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  1. Ok so....still here. Right now, trying to get on the 9/27 playtesting that was supposed to start at 11pm EST/10pm central on a west coast server. Nothing is up. all servers show red.
  2. WxN arcticwolf and a few others keep bumping into us on different games, try to mass recruit (but no one joins them) and they quit the game within weeks. Watched it happen in ArcheAge and GW2 most recently.
  3. Honestly if your guild is still around but not recruiting new members or playing new games, CF is going to be harsh to do without allies. I'm 36, married, work 60 hour weeks, have 74 employees, a 2 year old (the similarities between the 2 are astounding sometimes) and not enough time for gaming - if I get one night a week that's good. That being said, I spend time on the oversight and management of the guild and try to make sure we're playing games together and recruiting new members as we go (more of that than actual gaming, fallout 4 notwithstanding). We have around 30 active players i
  4. It wasn't THAT bad. But I mean really...why do you all hate children?
  5. GoWCast is up. Come watch. twitch.tv/GoWCast Discussing Crowfall Pre-Alpha Combat Test so far.
  6. This thread is win. Sorry for getting guard dogs removed from the game and forcing barracks to be tied to trees inside the city limits. That was our bad.
  7. Indeed. I grew up out Fayetteville/Manlius/Chittenango way....depending on the year. Graduated from CBA and went to LeMoyne
  8. Yeah I'm out Webster way. Been good, busy...kid, new job (since the last time you and I were in a game together) and doing the usual RL/Gaming balance thing. We have some big things coming soon so hopefully we'll let the cat out of the bag here first.
  9. I see a proto. Now we just need to see a Soggy.
  10. everyone is kos. everyone. forever. the end.
  11. Brambles thinks he's funny. Although, he did run around Entropy and Cataclysm screaming "repent your sins" over and over again as he burned people alive on his confessor.
  12. LOL custard you Brambles. Ignore him, he just likes burning people alive.
  13. There are like 40 different recruitment posts from 40 guilds right here in this forum that are less than 4 months old...start there maybe.
  14. Pew pew bacon explosion... Because....REASONS
  15. Shamless bump for bacon, cheese, and zombie jesus day.
  16. Oh I see. Guess I stand corrected. I suppose I need to add another person to my "run screaming away from so I don't die a horrible burny death" list. It's pretty long. Lots of people hate me. I mean, being found guilty 100% of the time when on trial and being KOS to an entire server makes it hard to farm and run packs...I just don't get why so many people want me to die.
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