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  1. Just gotta say that I don't like the idea of monetizing guilds to begin with, but I guess that ship already sailed long ago. I know they will eventually be free, but still. This doesn't even touch on the other stuff mentioned, since I don't really understand it clearly just yet.
  2. Imo their vision for the inclusion of hunger adds to the idea that we are supposed to be fighting in a long war, which involves supplies lines, and the cutting of said supply lines. Sort of like an RTS, which is what this game is already drawing a bit from mechanics wise (fog of war, scouting, fighting over resources and points of interest). Being able to feed your troops seems like a natural extension of that (at least in terms of micromanagement). Groups who don't have a stable food source, especially during the winter seasons, would be at a disadvantage. Which means the groups have to actua
  3. I've always wanted to be an explorer/scout with real purpose, supported by actual game mechanics. Really looking forward to it. I really love that this game is pulling so much from what would traditionally be in RTS games.
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