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  1. Because the Dev's wont implement it. The lead creator said so themselves. They want people to show off the EK system that they paid for. Because without the vendor system EKs are completely useless.
  2. 100% easiest quick change. Make a Path of Exile style market search. It operates in the browser and pulls the data from the vendor system database. Provides the item name/ stats/ EK name/ and square location and if the EK is online or not. Allow it to be searchable and filterable by campaign.
  3. Do you think a new player is going to spend time spamming a discord to make a sale? Or burning actual play time to run around EKs? These are things that should already be in the game.
  4. So in the recent dev/creator to player twitch stream they dismissed the idea of an AH or any form of centralized market place. The reason being that it would "Lower prices". This means that the EK system exists to simply prey upon new players to buy overpriced things and it works I guess. New players run around for 30 minutes trying to find an item. Get frustrated and quit the game. The current EK vendor system is insane and doesn't respect anyone's time. Older players say there's nothing wrong with the current EK system and newer players who are trying to progress in the game give up. So until the dev's decide to actually better their game for newer players and create a more user friendly economy. I'm asking to boycott the vendor EK system. Don't buy anything off the EK vendors and make them useless. Use the discord channel instead.
  5. So my idea is actually one I saw suggested a while back on the forums and should be possible with the current technology that you have at your disposal. First and foremost: Make all the keeps and forts that an alliance captures to go up/attackable at the same time. This means that if a alliance wants to hold more than 1 keep or fort they have to commit people to defending all their territory at the same time. So based upon what timezone the 1st captured keep is. All subsequent keeps/forts that the alliance captures will also flip to that time zone. This forces larger alliances to spread forces but also allows smaller guilds to challenge them for their territory. There becomes a real cost to over capturing territory. Secondly: Lower guilds to 50 players per guild and 2 guilds per alliances. This places an upper limit to what an alliance can realistically capture. and if informal alliances want to be made between alliances that's still content because informal alliances are often broken over bs. But because a guild often doesnt have all players online at any given time. The ability to muster up 50 players means that you actually have a decent defense force. Now some people may say well large guilds will "Go around this" but limit campaign rewards to individuals of alliances that hold territory So any guilds that team up without holding territory get nothing. Then for FvF. Remove guild tags in FvF. Put a campaign long faction lock, this means that mid/campaign you can't swap sides. Make the FVF server mirror something similar to the original skypoint but bigger. Or make there be 2-3 interconnected skypoints with higher level nodes /rewards that match dregs level nodes. This gives a place where you can still get end game mats etc but instead of fighting for a guild you fight for your faction. rewards would scale based upon individual faction points. You gain faction points by killing enemy faction members. Centralize the supply pig loading location and decentralize the location to turn in/process the mats. So essentially reverse the location on them so people fight to get the pigs and get them to safety rather than fight with pigs to turn them in. I'd think that these changes would provide more small scale especially for the solo players that like to just pick up and play without much of the commitment of joining a large guild for timers etc.
  6. Greetings, As someone who is going through a trial account but also is contemplating buying the game. Not having a free talent reset upon level 30 for a new player is extremely punishing for someone who is attempting to learn the game. There's the tutorial that you go through and during this leveling experience new players are bound to place talent points outside of build paths and wildly distribute attribute points. Once you arrive at level 30 or close to it most players begin to look for builds etc. A fresh player learning that in order to use an established build they now have to grind 75k gold. (They're new so they don't really know how). Or re-level a character (Tutorial takes around 5-6 hours) is far too punishing when a new player is still trying to grasp how the game/crafting system works. Or buy VIP (but they're still trying to decide if they like the game). The sad thing is most players when faced with this decision will take the easy alternative and simply quit. If the goal is new player retention, adding a free respect for players that reach level 30 will allow them to make mistakes when building/learning the game and not be punished for it.
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