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  1. Hopefully we see a lot of new names around here after gamescom.
  2. Sad to lose such a cool person. Best wishes to his family.
  3. Sexy. Are you handing out banestones and then fighting people after a predetermined amount of time?
  4. I hope for creative ways as well... particularly ones that add content and reasons to PvP. Adjusting numbers based off of the size of each army is such a lazy way to try to balance against zergs.
  5. I think zergs should be handled by some form of logistics.. create systems that make it harder to sustain huge armies operating in the same area. Example: Food to survive. Food rich regions far and between. Bulk transportation of food is done with caravans. This allows for the possibility of raiding said food rich regions or caravans by the defending force as a countermeasure but also allows for zergs to exist. Off the top of my head, I can think of some benefits to a system like this: Zerg guilds would have to hold more territory to sustain large forces... so more potential enemies (reducing effectiveness of the zerg). More caravans operating therefore more potential for PvP. Zergs are still a tactical option.
  6. Airfx

    Shadowbane 2.0

    He says while repeating himself .
  7. Airfx

    Shadowbane 2.0

    Lol. Dunno why people argue with @VIKINGNAIL. Read a couple pages and you'll see he repeats the same garbage over and over... and if any of you take the bait, he will just say you're missing his point. You'd think if many people were missing one persons "point" - maybe the one person is at fault?
  8. Just needs a worm tunnel outro for maximum effect
  9. Oh, I am all for it - my comment wasn't intended as a slight; just wanted to bring attention to it because its so rare to see.
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