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  1. Rodents make squeaking sounds, they are just adding realism to the game!
  2. While I see your desire to have more guilds contribute now, [Lords of the Dead] is not yet recruiting for Crowfall and don't want to mislead recruits into thinking we are. As you are well aware, we are serious about this game and will be happy to put something together soon, but right now we do not have anything to submit.
  3. I have had this happen and it is an immediate corpse disappearance. It is as if they were killed by an NPC instead of me, only there is not anything else around to kill them.
  4. -When spawning guards on test, they will remain [Neutral/Attackable] until the player moves into another area and returns. -When building / upgrading fort walls on Test, every one I have done has had a single upgrade where my player will lock up as soon as I place the wood into the slot. It is usually in the second upgrade round and usually on a piece touching a corner. It has happened 7-8 times and only once per fort. This has happened on both of my accounts and over the past two days (3/14 & 3/15).
  5. We are playing Chaos on Live for this campaign.
  6. Look for Piikaa/Pkaoo or Paleone in the evenings. One of us is often online for any questions.
  7. Old-school PvP in this game is where we hope to really see things shine.
  8. Can't wait to battle in yet another game with you guys.
  9. Update - we continue to test and you are welcome to join us in chat during server tests as well as visit us at lotd.org to see what games we have active chapters in while this game continues to develop. We are not yet actively recruiting for Crowfall. https://discord.gg/dNmxp8H This link will take you to our public crowfall text channel. You can hit up @Piikaa @Phil @leshil @jbigg and a few others if you have trouble or need help in discord. We also have a few crowfall voice channels available. You can find the root channel here: https://discord.gg/EtaDQED Quote Edit
  10. Did you roll all pips at once or one at a time? *EDIT - saw your note about all rolled at one time, thanks!
  11. Choose wisely, your choices matter.
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