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  1. Overall new duelist feels pretty good. I think Rapid Shots should maybe stack hunter. Sweet victory should go where ricochet is and ricochet should swap places with feral instincts. Dirge is a bit overturned with sweet victory. The cool down on trick shots feels pretty fair overall. Hunter feels pretty underwhelming but I think that is partially due to the fact that that it does not stack from rapid shots. It feels pretty bad to stack. I think that potentially the interaction between the execute and rapid shots is not actually proccing correctly. Overall not a bad change. Slayer 100% feels different but it's not too drastic for it to feel bad. Dirge is going to be a custard monster of a class. I still don't know how to feel about vgs but do like that it now has options for if it gets pulled out of stealth. The location of dynamite and recon on the same node is a great change as well. Match up wise duelist is still going to struggle vs ranger (especially due to the expose changes on ranger) but will actually have some winnable matchups as well as more favorable match up. Overall 8.5/10 def a healthier change for the class and hopefully people don't overact because duelists go from being free kills to actually scary and viable meta picks.
  2. Kills and deaths are currently not updating in the dregs west
  3. Friendly reminder that duelist go for broke doesn't actually work with elevation XD oh also dodge doesn't work as well and will not take you any distance while putting it back on full cooldown LMAO! https://streamable.com/zub7bb https://streamable.com/vx0bi6
  4. Reposting from the last bug thread: Go for broke on the duelist class does not work if there is slight elevation and you are shooting down. The same thing happens with pepperbox shot. Recon will also randomly not assign to targets sometimes.
  5. Go for broke on the duelist class does not work if there is slight elevation and you are shooting down. The same thing happens with pepperbox shot. Recon will also randomly not assign to targets sometimes.
  6. Can back this up. After 20 tests the ult did not invuln at all.
  7. The first half of critical hack does not work https://streamable.com/raqtth
  8. Tbh Really hOpe the devs Listen to visionaries Like emery, Posts like these always get shOt down becauSe people never wanT to open their minds.
  9. I mean counterpoint what's stopping big bigger guilds that know how to farm from perma nuking noobs that go to try and start out if there is a wipe. Going to be even more toxic. #nowipe
  10. Wiping would mean the game would launch with no ingame economy or market as guilds would go insular with their grind hurting groups with no crafters #nowipe
  11. Class Name: Ranger Races Available: Wood-Elf, Minotaur, Half-Elf, Human, Elken What role on the battlefield does this class fill?: Between the 3 specs the Ranger provides a cookie cutter DPS option for all specs. A ranger or two will fit well into most comps due to its stealth detection abilities. The class as an innate perception skill built into its tree as well as access to the best anti-stealth ability in the game Hunter ( a minor discipline). Rangers should be looking to counter stealth, target low health members in a zerg, or control the enemy with overwhelming traps. Is this class better for dueling, small skirmish, or large field battle?: Dueling and small skirmish brigand and warden are hands down some of the strongest brawlers in the game. Brigand which it he melee variant of the ranger gets access to stealth as well as anti-stealth while in stealth make brigands one of the best ganking classes in the game. Wardens excel at both small scale and large scale due to the strength of their traps which can be applied on hit from the trapmaster skill. Archer works decently well in small scale but shines in large scale where it can be used to contain flanks as well as delete low health targets on the edges of a big fight. Which stats should I be Investing in as I level?: Dex and Str are good options for all ranger classes but if you feel to squishy it fine to put points into Con instead of Str. An important note. Don't spilt the Str and Con. Commit to one or the other. Are there any weapon stats that work really well with this class aside from attack/support power?: Archers get access to different quivers and bows. Spellbound bows apply on hit effects from ice or fire quivers. Fire is terrible but Ice quivers are great. Besides that there are slashing quivers which do bonus damage to targets below 35%, piecing quivers that apply a bleed, crushing quivers that stun. These affects are applied on the 3rd charged lmb. To quickly apply them you can tap tap and then charge your 3rd auto to 100% to apply the effects. What are the core abilities for this class (the essentials on the talent tree) before specialization?: Since they vary per spec I have broken them down: Archer - Barrage is an amazing AOE damage skill that is flash castable and has an insanely low cooldown. Ricochet shot. T Read and learn it. 65m flash cast root that gives you tons of buffs. Use it to start your burst windows. Rapid fire baby. One of the biggest mistakes I see archer do is use their charge shots too much. Beucase of the cast time its pretty poorly made dergs unless you are finishing someone but Rapid fire is one of your highest damage skills. Use it off cooldown. If rapid fire is up you are doing something wrong. Brigand - Surprise strike is one of the most slept on abilities in the game. It can alpha strike upwards of 2.1k and applies a bleed which then synergizes into twin surge which does bonus damage vs bleed if you go down the warden path. Warden - Trap master is one of the best damage abilities in the game. The damage potential and control from being able to spread AOE traps is almost a joke. Forest step is always the wrong choice. Never take it in any of the specs. Is there any ability synergy that the game doesn't explain well?: Archer - Barrage - > Ricochet - > Rapid fire - > Tap - > Tap - > Charged 3rd shot This is you basic archer rotation. If done in this order you are buffing yourself while nuking your enemies. Warden - Dots do not apply traps when trap master is up so make sure you use direct damage if you have trap master up. AOEs will proc trap master. Which specializations work best with a group? Solo/dueling?: ZvZ - Warden > Archer (Don't bring a brigand its not made for ZvZ) Small Group - Warden > Archer > Brigand Solo/Dueling - Warden > Brigand > Archer Ganking - Brigand > Warden > Archer Are there any Domains you personally reccomend? Any you lean away from?: TBH Ranger can really get away with a lot of different builds due to its flexible nature. Dark ranger is where you traditionally have found stronger builds but Frost as well as Music and Shadow based builds can thrive in the current meta. Are there any guides that are currently relevant to this class you can recommend? I don't believe so, no.
  12. What was the point of getting rid of getting rid of gen chat? Are we really trying to give even less options for people to communicate? I'd rather get rid of the 20 other useless tabs than gen chat. No gen chat = bad
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