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  1. Tying advancement that is intended to require a guild to achieve to one no trade item was a very poor design decision.
  2. I could fit on that door with Rose if she weren't so selfish! There was CLEARLY room for one more person!
  3. I honestly can't recommend this game to anyone, as it is I have to defend why I spent as much time on it as I have. It really is a shame, there are some great features. But for every good thing there are 32 "wtf were they thinking" decisions made.
  4. It's OK, it's just a soft launch. They will get it right before the ACTUAL launch.
  5. The point made was: Shadows is the superior mode My counterpoint is: The game is so broken and the devs so out of touch with the wants of players that there is no superior mode
  6. Counterpoint: The devs clearly don't care about Shadows. They don't see it is the "right" way to play. They don't care about balancing it. They don't care about fixing it's problems. I am not saying that dregs is the superior mode, I am saying that right now there is no superior mode. They want everyone to love dregs and don't seem to care or are unaware that they will not attract players by focusing on that mode. Don't get me wrong, I played in Dregs, and if you are into that playstyle it can be a lot of fun. But clearly MANY people don't want to be part of a huge organization either directly in a large guild or in an alliance with a large guild. This game gives the finger to those players and then wonders why there are fewer and fewer people logging in each week.
  7. I am pretty sure he lives in an alternate universe and his posts end up here due to some glitch in the time-space continuum.
  8. The devs didn't account for the number of people who want to play solo or in small guilds. You are right that there is a "right" way to play, but there are only a small percentage of mmorpg players (who are already a small percentage of gamers overall) who want to play that way. It's going to be the same several hundred players fighting each other in a matter of months if things don't change, and I have no faith that the devs will change in time. Sept. 28th is going to MURDER what's left of this game's population. New World isn't a better pvp game, but it is less painful to play and I believe it will be good enough for many people.
  9. Wow, THAT game sounds amazing! When it comes out I am definitely going to play!
  10. Lot's of good "Yes! We totally plan to fix that!" answers, I have little faith that they will follow through on much of what they are promising to do, or that they will do it well. I would like to be proven wrong, because I really enjoy some aspects of this game. Time will tell.
  11. It's a chicken with it's head cut off. The body (a few hundred people still playing) doesn't realize it is dead yet and is still running around.
  12. FYI- verbiage like this isn't helping you, it kinda makes you look bitter and disgruntled. I agree with most of your points, I just think you might be ... less easily dismissed... if you avoided attacks like this in presenting them.
  13. If this were the only video game in town I might try your "patience" technique. In the real world I have lots of other options to spend my finite amount of time doing, and I personally choose to spend it doing things that bring me more joy than frustration. If you make a different choice that's cool, but don't pretend it somehow makes you "better". At this point I am mostly posting here so the devs know what mistakes they made that led to my no longer logging in. Hopefully those who are involved in projects in the future will not make the same ones again. I will keep my eye on the game, and if there are major changes I might give it another shot. But until then they won't get my VIP dollars, only my best wishes that they can right this CLEARLY sinking ship.
  14. You thought FvF matters to the dev team? Common mistake. Hate to see it.
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