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  1. Great episode, Valor. Keep it up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lu4z_xAxoRY
  2. Resource Spawning: I'm a fan of choke points in PvP, as long as there are small quantities spread around so mats can still be gathered by the weak & the lonely Harvesting: Please don't make it take too long, just long enough to sneak up from behind and back-stab. Harvesting Tools: It depends on how much storage is available, whether this makes sense. I don't want to have to leave my harvesting tools at home just so I can go out and fight. By the same token, if weight & encumbrance is a factor, we will have to pick & choose who carries what when we go out reaving. Inventory Management: In most MMO's, I have to have several accounts with max characters to allow me enough storage and specialization for all the mats needed. I like ESO's method of having a cottage with lot's of storage chests / shelves / crafting areas so I can work on different things all without having to travel all over the virtual world. Recipes: Standard scale for recipes works for me. Common thru unique, each with commensurate rarity. Hauling Resources: SchweinHerders FTW Refining Resources: Always a mindless task, can't the thralls do this for us? Crafting Mini Game: Anything to add variety to crafting in an interesting way is a good thing. Mass Production: Thralls Profession Interdependency: Yes, without making it so burdensome that you can't make anything without a huge list of other crafters willing to work with you. Completed Goods: Thralls Enchanting: Place orders via thralls and let us enchant & give back to thrall. Customer can pick up when it's ready, with an in-game notice of some sort. Salvaging: Thralls Decay: Yes, to an extent. Enough that you would probably want to get your kit fixed on a regular basis, until it's time to replace it. Repair: My dad once told me that the best you can hope for from a fight is sore knuckles. Even if you win every fight, your gear takes damage. Vendors: I like having my wares available via a vendor. I also like the ability for a vendor to represent the crafters in taking an order, then the order sent to the thrall, who works with the crafter. Once complete, the finished goods go to the thrall or vendor for pick-up by the customer. Prepayment should be part of this if it is implemented.
  3. Another man who liked to speak in the 3rd person, Bob Dole, had a great line that reminds me of this situation a little bit: "Our intent will not be to create gridlock. Oh, except maybe from time to time." Keep up the work and get us our game to play!
  4. How does that work in WoWs, Valor?
  5. It always ebbs in the summer, some guilds gain for a bit, others thin their ranks as the membership goes outside for some Vitamin E.
  6. Everyone has the right to make a bad character or play a good character poorly. In fact, I welcome it!
  7. Good points, Hades. Really looking forward to see how ArtCraft pulls it all together for us.
  8. Sorry, Todd, but LotD already decided to go "Full Pimp"...
  9. See, this is the beautiful thing about belonging to an established (20 years old) guild. We have members in most games, so that they don't have to find a guild to play with as they try new games.
  10. Yes, just last night we harvested much salt and many packs from the high seas, wrapping up the night with a "last man standing" guild event...
  11. If you aren't happy with who got the loot - kill them...
  12. You are not alone... They are working to resolve the same thing for me.
  13. I've been fighting the same error / bug too. They are working on it and even sent out a note to us today that they extended the deadline by a day due to the problems we've had with upgrading / buying / gifting.
  14. 3,000 backers - All gone! CONTRIBUTOR - EARLIEST BIRD: 300 backers - All gone! GOLD PATRON - EARLY BIRD: 250 backers - All gone! AMBER PATRON - EARLY BIRD: 150 backers - All gone! SAPPHIRE PATRON - EARLY BIRD:
  15. just....WOW! Congratulations on your first 24-hrs. 5,734 backers $505,355 pledged of $800,000 goal 28 days to go
  16. Valor, what is the time & date of the podcast - tomorrow evening (PM/24th), right?
  17. Enjoyed the podcast. Thanks for starting it up.
  18. Thanks, Kitten... er, Valor. Looking forward to it.
  19. Gonna open a basket full of kitten on you soon!!!!
  20. Look for familiar names to PK and steal their pixles
  21. Well said, Ren. My feelings too, especially after seeing the passion this team has for the game. I know it will be up to us to help them see what needs more work during the testing phase, but I'm confident they will approach solving every issue from the right point of view. Once in a lifetime game, I can't wait. I got hooked with D&D, then AD&D (pen & paper). I was the first kid on the block with an Apple IIc. My friends and I used to unlock Ultima & Wolfenstein and rebuild our own dungeons. We would spend our nights and weekends playing MUD's or getting together for board games like Shogun or Axis & Allies. What most games can't and don't put into place is that feeling of "That's a great carrot, but poorly made socks-look at the stick". It's too often a tiny little carrot and rarely anything bigger than a dry twig.
  22. Philo, don't feel bad. My wife & daughter do the same thing to me.
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