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  1. Haha
    piikaa reacted to Staff in "Valentine's Day Sweet Surprise"   
    well we knew it wasnt on the 14th, its not a thursday at noon
  2. Thanks
    piikaa reacted to Pann in "Valentine's Day Sweet Surprise"   
    We'd like to clarify that the "Valentine's Day Sweet Surprise" teaser in our Kickstarter update this week is related to a cool, upcoming player promotion, not a big news drop about the War of the Gods (5.110) update.   We know that everyone is excited about the update - we are, too! - and don't want anyone to be disappointed when the announcement on Feb. 14th isn't connected to 5.110.
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    piikaa reacted to Bazgul in Wipe coming with new trial   
    Please remove the dizzy affect and make inventory close on movement.
  4. Haha
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    piikaa reacted to Pann in Trial of Kane coming April 2nd - Official discussion thread   
    "Point of inception" means the value when the item is crafted. For example, if @SemiMong crafts something that the game prices at 15 g, then that's the sacrifice value of that item. If SemiMong put the 15 g item on his vendor and I purchased it for 25g and sacrificed it, I would still only get the 15 g it was originally worth. 
    It is according to the individual score, not faction-based. 
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    piikaa reacted to vkromas in 5.8.5 Snap Test Feedback and Bug reports for 3/21/19   
    Yeah, the next update should include the explorer discs as craftable again.
  7. Thanks
    piikaa reacted to vkromas in 5.8.5 Snap Test Feedback and Bug reports for 3/21/19   
    Hmm, looks like this might not be craftable at the moment. I think the intent was to make it an actual drop from some of the new mobs, but I will follow up to make sure. 
  8. Thanks
    piikaa reacted to vkromas in 5.8.5 Snap Test Feedback and Bug reports for 3/21/19   
    This is one of those gnarly bugs we're looking at internally to see what we can do to address the pain. Prior, it was more of an edge case annoyance but as we're adding more humanoids into the game this bug has cropped up and has been on our radar.
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    piikaa got a reaction from JamesGoblin in 5.8.5 Snap Test Feedback and Bug reports for 3/15/19   
    -When spawning guards on test, they will remain [Neutral/Attackable] until the player moves into another area and returns.  
    -When building / upgrading fort walls on Test, every one I have done has had a single upgrade where my player will lock up as soon as I place the wood into the slot.  It is usually in the second upgrade round and usually on a piece touching a corner.  It has happened 7-8 times and only once per fort. This has happened on both of my accounts and over the past two days (3/14 & 3/15).
  10. Sad
    piikaa reacted to Snorbot in 5.8.4 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 2/26/19   
    New upgraded guard range + guinecean ring bug means dying at a fort = losing an equipped ring. With their range, it is not possible to rez outside of their range, and due to death shroud they nearly instantly kill you again. And with a guinecean, the third ring slot ends up in inventory overflow after the first death and then on your corpse after the second death.
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    piikaa reacted to Pann in 5.8 Question   
    As Krakken said, we aren't able to estimate when more test groups will be added. It all depends on how each snap test goes and how many people are participating. 
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    piikaa reacted to KrakkenSmacken in 5.8 Question   
    Once things hit TEST, they tend to go way faster than that, but ACE will never commit to a date until they are certain that all the game breaking bugs have been solved.
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    piikaa reacted to PaleOne in A campaign win reward that would keep people playing--   
    What I remember from SB and DF was the pride of ownership when looking at the world map--but that world map was permanent unless it was taken from us.. It was all about the ownership of real estate
    I'm worried about a few scenario's for CF
    1) Will people truly be motivated to put in the work for a temporary win condition? Would you be willing to jump through all the hoops necessary to win a campaign ( Harvest/ craft/ gear/ vessels/ Forts/ Keeps) if none of it results in a sense of permanent progress for your guild or character? Look at the current loop. Most people aren't even playing because they expect a wipe. I went through the trouble of creating a new vessel and set of gear.. only to find no one to fight...  If the only reward is more exports-- that basically means half your progress is wiped with new campaign if you don't win..
    2) With multiple campaigns running Will people just leave early if they don't see a win as possible resulting in empty campaign worlds.
    3) Will people feel a sense of ownership in a temporary world? Will they fight to hold territory? Will they care?
  14. Haha
    piikaa reacted to DocHollidaze in Came here for Shadowbane/Pvp, not pass/craft sim   
    I'm curious Jaygrae, can you tell me what gameplay was like playing in the alpha build for Shadowbane?
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    piikaa reacted to Brevalear in Came here for Shadowbane/Pvp, not pass/craft sim   
    I just addressed this in another thread so I'll just leave the same answer here.

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    piikaa reacted to TaichiGyoza in No Way to Change Faction   
    For future cases, I like the fact that once a faction is chosen you can't change back until the campaign is over, it aids in preventing the zerg fest IMHO.  
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    piikaa reacted to PaleOne in Lords of the Dead <NA>   
    Yeah it was probably us that killed you.. sorry...
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    piikaa reacted to remec in Lords of the Dead <NA>   
    There we go.
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    piikaa reacted to setis in Lords of the Dead <NA>   
    My Little Pony: PKing is Magic!
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    piikaa reacted to hades-lotd in Lords of the Dead <NA>   
    In Archage, LotD is once again dominating another server.  We, once again, have our own castle, a good fleet of ships to pirate and PK those who are not our friends, and seiging our enemies.  Here's a few pics!



    Be sure to follow us over at our website!
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    piikaa reacted to KDSProm in KDS in Crowfall [EU]   
    Greetings crows,
    It has been a while since I wanted to make a new recruitment movie and today I finally found the time and the inspiration. I hope you will enjoy it!
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    piikaa reacted to Enerzeal in Been a long time coming...   
    I think I can track my history of waiting for Sandbox MMO's back to the MMO called Mourning, that was back in 2005. It released in beta with barely a map and a set of skills - it promised so much, all of the things that I needed from an MMO.
    That game released with a single map, and was broken beyond reason - a catastrophic mess.
    What then followed was a massive chain of MMO's that failed in similar ways to hold to the promises they'd outlined, though the feature lists might be on it's way, or developing - the games always fell short on several key areas.
    Server lag Frame Rate Issues Constant Game Breaking Bugs Huge animation problems that leave you feeling completely disconnected from the world It has got to the point now that when a client is available, and they suffer from any of these issues - I don't even bother getting hyped up for a game. In Mortal Online I ran a guild Kindred Rising, formed on the forums, and waited patiently for the first iterations of the game to come out, and I made the same mistake for a slew of other games - each time I was let down.
    Now I just wait for the game to evolve to a point that it ticks those boxes, for me personally Crowfall just made it  to that point - a point where I now feel that this game might potentially make it there, the risk factor has dropped. 5.7 has some incredibly smooth animations, the FPS is solid - my connection from the UK to the American server is frankly better than I've seen it in many other tripple A titles. 
    All in all - Crowfall very much so has my attention, after a drought in the sandbox world that has lasted so long I figured that themeparks - korean sandparks - and Fortnite were the future.
    It's definitely been a long time coming!
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    piikaa reacted to Tark in RuneTool Optional Stats ... concerns   
    Todd is pay2win. Need another account for spying confirmed!
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    piikaa reacted to Tark in RuneTool Optional Stats ... concerns   
    This has all been rehashed over and over again since the kickstarter. It has been addressed multiple times since kickstarter. I dont want to spend hours going over videos and posts just to appease you.
    These scenario's are human ingenuity. No matter how much you plan for it, they will find a way to exploit the game to their advantage. We've been doing it for thousands of years and we will continue to do it no matter what type of constraints they put on us. As in life, multiplayer games are not fair. Living the illusion that they are only constrains your ability to come up with your own solution to overcome.

    Just to be clear. I'm talking about exploits within the rules of the game.
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    piikaa reacted to KDSProm in KDS in Crowfall [EU]   
    PvP Training session last Saturday
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