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  1. option C - Kill players and take their gear!
  2. DayDrink is always the correct answer, @PaleOne!
  3. It's just not fun right now. The game feels like "All Stick, No Carrot." Granted, I'm busy with work, family and fun IRL, so I haven't had as much time to spend on games as earlier, I just haven't enjoyed the game itself lately. It's not any single thing, it's the whole package that I am no longer enjoying. I've been testing this since KS began and this is the first time I've felt this way. It feels like we have gotten so far away from where we started that it's not the same game any more. I really hope ACE can find a way to get the magic back into the game but for now, I'd rath
  4. Memory stack problem. My RAM use goes up 0.01 - 0.02 GB per 10-15 seconds. I open the game and it's using just under 4mb of RAM and within 20 minutes I'm using between 11GB and 12GB, eventually locking up and crashing the CF Client.
  5. I was skinning wolves in this area for a while this morning. The Mature Highlands Wolf pictured above would get stuck in this spot often. Not sure what caused it, but if it was trying to come straight out, it couldn't. If I could get it to approach me at a slight angle to the environmental objects (fallen tree & wall), then it could often come out and move freely.
  6. While I see your desire to have more guilds contribute now, [Lords of the Dead] is not yet recruiting for Crowfall and don't want to mislead recruits into thinking we are. As you are well aware, we are serious about this game and will be happy to put something together soon, but right now we do not have anything to submit.
  7. We are playing Chaos on Live for this campaign.
  8. Look for Piikaa/Pkaoo or Paleone in the evenings. One of us is often online for any questions.
  9. Old-school PvP in this game is where we hope to really see things shine.
  10. Can't wait to battle in yet another game with you guys.
  11. Update - we continue to test and you are welcome to join us in chat during server tests as well as visit us at lotd.org to see what games we have active chapters in while this game continues to develop. We are not yet actively recruiting for Crowfall. https://discord.gg/dNmxp8H This link will take you to our public crowfall text channel. You can hit up @Piikaa @Phil @leshil @jbigg and a few others if you have trouble or need help in discord. We also have a few crowfall voice channels available. You can find the root channel here: https://discord.gg/Et
  12. Did you roll all pips at once or one at a time? *EDIT - saw your note about all rolled at one time, thanks!
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