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  1. 1 race pick for duelist makes me a little sad, all other classes now have atleast 3 different races to pick from. Couldent/Shouldent we spin the lore, so that atleast the Stoneborn can get into the duelist/gunpowder action? Id love that race/class combo.
  2. I remember reading that statement, i got the impression that refered mainly to the armor the heroes where wearing. To answer OP's thread : I must agree i have concerns aswell regarding customization. It did sound like the planned customization options for Crowfall, would be quite limited. Faces, Hairstyles - facial hair? ( Cant recall if that was mentioned. ) and then the armor you craft/find. But what about, scars? Tatoos? Skin colours? I guess one of my bigger fears, is that character customization will be incredibly limited in its choices, thus making your immortal avatar ( Who mostlikely will be racelocked ) look excactly like 40% of the other Knights, Druids, Duelists and so forth..
  3. Im not overly fond about the notion/idea/plan of archetype racelock - and certainly not with gender lock. Im not saying i would like to see : A : Centaur Assassin or B : Guinecean Champion ( Ok that i might want to see.. ) But i would clearly prefer the choice to make either a Centaur Champion, Ranger or Knight. These are ofc all examples, but i hope you catch my drift/meaning. All im saying is abit more diversity wouldent hurt, doesnt have to be all can be all - but atleast increase the diversity with a couple of archetype choices for each race. Edited for clarification purposes.
  4. Thanks, unfortunately my economic situation is abit sketchy atm. But i have atleast backed with 30$ now. Fond memorys of Shadowbane won me over.
  5. Wait, are you saying that we can pledge straight away - but be charged at a later date? If so i now what i need to do very soon
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