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  1. Well, if you actually read what I say, this is what I am saying. What's the point, outside of the scoreboard, to go and pillage or attack someone else? To take their stuffs. What are you gonna take? More gold, don't you have enough gold already? I'd say they should unique things to the game that would be both fun to have and fun to take. There is something really wrong with your pfp...
  2. Hello, So, I've been VIP since release, and I intend to remain VIP to support the game. I believe in the Throne War vision of Crowfall, and more importantly I think the game has something unique in the Campaigns. However, outside of the Throne Wars and the Campaigns, you need to give people are reason to give a poorly made dergs about logging in for the night. The expected gaming cycle of Crowfall from what I see is to start a Campaign, all excited and eager, discover the new map and opportunities, and then start the first fights and attacks. Then the Farming begins, pushing further those who are in the grind for Discs and Toolbets. Then the Throne Wars go full force, with people eyeing the scoreboard constantly! Once that's over, the winner wins, and everyone, exhausted from the grind and battles, take a break from the game until the next campaign that will pique their interest. That's all fine and dandy, but there is one problem. What's with the casual player that doesn't eye the scoreboard constantly or doesn't have the time to grind? You need to give a reason to give those players to again, give a poorly made dergs about logging for the night. And the reason they don't, is that unlike many games out there, the game is lacking two important things, TREASURES and TOYS! Treasures are needed to give a reason for people to expect something out of playing for the night. However, what the game consider as Treasures are not Treasures, they are Commodities. They have nothing unique, they can be obtained from just grinding, and more importantly, they are not exciting (and that in no fault because of the obtuse crafting system and the tier system). As for Toys, those are needed for a simple reason. To give a reason for people to give a custard about each others. Something like Noggenfogger in WoW is a good example, something like Fireworks in EVE Online is also a good example. Pretty much, ways for people to interact with each others outside of combat, and more importantly, to show off in a non-combat way. If you do not have Toys, you do not really have an MMO, you have an Open-World Battleground. That Crowfall does not have those two crucial elements is dangerous! It means that right now, only those who care about the Throne grind will care about staying in the game, and those are bound to be exhausted and take a break from the Campaign system. I would suggest adding special types of gears that would drop from the wilderness, that would have very low durability but would have extra stats and effects. I would also suggest some special crafting components that would be used with easier crafting formulas, and that would allow for some easy crafting with useful rewards, Cooking would be a good avenue for that! And finally, I'd suggest some VIP-only Toys and Trinkets that would be offered each month to VIP players. Make them able to drop, so that non-VIP players can eventually get their hands on them! Here, I hope that feedback won't be wasted, Godspeed and I really hope the game succeeds!
  3. Yep, I noticed that, mostly when I saw that the Knife-Grinder had a way to spread bleeds but had nothing to make the bleeds stronger or profit from them. I can understand why they would want to do that, ease of balance mostly, but want it comes to builds, viability is important. Unfortunately, a build does not exist if it is not viable and to attain a point where it can be viable in a healthy way, **it needs levers you can tweak**. So pretty much if the major only works and becomes viable in combination with others, it becomes more complicated to balance since it is the combination you have to balance and tweak. And if you have experience in how balancing has happened in other games, you can see how much of a needle-in-haystack problem that can be. They will come across the same problem *if those are not viable by themselves* or *if those are not introduced as minors*. Minors because then it's easier to combine some of them into something viable.
  4. Hello, Just wanted to share the perspective of someone who tried to make a build based on the War Domain, and the effects I noticed on different aspects of both the Majors and the role they have in the Domains. First off, War seems to have a "Blood and Grits" kind of theme, which is great! It has ways to increase damage, deliver brutal hits, and have the guts to stay in the fight! However, the way some of those aspects are delivered is kinda lacking. My area of interest here is Bleeds in particular. War has a clear theme toward Bleeds that can be seen in several of the disciplines. At first view, there is everything to make a Bleed theme works with the domain, it has build helpers like Tenderize II, and Shrapnel, and build enhancers, like Exsanguinate. But here comes the first problem. All of those effects are spread! And don't have much synergies outside of each others. Each do not offer the space to add in more effects to finish or make a build viable. For example, taking Bloodletter and Butcher together allows me to make an okay build, but one that is lacking in either sustain or utility. By themselves, each one of those Majors feel incomplete. With Bloodletter I can make my bleeds last longer, but what's the point if my bleeds are not better, or if I have no staying power to make the bleed matter in a fight? Each Major seems to have something to enabling, like Blood Strike for Bloodletter giving a bleed so that the bonus can act on it, and then bonus itself. But then something is missingto make the major viable and able to perform by itself. For example, for me, there is clearly this missing alongside Blood Strike and Exsanguinate: Blood Drinker Passive - Self Heals you for X% of all Bleed damage inflicted. or this missing alongside Long Live the Fighter and Shrapnel: Blood Fountain Passive - Self Whenever a bleed is applied to an enemy afflicted with one of your bleeds, you gain %X attack power bonus (or some defense bonus). Pretty much, something that also allows the major to stand *enough* by itself when it comes to efficiency. Cause without efficiency you don't have synergy, for instead of extracting value from two things that already work, you combine two things to give them value in the first place! If something like that is not possible, you end up with the situation where the Major can only really work and be viable if the class **already** provides that kind of effect. And that clearly limits what can be done with majors and a Domain. The class becomes mandatory for the major instead of the major being a compliment to the class. And this is why I can see people being ready to drop the Major for more performance. I noticed that in some builds, such a thing would be provided by the Minors instead, the Minor essentially providing that 3rd effect I'm talking about. I guess that's a fair solution to making customization around Majors work. But you will notice that War is lacking in **any** Minor that could make bleeds work. I can see that problem with plenty of Majors, like Master of Darkness not giving you something worthwhile (not just enabling) to spend that pip on, Tubthumper making you more resistant to CC but not giving you anything to use while not being CCed, Forest Creature not giving you a group heal, etc.. I'd say that you would have to add additional effects to most of the majors, or to add a lot more minors that cover more aspects of a domain, that instead of counting just on the class, to allow people the creative freedom to make more viable builds!
  5. They'd need to make the style of the chat bubbles a lot more corresponding to the style of crowfall (and less to the style of the UI, too clean and not mythic enough). I'd say chat bubbles surrounded by feathers and dark waves, color varying depending on yell or say. And a more scriped font definitely!
  6. One day while riding in Solarium I found one guy who was riding around looking lost. He ended up following me, and then I noticed he actually sent me a message yelling "WHERE'S SKY POINT?? THERE'S A QUEST ASKING ME TO DO GO THERE BUT I'M LOST." Yes, it was in all caps, don't know if it was by mistake or he really wanted to show his frustration. But anyway I ended telling him to follow me, and I rode with him in the opposite direction. To the gate, that was right next to where he entered the zone he's supposed to explore. Now I can relate to the situation of that guy because I was *myself* in the situation the first time I was trying to find Sky Point. I bet you guys actually lost some players over trying to go to Sky Point and ending up circling around, frustrated, and finally deciding the game isn't for him. Now, a simple solution would be to... like..., just put the gate... in front of players when they arrive in Solarium, Arborium, or Lunarium? Just maybe? I'd bet you'd save plenty of people some precious time, but more importantly you'd avoid some people getting frustrated into quitting the game.
  7. Interesting. I'd guess the goal here would be to create tiers of mobility that only the most elite and well-funded could access and those be some kind of elite force capable of out-speeding the mob. That's interesting, I do see the problem of interactions being reduced as you would have some small detachment that would keep fleeing and blue-balling the other side. I'd say you'd have to make sure that the speed is not constant and can be exhausted so that eventually the speedy small detachment do have to interact and/or commit. Agree. That's a great point. A smaller could win but then have to face the same Zerg that has regrouped. You wouldn't have that scenario where the smaller force could clean up a big but divided rout and clean up the field after the battle. As for the portals I'd say having the default functioning of portal be random, that would oblige everyone to at least do some movements as a way smaller force before being able to force the Zerg. Sure it might be inconvenient but it would create points where a smaller force can attack during the course of a battle. Pretty much points of opportunities.
  8. Nothing prevents a Campaign from being exactly that.. Also a better chat system is coming, that's a given.
  9. Since the topic of Zergs is on the rise lately, I think it would be a good idea to start some discussion on the topic. So, do you think ArtCraft gave us enough tools to be able to crush Zergs or at least mitigate the advantage of numbers? Care to share your best Zerg-Stomping tricks? Or do you think we need more tools in order to do so? One thing we can already check is if we have a case where a critical mass of healers would make someone unkillable. I'd say that we have enough heavy-burst ranged damage to avoid that scenario but it could be that some healing abilities neutralize burst damage 🤔 Anyway, discuss!
  10. It encourages player interaction. Path of Exile has the same system and it's working well, with people going to each others hideaway. I think they had a great idea and I hope they won't bastardize it in order to please a bunch of conformists. At best they should add some convenience for once you are *in* the EK. But not much else. Also who says that this game needs a 24/7 hub? If the goal is to have super-crafter that gain a reputation, those people should have lives and you should have to wait until they wake up and get their coffee before you can get that crafted gear you want. The way some people want to make the EK into some sort of centralized trading hub is obviously against the design, else all EKs would be available all the time. Aerith Traders had a great idea and gave themselves the means to realize, by ensuring their EKs stays up most of the time, but it's clearly an anti-design way to do it, and the devs only have two choices, either to fully encourage and give ways to do it in a more convenient manner, or to discourage it by giving more advantages to those operating their own solo EK and having a life. A possibility could be to sell the possibility for an EK to always be online, but that's one hell of an advantage you are giving here over people with a life. Although that could also favor people with a life and some money to fork to make some gold.
  11. No. No. No. And no. And yes, I'm clearly against ADDING things, an addition is not always a good thing just by being an addition that can potentially be ignored, when it actually won't and will just *parasite* the game. Two examples, Albion Online the HellGates you have suggested, and EVE Online and the Proving Grounds. Plenty of people in Albion Online argue that HellGates have reduced the amount of PvP in the open-world and they are right. They were a good idea to give content to teams that needed something to do quickly, but the more people you put in an instance, the less people you have roaming. The devs themselves have signalled that their next effort will be on encouraging solo open-world PvP back. And in EVE, they introduced Abyssal Deadspace to give players a quick way to do something. And that was a good idea, as was the idea of adding an optional PvP room in that space. You had an entire community built around it. What do they decide to do next? They kill the feature, and make it something only available a few days, completely killing the 'I want to do something now' part of it, and those also had an effect on the amount of people roaming low-sec for PvP. Pretty much, in both implementations, the open-world suffers. The only advantage is if you need quick content that people need to do quickly, that's why Arenas work in Albion and why the previous PvP in Abyssal Deadspace worked. And Crowfall is NOT a game that needs content that need to be done quick, it needs engaging, interacting, open-world content, not something that only last 15-20 minutes. Why do you want to make Crowfall into a bad copy of those games?? Why?!!?! Seriously, I'm dumbfounded that something like that could even be suggested..
  12. Yes, I guess in that case all niche games should just disappear since they can't reach the million of players. That's one hell of a relativistic take, I'm genuinely impressed! I mean, who cares about growth or sustainability, you have to hit millions on day 1 or else you shouldn't bother. Oh and FUD means Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt, some people love spreading those and most of the time it's to hide their own damn issues. 2000 is a reasonable number, Albion Online has around the same amount of people during their Livestream, but hey I'd guess that since they don't have Millions of viewers that game is pathetic too?
  13. FUD Buzzard detected. I will agree that they need to do a pass on some pricing, but other than that 2000 people on the Livestream is good number and plenty of people were asking questions and being active.
  14. Hello there! After my first forays into the world of Crowfall, I can say with certainty that this game tickles the right chord. I got exactly what I wanted when joining the game, which: - A PvP-first game with elements of Exploration and Crafting! - A gameplay that is tight and right, with interesting mechanics like Parrying, Retaliation, and Combo. - An old-school feeling, reminiscent of the WC days, with evocative abilities (Fairie Fire 😉) but also encounters and interactions that very much resemble the early days of MMO PvP. The game still obviously needs a lot of polishing, but the heart is here, and its good. Here is some feedback of the first days I spent in the game as a beginner: Feedback - Gloomwind is indeed Tiny, WAY too tiny. First problem, that's Lame, we don't play fantasy games to see tiny griffins. Second problem is that it's very hard to click him AND sometimes he is bugged and we can't click it. Solution: Make him WAY Bigger, first to impress new players, and also to make him easier to click! - Sometimes Plants and Roots are hard to pick when they clip into trees. Maybe put some distance between the trees and the plants. - The Campfire of the quest "Village Cleansed" can easily be confused with the Sacrifice fire near the questgiver and the statue! Remove one of them, they are redundant. - Make it more apparent to players that God's Reach only has basic resources. The Risk-Reward equation has to be clear so that players can make their choice. - The gate to Sky Points needs to be put in WAY More of a Spotlight. It's the gate to the most rewarding and dangerous place in God's Reach. That and it's easy to miss the age when it's right behind you. - Harvesting progression is unintuitive. It being about foraged disciplines is innovatives but is very bizarre. A better solution could have been for a rare material that then is used to upgrade disciplines to be dropped. - Harvesting is very weird. The relationship with Spirit is weird as maxing Spirit doesn't really help in clearing nodes with enough stamina. - Hitting Weak Spots while Harvesting is a great idea! However the feel from it right now seems to me more about avoiding being punished by missing in it, than feeling rewarded hitting one (since even if I do, I will still run out of Stamina). - And talking about Stamina. From what I have seen, even at high level of harvesting, and with better equipment, you still run out of stamina while clearing nodes. Where's the progression? If someone is dedicated to harvesting he should feel it in BOTH the speed at which he clears node, and the state he is in after finishing. - Harvesting Pips is also weird and seems convoluted and seems to be developed just for the sake of complexity. A number of power pips send the message that more pips spent is Better, but that's absolutely not the case.. the system would be better if it clearly aligned with Stamina and damage efficiency instead of trying to create rotations. Rotations are only interesting if they change through customization btw. - Harvesting Pips and planning for Weak Points could also be a way to make Harvesting more straightforward. - Combo is a great way to balance your game. By making the most powerful and overpowered moves only available through Combo. - Faction Chat restriction is dumb. I understand the flavor element, but this isn't WoW, you don't need Lore reasons to justify rivalry between factions. Just let the campaign and Interactions do it. It makes it harder for the game to be social. - And the one I consider the most important for me: the PvP zones need a LOT more Outposts. Those are great solo and small-scale objectives and can be a good sources of loot. Plus they participate in the scoring. And more importantly, they SIGNAL PvP activity when a player capture them. I only see pluses here, the only downside is that they are few and far. You want to encourage more PvP? Make more small outposts. Here we go, I hope the feedback will be useful. Again this game has a lot of potential, and I hope you guys will give it the polish it deserves.
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