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  1. I think cosmetics at least. Just a thought though.
  2. I think at least cosmetic pets. Maybe you can find them while adventuring too. I just think pets would be cool in Crowfall.
  3. malamute32


    I think pet's would add a whole new element to Crowfall. Think of all the pet's they could add, wolfs, bears, dogs, birds etc. Also think of what they could do, Hunt, Carry some items, Be a partner in combat, and who wouldn't want to play fetch? Leave suggestions if you have them, I just thought this would be cool to have in game.
  4. We are all friends inside our guild. We will setup strategies once the game comes out but once it does we'll rule the lands of Castle N'Davler! We can always have new recruits in The Pack. You are always welcome to ask if you want to join.
  5. Falling after I tripped on a crow= Crowfall

  6. I am interested in becoming a god
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