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  1. Tbh Really hOpe the devs Listen to visionaries Like emery, Posts like these always get shOt down becauSe people never wanT to open their minds.
  2. I mean counterpoint what's stopping big bigger guilds that know how to farm from perma nuking noobs that go to try and start out if there is a wipe. Going to be even more toxic. #nowipe
  3. Wiping would mean the game would launch with no ingame economy or market as guilds would go insular with their grind hurting groups with no crafters #nowipe
  4. Class Name: Ranger Races Available: Wood-Elf, Minotaur, Half-Elf, Human, Elken What role on the battlefield does this class fill?: Between the 3 specs the Ranger provides a cookie cutter DPS option for all specs. A ranger or two will fit well into most comps due to its stealth detection abilities. The class as an innate perception skill built into its tree as well as access to the best anti-stealth ability in the game Hunter ( a minor discipline). Rangers should be looking to counter stealth, target low health members in a zerg, or control the enemy with overwhelming traps. Is this cla
  5. What was the point of getting rid of getting rid of gen chat? Are we really trying to give even less options for people to communicate? I'd rather get rid of the 20 other useless tabs than gen chat. No gen chat = bad
  6. Top 5 likes and why (be brief please ) about 6.500 on TEST (things you feel we're doing great on for TEST only). Move towards conquest feels good in dregs. Happy that you guys at least acknowledge that the stealth meta/minigame is stale and boring. Small QOL changes are nice Effort is being put into balancing Actual road map with goals to track some semblance of progress. Top 5 Dislikes and why (be brief please) about 6.500 on TEST (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better?
  7. <Question> At the moment in small scale there is a stale meta game revolving around stealth. As a stealther it feels more like you are cheesing people than outplaying them with stealth and those playing against the stealther it feel like they are either helpless or being cheesed due to the lack of perception and anti-stealth abilities. What changes are you going to make to rectify this problem?
  8. The 6.4 patch was a full wipe because of the vessels changes. It doesn't happen often.
  9. As someone that was pushing hard for a high dura hit system in place of loot drop I think at a point loot drop should and probably will exist in the game. The problem is even with a loot drop system the dura on items needed a hard pass. For better or worse the system that they want in the game leans heavily on crafting across the board. Crafting right now is just not where it needs to be really support a loot drops campaign. When you are crafting a weapon or doing a crafting push for 10 - 12 people its not nearly as bad as 20 - 30. And as you scale up it would continue to be bad. Albion has a
  10. If you don't have VIP right now you can't even test it
  11. I want to start by saying that overall the direction of the game has been moving makes me think that a decent bit of progress has been made. That being said I think the loot drop system is a more complicated way of solving an issue that in someways will still persist following the release of 6.4. For context for a good bit during 6.2 - 6.3 I ran a pretty successful econ/merc guild. In an average week we good turn over about a million gold in profits. Not bad for about 15 dudes. I 100% agree with you that the current in-game systems make purchasing gear or crafting gear not worthwhile. Mak
  12. <Question> Are there plans to shift crafting towards a more streamlined system? As it stands its 20 clicks to many. The system doesn't feel complex it feels more tedious and annoying. <Question> I'll rephrase something I asked last time. As it stands now you cannot buy all of the combat disciplines in the game in GR. This means you hit level 18 now as a new player and think there are only like 4 - 5 discs you can pick when in fact there are many more you just have to go to infected to find them. Many new players have asked where you can find X or Y because the system is confusin
  13. Top 5 likes and why (be brief please) about 6.400 on TEST (things you feel we're doing great on for TEST only). A lot of the trees changes are well done. I cannot speak on all classes but at least for Duelist, Assassin, and Ranger the tree changes are very well done. Pay Rhea more. He did a great job. A lot of small quality of life changes and additions. There a lot of things that have been added in that makes this game feel like a real MMO. Emotes, a great new entry screen. Stats when crafting vessels, the goddamn Crowpedia. All great additions. I think the infected changes
  14. I can hear the bike chains with the bike peddling. Back it up in dregs. All that needs to be said in any of these threads. If you can make it work in dregs none of what anyone thinks matters.
  15. I think for the most part you're getting memed because there no real confirmation or real player vs player testing done. Not even in an EK. If you could back up some of the claims or show proof people would be more inclined to actually discuss the builds. Spilt builds were made pretty terrible with the 6.2 changes but if they think you have great build go out and prove it. From first glance the build looks sub-optimal and from testing similar builds this doesn't look nearly as strong as you think it is. I would suggest talking to some guildmates and running in an EK or hoping on TEST when 6.4
  16. Heralds in infected have 1/3 the health of dregs Heralds. Also you confirmation bias is based off of hitting mobs. I can run around kill mobs on a domainless build. It doesnt make it good. Currently in dregs for a level 35 herald it takes 10 - 12 people to do it. If you can do it with this build solo or with 2 - 3 healers like you are claiming with video proof I will not call you a meme. The build isn't good. You just gotta hold that homie.
  17. Might as well push an open beta lmao might get the pop up.
  18. <Question> Can you add vendors with all the discs and minors to GR? The fact that they are not there is confusing and misleading to new players.
  19. Its not killing harvesters as it stands even chasing events is a meme to find consistent fights. I actually spent 2 days playing for 10 hours each day and timing the time inbetween fights. Average time to find a fight even chasing events. 1 hour 30 minutes. Bigger maps are not the solution and ACE has said they can't put all the keep and zones in 1 map. Also imagine if 2 guilds are sieging at the same time the zone just cap out instantly. Smaller maps lead to more content which leads to people logging in.
  20. They've said before they can't put everyone on one map.
  21. For rats there should 100% be a better animation. I don't think anyone is arguing there. For fessors the counter is to save perception until after they ult. Here's an example how. This is the entire point of this thread. We understand how toxic stealth is. This is why the stealth guild ingame is trying to push a lot of the changes, We understand a lot of the problems and benefits of stealth. Like Nhil said: Most stealthers want a healthier interaction for all parties.
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