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  1. I get what I think is a bug on Stormcaller. It looks like the last two parts of the combo fire simultaneously. The end of the combo goes on cooldown but never fires. It also looks like it tries to play both animations. https://i.imgur.com/F2Zkyg1.mp4
  2. You are using a bad example that is making people disagree with you about a point that they might actually agree with in principle. You're essentially saying that you want more characters designed to be played by careful skill use and planning, as opposed to mechanics-heavy twitch gameplay. A control-oriented character isn't a bad way to do that, but DAOC style mezzing is a sledgehammer application of a control character, an unsubtle mess of design. You're looking at a very early iteration of MMO pvp, basically "virtual world" stuff, where there was no specific audience in mind, and no tr
  3. Are you sure that's what they're referring to? If so, you're right, that has nothing to do with leading targets.
  4. What exactly do you guys mean by no trajectory?
  5. This is a risky move. Knights don't just wear plate and all that for RP/Art reasons. They do it because it lets you customize armor for a class's role. I wouldn't outright say this new direction is a mistake because there are a lot of ways you can design armor (functionally, not aesthetically). The one discussed was giving armor different types of mitigation. All the DF vets around here know full well that this approach leads to everyone wearing the same armor set, usually hybridized tank armor. ESO tried to do armor choice with stat bonuses. It didn't work because MMO's are big and complica
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMU0tzLwhbE
  7. I like low TTK and I do think it's the most exciting way to counter zergs. The problem is most MMO's aren't really set up for low TTK. If your game makes it easy to get into melee (every themepark game), it's not set up for low TTK. If "ranged" combat is like, 20-60 feet tops, or mostly undodgeable projectiles (again, every themepark game), low TTK doesn't work. If you have a poorly made sockston of CC (Archeage), low TTK works for the zerg because any idiot can hit a stunned target. It works in games like AC where it's easy to dodge, or AC2 where ranged combat is long and multi-tiered. There'
  8. I voted no, but in exchange I'll politely pretend that you're not furries.
  9. It's okay. The mechanics are rough and buggy. The scale is tiny and performance is horrible. There's no real permanence since siege weapons can hit the whole map and blow up an entire base in a few shots. Servers wipe constantly since hackers come in and mess the whole game up. I'm not crazy about it, but if you like survival lobby games it's not bad.
  10. Yeah this is tricky. Here's the common ways this is done, and none of them are perfect. 1.Free for all. Common in DAOC clones and any game where the faction defends instead of the guild, because the show must go on. The good part of this is it's spontaneous, constant action and vigilance. The bad part is it's meaningless, you won't hold anything overnight unless your alliance is half Singaporeans, Australians, and NEET's, unless its summer, in which case you add kids into that. 2. Lead time. The Darkfall system. You declare a siege, it goes live 22 or 24 or whatever hours after it's d
  11. Totally different topic, but I'm a huge friendly fire enthusiast, and I agree with you. It's the most ballsy thing ever for them to put friendly fire in, and I respect them immensely for it.
  12. I hate CC, but it's a broad term, and what you call soft CC I don't consider CC at all, it's just offensive utility skills and I call them by what they are. I'm all for utility skills that give more options in combat, but abilities that even moderately take control of the character away don't belong in pvp at all. An off the top of my head list of acceptable CC is knockbacks, interrupts, short silences (basically an interrupt), snares, pulls that you have to aim, roots that break on damage for like, one class, and maybe a 1 or 2 second stun for like one class. Note the liberal use of the w
  13. Oh look, a 20 page thread about oh-so-topical first world problems. The drawback of digital media is you don't get the visceral sensation of throwing it in the trash when it belongs there.
  14. Yeah, the thing where 100 red boxes are popping in and out of existence in a small area once per second. Don't do that thing.
  15. Too many of you omnipotent chessmasters here have never heard the phrase "Too many Chiefs, not enough Indians."
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