formed a rebel base within the world of "Off Topic"; we are rallying troops and preparing for a counterstrike & ultimately war. Will you aid our cause?!
  7. Wouldnt be a "paywall" if you simply made the money. Lemonade stand anyone?
  8. It has come to my attention that my last thread was not received well by my captive audience (Sorry moderation staff) In return, if it so pleases the court, I have decided to give on more idea. The "Customer Report" button. Now before sparks fly again, hear me out for one last time. How will this work? Well if a person ever feels they are slighted in any way within the forums, the would then click the "Report" button in the upper right hand corner of the thread. This would then populate a list of "moderator names" which have been active in the thread and they choos
  9. Wait.... so does this mean you are ready for war?
  10. OOOORRRRRR, you could show us... now?
  11. Pseudo- Hardcore. All of you, Pseudo. Hardcore.
  12. The ban hammers shall be strong with this upcoming forum update. All moderator privileges with none of the accountability, sign up the White Knights of Crowfall!
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