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  1. We're in agreement there. But to take your house-building analogy a step further, if they don't bake the bricks, the house will crumble in the first rain-storm. I guess what I want to say is that they are not that far along in development yet. And there's probably a team at ACE who's looking at that part of the 'big picture' but they're doing the first things first. I really hope it turns out to be more. Because the concept of a big arena where we all just keep fighting each other time after time doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun to me, if there isn't a point to it ....if you can't get anywhere doing it. But that's not to say there isn't a solution, but just that we don't know it yet. I also agree with oridi that if you've got some ideas you ought to spell them out. With a game of this complexity, I think we need ways to quantify success and failure in measurable degrees other than straight combat superiority.
  2. Zomnivore, trying to follow this. I haven't played the games you describe; I'm basically a role-player, but I've played some throne wars in my day. Are you saying you want the ultimate 'Throne War,' the 'King' to be determined mechanically on a board that totes up PvPs won and resources gathered, seized, etc? And the win condition is the guy with the most is the top guy? How does that promote intrigue? How do you propose to quantify wheeling and dealing and somebody changing sides? I just don't see how that type of thing is measurable. Let's say I'm a master swordsmith for Guild X and I'm making swords for the next Guild War and somebody from the other side offers me a huge bribe to build in a potential flaw....I make the bad swords, take the money and run for the border. Who gets the points for that? Me, for throwing the battle and finessing the getaway, or the guy who came up with the idea of offering the bribe? At the end of the day, I think the telling aspect would be the end result of the skull-duggery, and that's why I think the folks who are talking about chat have a great point. Thrones are won by political chicanery, and back room deals and large armies with superior weapons and great intelligence networks. And a lot of talking. I'm not saying that the method you describe, as I understand it, isn't workable and that this type of thing isn't possible, but it reminds me of sitting in a meeting describing what we needed and the programmers sit back and look at each other and say....."Oooookay, that's gonna take a lot of development...." Maybe something of that nature is already in the works, but they're still working out how it works and they don't want to toss out something half baked that might not be the final product. Heck, even the avatars descriptions say 'subject to change' at the bottom of the screen. This group is extremely detail oriented. Let them figure out exactly what happens when I parry in quarte before they make a stab at what happens when I assassinate the king and try to seize the throne. It's probably in the works somewhere at ACE. (by the way, my job is a blast. It's almost a shame to take the money)
  3. So are the 'fortifications' in the KS packages different from the 'forts' and 'keeps' that are for sale in the store, and what are the advantages of one over the other?
  4. Thanks for this! I hope they follow through. IRL, things break and have to be replaced. (I'm not even going into the 'planned obsolescence' idea) and to make crafting a worthwhile thing to do, other than the personal advantages of being able to make good stuff for yourself, especially in a game that has an economic structure, it makes sense to know where to go to get something that you know is a quality product. I really appreciate your response.
  5. Legendary swordsmiths, armorers, etc. put hallmarks on their products to identify their work. I was wondering if this will be possible in Crowfall? Developers have said that expert crafters will be in demand to produce goods by the largest/best guilds and monarchies, but how do they get the word out, that their stuff is good? Note: this is especially true for players who are not migrating en masse from other games and don't know a lot of the others who will be playing. I'm thinking these ready-made cohorts will be coming in with pretty cohesive groups, and newcomers won't be welcome without something to recommend them. If this question has been asked before, thanks, and please somebody point me to the replies. There are literally thousands of pages and try as I might, there are limitations to my reading speed. I think it would be a neat idea though. Carol
  6. Will there be a way for crafters to put a hallmark on their products so the point of origin/creator can be identified? Since the crafting specialist is a support niche, and a valuable asset to a monarchy or guild, it would help to be able to do a bit of 'advertising', as it were, so that a crafter could position his/herself well within the game.
  7. Congratulations to the Crowfall team!

  8. Is there any particular reason I don't have a beta group assignment?

  9. I have one question about trading VIP tickets in game. Since the sub is paid monthly by those who purchase it, are the VIP vouchers/tickets only good for one month, or are they permanent? And if only good for a month, does the voucher end 30 days from when it was traded or from when it was originally granted? Because trading for a one month VIP option seems a bit pointless. With time being a factor in the campaigns, I can't see a real advantage with this, and it certainly isn't something I would feel compelled to go out and bargain with someone to get. (Will probably get a sub anyway--I just do things like that). Seems like before you had time to get much use out of the voucher, you could be plopped into a completely new scenario and have to regroup everything. I don't have the experience most of this group has had with other games of this sort. (I never knew there was a black market for in-game gold on EBay...hmmm...have to check that out, LOL) So, maybe I trade a VIP voucher for a nice big stick to beat the bullies who are trying to steal the shirt I looted from the corpse "trade for goods or services" is that what we are calling P2W or pay for advantage? And from a real world perspective, yes, I agree there will always be inflation. But economies have a limit to what the traffic will bear. Or they collapse. If the economy collapses before the scenario ends, does everybody lose? Okay so that was two questions...or perhaps several.
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