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  1. Just gotta say that I don't like the idea of monetizing guilds to begin with, but I guess that ship already sailed long ago. I know they will eventually be free, but still. This doesn't even touch on the other stuff mentioned, since I don't really understand it clearly just yet.
  2. Imo their vision for the inclusion of hunger adds to the idea that we are supposed to be fighting in a long war, which involves supplies lines, and the cutting of said supply lines. Sort of like an RTS, which is what this game is already drawing a bit from mechanics wise (fog of war, scouting, fighting over resources and points of interest). Being able to feed your troops seems like a natural extension of that (at least in terms of micromanagement). Groups who don't have a stable food source, especially during the winter seasons, would be at a disadvantage. Which means the groups have to actually keep on top of their logistics and ration out food as best they can throughout the entire war (in this case we can be glad food doesn't expire, that would be overly cumbersome imo). Some of you may think of this as a chore, but I would not mind a little chore if it creates new roles for the game. I actually like the idea of people taking up the roll of quartermaster for their groups (which, granted will already exist because of the existence of other resources. This is just one more resource for them to manage), or chefs that can create different types of food that may yield additional buffs or varying quantities of food. A really simple example would be turning a single item, lets say an apple, to apple slices that would give less boost to the meter, but can be distributed to more people, which could be useful in dire situations. Another would be combining multiple food items, lets say cheese and bread and something else, to make pizza, which can also be distributed to many people, but give more boost to the meter and maybe even have an extra buff. I just think that over the long run, the hunger system, with all of their other planned mechanics that tie into hunger, like seasons, could create a pretty dynamic game economy that I haven't really seen in other PvP MMOs. One where food is needed rather than simply wanted, and would thus have greater value. This would be my ideal, right now a lot of these systems are still being worked on, so I can see how, for some people, the current implementation of hunger would seem like a needless chore. It just so happened that I love being a chef in MMOs, and I also love survival mechanics, so I may be a little biased
  3. Am I missing something here? Are people already playing 5.3? I want in! I get what you're saying, but I don't think harvesting should be something that you should be able to go semi-afk on. For one, you're just opening yourself to more risk and you're doing a disservice to your team (both your party and the overall team effort). If you do that in a game like this you deserve to lose your loot imo. What he said.
  4. Somehow I completely missed this. Thanks for bringing it up. Don't know if its fair to bother them just to capitalize my name though. It just really bugs me every time I look at it, lol. That said, I really do like the idea of "making a name for yourself" , for better or worse. It just makes everything feel much more impactful. (Aside from the whole alt issue of course) I do have some security concerns though, not for me personally because I use 2FA, but for those who opt out of 2FA, since they might be at greater risk of having their accounts breached. Of course the devs could just make 2FA mandatory if any significant breaches happen. Either way, I expect the devs to be on top of this issue, especially when they have an online store with the ability to send gifts. Edit: Just took a look at the store related things on the account. I didn't realize they made it so that both players needed 2FA to gift. Consider my concerns slightly alleviated .
  5. I didn't read too much of this thread, but personally I don't mind this. I just think it would just make more sense if they went with something similar EVE's current skill queuing system. Just give non VIP up to 24 hours of skill queuing and VIP a higher number. No need to make things needlessly convoluted by reinventing the wheel. I really wish the devs took this major shift in design (referring to race/class) to take a step back and look at the overall picture, though I can't really say they aren't already doing that.
  6. To be honest, that is only possible because they now have the funding to do so. So we should also thank the backers who made it possible. Their decisions for archetypes was made for cost reasons rather than design reasons.
  7. For the record, in another thread JTC mentioned that stoneborn are technically genderless, but still have a male designation. Could be the same for Guineceans
  8. I think I saw a rapier weapon skill. Don't remember what classes they are locked to though. The class locks on some of the weapon disciplines confuse me in general, since a lot of those weapons that have class lock already belong to the class it's locked too. Like, only druids can use Master of Staves, but they already use staves, and the aforementioned Master of Pistols. Edit: Take comfort that Master of Rapiers is also available to assassins and rangers.
  9. There are already race restrictions on certain classes. It doesn't have to be Minotaurs and Centaurs wielding guns. It could be, I don't know... Humans? They even have a weapon discipline for pistols, though right now according to the image it looks to be locked to the duelist class. That seems odd considering duelists already have access to guns. Also, aesthetically/mechanically guns fit very well into fantasy, depending on the technology level of the gun. We're not talking full-auto assault rifles and machine guns. From what I understood, burrow will be a racial skill only, meaning it is uncoupled from the duelist class. It makes perfect sense that all Guinecians can burrow, but not all duelist are Guinecians. They said themselves that burrow is a racial ability, just like the Centaur hind kick and extra speed.
  10. I've always wanted to be an explorer/scout with real purpose, supported by actual game mechanics. Really looking forward to it. I really love that this game is pulling so much from what would traditionally be in RTS games.
  11. The only thing that would truly solve this is getting rid of passive training. That way all of these multi-account players will have to exponentially dedicate more time for each account they buy in an attempt to circumvent interdependence. I take great comfort in knowing that whatever ACE decides to do regarding skills, they will never make the mistake of adding more game-balance affecting perks to VIP, which is as good as digging an early grave for the game since doing so would make it dead on arrival. I'm really glad some people aren't on the development team right now, because some of the proposals I've seen in these boards over the years have been so far from the games design goals (regarding VIP) that it would effectively make it another P2W trash game.
  12. The thing is, in combat you can only be one AT at any given time, so within any one instance of combat, a VIP player is not more advantaged than a non-VIP player. That isn't so with economic skills, which could be the ultimate decider between a winner and loser between a group with VIP players and one without VIP players. In a game like this, which is played out similarly to an RTS, having a strong economy/resources matter more than any single battle that may be won or lost (with exceptions, such as winning or losing POIs). Giving players who pay for VIP an economic advantage over those without VIP tips the scale towards VIP players, which is arguably much more P2W to some people than what meat suit you decide to wear in any single battle. If you want to argue about multi-accounts, I would be arguing to require some active training along with passive to get 100%, like how it was planned to be some years ago before they developed this iteration of the skill system. That would make it somewhat more onerous to multi-account. There are plenty of better solutions for this type of issue than what you guys keep proposing. Stop trying to make VIP a gateway to P2W mechanics, seriously.
  13. Improving VIP in anyway that affects gameplay (more than it already does) as a way to entice players to get VIP can encourage those with multiple accounts to buy multiple VIPs with them. Which will make multi-accounting even more effective while sacrificing one of their main design goals (interdependency). VIP can be encouraged without offering gameplay advantages. We don't even know what VIP will look like in the end. They haven't really talked about it since kickstarter. All we know is, according to the FAQ, they will NOT add things to VIP that will affect game balance. The second they do, people will scream up and down about how the game is P2W, which will kill this game faster than any perceived issue with skill training.
  14. I've come to realize that most of my feelings regarding how the game world looked bland was due to the absence of proper lighting. It's been bugging me for over the past year that something just felt off regarding that. I knew they would get to it eventually, but it is nice to see that they are working on it now. Seriously its a great improvement. I'm more convinced now that this reveal is related to disciplines/AT, but it now seems that they have quite a lot of things that they want to show us.
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