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  1. This is like some moba/mmo-lite hybrid. This has way more in common with some kind of battle arena game than an MMO. Which would be fine if it didnt pop up when you searched for "2021 MMORPG". Why cant I name my characters? I have to create a name for my characters before I even download the game lol. like wtf? So my female half giant has the same name as my male centaur? Oh look theres a High Elf named...SOCCER_FAN42. That's just some low effort hogwash. Ok, so its some kind of pvp moba with builds. I can have some fun with that. Lets go. Since combat is all you can do, that has to be great right? Its action combat, should be similar to tera, that was fun for a while right? Um. Well damn. That's a big miss. Ok, well its a guild vs guild kinda game with map control so we can conqueror territory and defend it from other guilds in a persistent world? "Large scale strategy game". Says it right there. I can get behind that. Wait, the "world" just resets after the zergs roll clockwise around the map for a while and then points are awarded? lol what? We are in the 3rd decade of the 21st century. WTF. Im not even mad about the $70 or whatever I just spent. I have a feeling these developers are going to need it for food.
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