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  1. This has been suggested before I believe, and I agree that it would be a great idea. That way those who dont have a lot of play time because of work/school/other have the ability to spend skill points or choose new trees to set to train.
  2. That was rather enjoyable usually. I can't tell you how many officer positions in numerous,guilds I held. However there will always be that one where I went too far down the rabbit hole, and may have gone too far. However I still think I should be in charge of all counter-intelligence operations. I feel as though my 'roll' in AA gives me more than enough experience in that field.
  3. I think -10% to stamina would be more appropriate.
  4. Santa, you have posted this gibberish nonsense 165 times?
  5. Anyone have any ideas on what they plan on playing at this juncture? I'll probably start with a knight or confessor
  6. We will also need social security numbers... Just to make sure the devs are...legit
  7. I like it. If I could tweek anything I would give a little less movement in the legs for the idle cycle though. The video makes it seems constant. It also seems a little bit jerky, but again that may be because its pre alpha and hasn't been fully fine tuned yet.
  8. Spears would probably be a good choice too.
  9. I like the Iksar/Lizardmen idea more than the dragonkin.
  10. I like naval combat, and I had a lot of fun with it in Archeage and a little bit in Darkfall, but I think that making it the next stretch goal is unrealistic. Perhaps later on down the road. But I would like to see it in game.
  11. Infinte deadly poison/explosion trapped boxes forever plz
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