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  1. While I see your desire to have more guilds contribute now, [Lords of the Dead] is not yet recruiting for Crowfall and don't want to mislead recruits into thinking we are.  As you are well aware, we are serious about this game and will be happy to put something together soon, but right now we do not have anything to submit.

  2. -When spawning guards on test, they will remain [Neutral/Attackable] until the player moves into another area and returns.  

    -When building / upgrading fort walls on Test, every one I have done has had a single upgrade where my player will lock up as soon as I place the wood into the slot.  It is usually in the second upgrade round and usually on a piece touching a corner.  It has happened 7-8 times and only once per fort. This has happened on both of my accounts and over the past two days (3/14 & 3/15).

  3. Enjoyed this Campaigns that ended yesterday.

    I spent most of my time capping forts and harvesting, with minimal crafting - mostly making axe / hammer / pick to keep harvesting with a few tries at gear.

    Question, as Chaos, was there a limit of what could be transferred to the spirit bank once it was over?  I couldn't move my mats back to the SB last night on either account.

  4. I did a clean install, restarted computer, placed a fresh CrowfallClient shortcut icon on my desktop and am able to launch the patcher & log into the white crowfall screen.  However, once there I cannot get the login to go further. I am unable to enter my name / PW to proceed. Won't allow me to select [SETTINGS] or [QUIT] either.


  5. Logged in this weekend and just ran around for some quick solo-harvest work.  

    - When chopping trees, had several instances where I had to choose between chopping down the tree or [jump] to climb the tree to escape from the sticky collision.

    - Lag in the animation for harvest.  When harvesting and having to regen stamina during a node, once I resumed harvesting (after 1-2 tic's), the animation for the swing would follow the actual harvest by less than .5 sec, but it was still a lag.

  6. Update - we continue to test and you are welcome to join us in chat during server tests as well as visit us at lotd.org to see what games we have active chapters in while this game continues to develop.

    We are not yet actively recruiting for Crowfall.


    This link will take you to our public crowfall text channel.  You can hit up @Piikaa @Phil @leshil @jbigg and a few others if you have trouble or need help in discord.

    We also have a few crowfall voice channels available.  

    You can find the root channel here: https://discord.gg/EtaDQED


  7. I spent the weekend harvesting and crafting, only had one PvP encounter and my hamster did just fine.


    Durability on harvesting tools is going to be tough, as I spent so much of my resources making harvesting tools to harvest to make harvesting tools to finally attempt a harvesting set of armor...  I'm hoping that once we get the ability to repair items, this won't be such an issue.


    Making crafting gear seems to be helpful when crafting, same with harvesting gear.


    Is there any way you could allow us to put runes on basic armor?  It would let us try out many more sets during a playtest weekend.

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