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  1. If you want a guild where you can play in game after game for years and enjoy PvP as the primary focus, you need to take a look at lotd.org
  2. Emotionally - all in. Financially - Sapphire + forts & keeps (another $300). I'm not playing anything else right now, so this is the game I am focusing on. Keep up the great work, Dev Team! I love what I'm seeing and hoping for the realization of our mutual goals in this game.
  3. Wasn't able to get in last night, hoping to make it this evening. How was the Thursday test?
  4. You need to just wait a while to buy a new video card. You are playing fine now. If you need something to upgrade today, get a better / larger SSD and upgrade the Video with one that best pairs with CF when it releases. I saw a 500gig SSD for sale this weekend for $150USD.
  5. Looking forward to it, plus we still have the remainder of this week to Hunger Dome!
  6. Thanks! It takes effort and consistency and with Hades at the helm we have continued to maintain ourselves as a leader in the community.
  7. Are you saying that you buy one package [say Sapphire] and want to upgrade, but only buy an additional lower tier [say gold], it only gives you the Sapphire bundle? Then yeah, that makes sense for one account. The later package would be a 2nd account, but the amount [sapphire + Gold] would be your account level of purchase, just the items from each on separate character accounts?
  8. Great job on the writeup, guys. Can't wait for the next test!
  9. Tyrant posted the following in Pre-Alpha testing: "We are up to Kickstarter number 3202 on this test (welcome to the new folks!)"
  10. Valor, are you doing C&C tonight?
  11. Come on with the testing already!!!! Please give us something we can sink our teeth into.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/embed/ax0YiupLS9s
  13. Nice job on the artwork, Todd. Gordon - thanks for keeping it real and reminding him that D&D did Owlbears in the `70's... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Owlbear
  14. Yeah, we still play in many of these games, but unless we are "officialy playing", we go under a different tag so as not to confuse the situation. If you are looking for us in other games, come to the forums at LOTD.ORG and let us know the game / server and we can put you in touch with members who are playing.
  15. 40+ seconds to kill time - so I would guess they may try and use that as a base-line minimum for logging out during combat.
  16. We can all hope the carebears come into the CW's, that much easier for us to kill and collect their pretty pixles!
  17. Maybe I overbought, but I went ahead and got Small Fort / Med Fort / Small Keep / Medium Keep / Large Keep to go with my Sapphire pack that comes with two cottages, a cathederal and a Small Castle. I'm hoping it will all fit into my own EK. If not, that it will be tradable / giftable / upgradable so that I can help host my guild. I'll have to figure out as more is known. We'll all find out together once they let us start testing.
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