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  1. Like all those breakup movies I'll never cop to watching, "babe, you never had me." Good luck in the struggle. If I pop up in a few weeks to diss you and all our other guildmates on the forums, think fondly of me. I only do it because I'm a piece of work who thinks I'm better than you because I got something to prove. ...but only if you do something really stupid. Like call all dentists degenerates because of a few small cases of gum disease.
  2. Leaving to form a new guild. Matchbox Witnesses. You only get one strike. You burn out fast. The Eternal Kingdom gonna be named "Witness Protection." It's a forum only guild, and I'm making it for the sole purpose of making fun of other guilds, except this one. I ain't no snitch.
  3. Gordon Walton. Raph Koster. Blixtev's soul patch.
  4. But tin foil goes so good with spy fear. I mean I've seen like 6 guilds that want to be all about the spying so far so they must be on to something. He did find a messy way to rally all the Shadowbane players together, which is pretty amusing.
  5. lol Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the gun. Will not be rolling a stupid guinea pig though.
  6. how is anything pertinent to a troIIing thread......? cheap laughs to keep boredom away
  7. Drama is what people talk about when there's little news. Avoiding drama keeps it classy but it would not hurt to discuss the community culture without it turning into a flame war.
  8. I agree that Windows of Opportunity can get really stupid really fast. It also reminds me of Quicktime Event games like God of War, which I personally hate. Hitting the right button at the right time isn't the kind of skill I'm interested in mastering. If I want that I'll go play DDR and get a workout. edit: I'm an idiot and should read the OP first. Agreed with OP though about sieging.
  9. I'm already thinking "poorly made socks" instead of other curses. It's kind of evil how that's happened.
  10. That's a good thing. Looking forward to new blood coming to the forums and actually finding an inviting atmosphere to learn about the game.
  11. It's going to be interesting picking through loot off corpses, trying to leave the junk behind and make tough calls. Meanwhile, you're vulnerable while you sort it out. Should be fun.
  12. It's just a game. It's not even a game. It's a forum for a game that isn't even out until 2016 or later. At least the legacy guilds are busy playing other things instead of tearing at each others' throats.
  13. We're too late. They're bored and ill-tempered and eating each other alive. Look at the top posters list and you see a bunch of rude people dominating the list.
  14. Lol, troIIs gotta troII. I think I should wait for 3.0.
  15. This is the internet. The snark is unavoidable. I see it with new people and with the "vets" with the 1000/2000+ post counts. Oh, see? I just put quotation marks on "vets". I'm contributing to the snark. You can't escape it!!!!
  16. They were working on this before Crowfall's reveal. Not a fan of isometric, but might give it a shot.
  17. Planing to dive into it hardcore when Monday and bonus XP hits & stick around long enough to level up a Bounty Hunter and maybe more if I like it. Will aim for a PvP server...
  18. Human bounty hunter Xexx (loved killing Jedi) & bothan bio-eng named Blackdawg.
  19. I don't even remember what server I was on but Redemption sounds right. I remember I sucked at it and didn't stick around long. Playing a Confessor again for old times sake.
  20. You predicted the banana guild and you didnt even realize it was a prediction I sense I'm missing the full story there
  21. I hope crafting works a lot like SWG but this feels different. Want more info! Please...
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