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  1. 100% pure guess, but I would bet it is 82.9739456% people who bought large KS packages. 14.2938499% who bought a one year subscription and spend the bonus crowns on plot with the remaining 2.7322045% masochists. But again, just a rough guess, that is valid only roughly valid for the next hour
  2. There is nothing about EK's I find enjoyable. They plainly want you to need to use them if you are interested in the economy/trade but almost ensure only the most obsessive knuckleheads with a sole compulsion to endless pound nodes will ever build anything useful EK wise. Or you give them money. I get they need to generate revenue, I just hate their EK based model. And yes I know there is a free city, and keep vendors, etc. but not every is lucky enough to have access/win a slot to those. So if the player finds that important, they pay up or leave for a very basic functionality that is in EVERY custard mmo.
  3. But but why would you want to turn off the game of thrones or firefly music? They are the only two songs that play when I am out grinding. It's been a while since I heard the GoT theme song, but I would be talking to my lawyer if I wrote it Kidding of course, but with my spotty memory, I recall it being almost identical in parts.
  4. I am interested in a vendor slot. Also, it seems your discord link has expired.
  5. I could have sworn the 49.99 Patron pack provided parcels to build a basic building for a vendor? Does this current starter parcel allow you to place a vendor?
  6. I have been out harvesting and I have a bunch of the green items required to upgrade my harvesting disc. But I see I need 3 domination dust ( i think, not in game) and they cost 4k each. That would put me in the poor house. So I am curious, how important is it and how much benefit will I see?
  7. Looking for a guild functionality seems flakey. I type in a search string and I get nothing. I search on the web and I sometimes see them, something nothings. The client finally crashed when after I typed in a few search strings, When I crashed it asked me to send the log file, which I did.
  8. Guild criteria: Region: Can/North America, Mountain Atmosphere: Helpful, fun focus. Casual / Hardcore ?: I can put in the hours, but I am not blood thirsty so probably more casual. Size : Any Play Style: Support, DPS. Always into crafting. Commitment: As needed. Miscellaneous: I am older, basically retired. Allergic to edgelords and chest thumpers. Experience: Play many different. Ultima Online and SWG were among my first. Eve for a long time. Many others. Voice chat services: Any
  9. It has been a long while since I have checked in on crowfall. It is starting to look like there is something to work with. But I am missing something, isn't this game still in Alpha at best. I see mention of live and test servers, and since it is active development, I would imagine there are development servers, and test servers (for the community) What are the live servers? Are they just the community test servers? I see misc comments in the forums that leads me to believe there is more to it?
  10. In Eve the PLEX system works well. In games like Archeage it does not. It works in Eve because you can kill and destroy the gains a wallet warrior bought. In Archeage, they keep all their gear. So there is no penalty to buying everything in Archeage. In Eve, these people routinely loose everything.
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