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  1. This announcement restores my faith in the games direction, it allows for guilds such as mine to embrace a path of lore and rp without crippling our effectiveness!

    Lowborn tremble, for we return!

  2. BLESS you!!!! this restores so much excitement for me about Crowfall! Now the Firstborn can return in their proper glory!!!!
  3. I love this comment simply as many of us older players will remember, it was DFO 1 that we were hoping would be the spiritual successor to Shadowbane....how how the wheel turns
  4. This sounds as it should be. Also if this game is ANYTHING like Shadowbane, ( and we know they are drawing heavily from that ) it will be a lot more about group coordination and tactics than individual player skill. Now I know you cannot separate the two entirely, nor should you. I am simply saying that a group of players with a plan and a solid (spec group) would wreak havoc in shadowbane even when badly outnumbered. Small scale combat, 1-3 individuals per side, yes you would see skill and that players build shine through, but in 10v10 or lager it almost always came down to who was the group on the ball. Again, as it should be. lastly.. about the skill ceiling. I think you are oversimplifying this. Skill does not have to mean twitch based combat. That is all.
  5. whoa .. back up and wait.. FIRST of all, we don't even know that they ever PLANNED to have a telegraph system. For all we know the VERY PRE alpha vid we all saw was simply showing attack radius etc for internal reference. The team has stated that they want certain things, and that they will stick to those things, Telegraphed attacks with huge laser sighted circles was not one of them.
  6. In Shadowbane one of the things that I loved most of all.. was that every few weeks or months, you would hear about this super build. We came to call it the FOTM because in only lasted until others adapted to it ( or in some cases, patches nerfed or buffed this or that). I loved the evolution, and that fact that many builds which 80% of the community said could not work, worked very very well in the right hands or spec groups. Also it is the only game I have ever played where I personally had 5+ variants of one class and 9 of another with same race/class base. It was that deep.... also many players in saw their builds/designs as secret.. which I love and hope to see again.
  7. So sorry.. been lazy forum wise but Vahr'Nah old friend! oh we are here and ready to go, we even have thralls once more! *grins darkly*
  8. did you play shadowbane? do you have a clue about the game they are aiming for? did you play an mmo PRE WOW corruption? I am simply curious.
  9. Silver.... would easily have pledged amber if finances allowed. adding.. not really a secret we will all see who pledged what no? with forum frames etc..
  10. Not disagreeing with you, but alpha is when we need to voice these concerns, not after is is part of the game architecture. Call me crazy but I i suspect this exactly the sort of feedback and debate Todd,Gordon and the crew need and want.
  11. I am unsure of the origin of it being applied to combat, but I know that in martial arts we have long referred to an obvious technique such as someone winding up to throw a back leg roundhouse as telegraphing that attack, same as someone winding up with a huge hay-maker, you can see it coming from a mile away. There is a telegraph in LoL, which I can clearly see, but always can't react to it, (unless I'm actively waiting for it, which is other case): Lux ultimate. Same with Nidalee spear. This is the issue I think. No one is saying they do not want to see THIS sort of indicator.. in fact, i would say most want this. What we dont want is aoe circles and indicators showing exactly what will happen when and where. In the example of lux, its not an intrusive Line on the screen, its part of her power, you see it, feel it, and react to it without feeling you have had something removed from your experience. In the case of Ziggs,, I-- I hate seeing his ult.. again, it is just a circle on the ground to run out of. some feel right, and blend seemlessly, some are intrusive and poorly implemented. Now imagine.. 15 zig ult cirles... popping up ever 10-15 seconds.... its obnoxious
  12. Personally I find huge red rings on the ground massively distracting, annoying and immersion breaking. I would rather see such aoe attacks strike me unaware than assault me with such a deluge of clutter. You should feel like you are in combat, not reacting to the flashy lights and colors on your screen. As for more skill based, I find this crutch of having these telegraphs detracts rather than improves that aspect of play. Be aware of where you are, who is around you etc.. why SHOULD you have a warning on the ground that a smart mage slipped behind you to blast the area you stand in, if you were not actually aware he had done so? This may mean you move a lot, out of paranoia, dodging juking etc, in ways some may see as insane, but you know are keeping you alive. Personally I vote NO on telegraphs, it would detract too much from the glory of battle . Editing to add this; I am not saying i am in favor of a tab target autolock system, I would like to have to aim, etc, I just dont want my melee and spell casting combat to feel like im staring at a HUD in some combat station.
  13. lol I think you are simply more trusting than I am. I said in the original post that I know they had concept art, I was asking about a working in game model upon release. anyway thanks, I found some of your replies helpful.
  14. Yes... did you truly despise the Elves? We were always convinced you did Filthy Templar
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