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  1. The most recent, but i'm searching everywhere on the forum, and i find that the next newsletter will come at the 11 March, i hope i will have the time to participate because i see that the next contest for twitter community (need to create an account then xD) will be at the 15 March but i'm in Brussels the days 11/12/13 March to expose Gamevent.net in the Made In Asia saloon :/. It's is so short and i know i will be completely flat coming back at home after that. Superhot !
  2. It's done, but it's in french. Have i to translate into English? To be eligible .. nothing has been specified in the language level
  3. Pareil et ce n'est pas passé ^^, j'espère que les prochains concours seront tout aussi accessible
  4. For my third and last choice, i offer you one of the "Seven Wonders of the Ancient World" - "Statue of Zeus at Olympia". Enjoy Original :
  5. Here is my second choice : "The Birth Of Venus" from Botticelli Unfortunately i lost nineteen crowfall's logo in this beautiful painting, will you find them all? Looking for them in the full size is more easily Original:
  6. I'm suprised nobody thought about "Krähen auf einem Baum" of Caspar David Friedrich (The Tree Of Crows) So here is it Original : Click on the image to see the original size Now i'm thinking about two more ideas ^^
  7. Where is my mind?

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