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  1. More runes = more chances they will add other class specific runes. If these were all the runes, then yes there might be some merit to your argument. For me, it soounds as though you are jumping the gun and crying wolf before you know where the wolf is. They have said there will be over 200 runes and these are only the first 100. I'd suggest waiting for the next batch to drop.
  2. Not taking items in still limits the resources that can be gathered. A cobblestone pick isn't going to be able to harvest a tier 10 node even if the crow can.
  3. My only reply to this discussion is, 'Have you thought about all the teasers together instead of just this one?'
  4. Once the salvaging concept comes in, we should be getting partial components back on a failure.
  5. Getting orange materials will not be easy. It'll depend on skills the harvesters have learned and a lot of luck. It can even depend on the type of gear the harvester is wearing. Greys can be found in the (mostly) PvE area called the Eternal Kingdoms. White is the most common. I'm sure @anhrezcf or @Tinnis has a breakdown of the % chances to get each color. If not, that's something they might be interested in putting together. (Although these percentages are subject o a lot of a changes since it's pre-alpha)
  6. Your chance of success also depends on the quality of the components if I remember correctly. Using greys and whites is easier than greens and blues.
  7. That's making more sense to me now. However, I disagree in that there needs to be constant import/export from all of the CW. If that is done, the larger guilds will come in and take large quantities of goods while smaller guilds and solo players won't have much chance of gaining anything. With the partial import, everyone starts off on the same footing when it comes to gear. With export happening at the end of a campaign, the 'winning side' would get shares of everything collected. While I know this won't be the only way a CW will be run, I hope the dregs and such worlds where the best resources can be found are not some of the free exported ones. Myself, I cannot see how that would benefit anyone except the largest guilds.
  8. Right, when you start a CW, there will be import rules and when the CW ends, there are export rules. My comment was in reference to the comment that there will be NO import/export.
  9. Nowhere has it been said that there won't be import/exports between EK and CW? That is one of the core reasons to join the CWs.
  10. We can already named the items we craft.
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