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  1. Xarr I saw you on the tests a few weeks ago lol come say HI
  2. Also we completely forgot about frostweavers promo classes before we even get into disciplines. Should be easy to implement the melee focus, magic focus, and hybrid promo classes.
  3. Oooo... If they made old school prelate or Sentinel one of the promotion classes and they used that style of self shielding/ally shielding adds "Valor" pips which effects your overall damage, that could be a very engaging fun play style and give the game a holy caster with support abilities.
  4. Promotion Classes: Paladin(Sword/board w/ some healing) - Priest(Maybe a chain healing focused healer to synergize w/ Friar since that disc doesnt seem to be getting used right now) - Prelate or Sentinel(Holy damage caster w/ some off healing?)
  5. This is also where alliances come into play, not only alliances with other guilds but alliances with merchant guilds who Im sure there will be a few.
  6. No worries mate but rest assured we will be here... Myself Chelvie, Prax and a couple others have been hitting the test servers occasionally on the weekends.
  7. LOL Oh no... The guilds interest is still very VERY focused on this game... Probably because we are like 5-10k invested in it financially lol.
  8. @Xarrayne I remember you, I saw your name on the forums and kept trying to place it lol.
  9. Also side note we are also extrapolating how much "elite" gear actually helps... In the testing so far I dont think Ive seen anything from like bottom to mid tier gear compared to the highest tier they have added that would be considered an insurmountable obstacle... Does it help? Of course? Does it help even more on veteran players? Absolutely... But we arent striving for gaming socialism here.
  10. Dae Im not sure how long youve been playing MMO's but as Crowfall has more and more Shadowbane elements added to it, and since that game was around so long ago Im not sure what many others backgrounds in gaming are but allow me to try and explain Shadowbane's... Shadowbane's politics outside and inside the game added layers onto the pvp game that took the entire thing much deeper... People's actions outside the game on the boards had ramifications in the game. Alliances between both big and small guilds shifted constantly. As the game progressed Shadowbane opened up new clean servers(Which I w
  11. As others have stated this will likely happen... Step 1: Find roving bands of farming bots. Step 2: Sit one of your stealthers or scouts on them as the rest of group goes to farm/xp grind/murder players etc. Step 3: come back in an hour and kill the bots to take said goods then wait for them to res and come back. Step 4: repeat. But seriously as others have said having no safe zones and a 50 dollar buy in should be enough in themselves, but we should have a better idea closer to beta. I would assume if people are going to try and bot they probably bought
  12. Also side note, check your wallet on your account. If you refunded anything from your KS package you should still be able to purchase any of the mount skins you want and add them into your total package.
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