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  1. Some may consider Oberon's style of gameplay "smarter", as to where I would call it cowardice.
  2. With all of the knockbacks that Legionnaires can do focusing one target is impossible...not to mention the way movement is right now.
  3. Good old Warhammer Alliance forums....that was the real deal.
  4. I'm 1/5th Asian...but its not all good....
  5. Champs Rend is definitely broken atm no question about it....
  6. Wow, that is funny. But i like This Comment better
  7. You watched all 2 hours? Thanks for wasting your time on us. I feel honored
  8. Hopefully our opponents, but we try not to limit ourselves...
  9. PVP, Crafting (we got a guy), Politics...we'll worry about it later We make it difficult for you to like us as human beings on every conscious level (including un- and sub-). We think we are better than you. It would be a most fair judgement to describe us as a flock of "homing pigeons", we will key in on your insecurities and abuse you ... verbally. We may offend your morals, yet you will still laugh at the jokes, which only served to fuel your own self loathing. Though we are really just your everyday average joes' who like to hang out and act cool on the internet. Some of our triump
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