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  1. RIP my hopes at a pet class, but the ice constructs are the next best thing I guess. would really like to see the full skill list, this is probably going to be my class of choice along with a stealth build.
  2. Also remember that vessels wear out and eventually get destroyed like any other piece of gear. You can sacrifice a ton of treasures to max out the stats on one, but once it's gone you're going have to start over again. Granted certain hard core gamers will certainly have maxed out vessels most of the time if they have a strong way of obtaining stuff to sacrifice (such as a strong guild backing them) but in general I think it will balance out for most players. I'm personally just happy to have something to do with the junk I'll inevitably collect or gear I craft that comes out with crap stats.
  3. Question Answered, don't know how to delete this.
  4. Wow, glad I read that article, I have $375 worth of credit that I have been holding on to, waiting for any sales that might pop up and I was going to use it for buying VIP once the game goes live, but now I won't be able to. Gonna buy up a ton of VIP months now while I still can.
  5. I've been waiting for star citizen for like 5 years, I can wait a bit longer for this game. So long as it releases complete and relatively bug free I'll be happy, whenever that is.
  6. unless they took it out you should be able to craft EK parcels in the future, so I can imagine that high quality/rarity parcels may produce better quality low tier resources. It won't be as good as campaign worlds but will be better than the stuff we have right now.
  7. More customization is always cool. Will we have to craft/pay for these plugs though or do they came automatically when we buy a wall section that supports them?
  8. I don't even see the point of bots in the first place. There is no auction house, you have to start from scratch when going into a new campaign which is a new world where resources and harvesting locations will change rapidly so there are no efficient farming routes like there are in other MMO's. Anyone trying to farm resources would literally have to just play the game and all non-vaulted resources get lost the moment the campaign ends so it's going to be extremely hard to hoard up enough valuable resources to interest other players enough to want to pay money for them. You would have to play through a several month campaign just to hopefully get the chance (if you win) to take some resources with you and then hope that you find a player dumb enough to pay you a few bucks for them. That is not a reliable way for traditional gold farmers to make any kind of money. The only thing I could possibly see people selling for cash would be valuable manufactured stuff (valuable weapons, armor sets or maybe plots of land for EK's) but in order to get those in the first place you would need to invest a lot of time in the game, and those won't sell for nearly as much as in other MMO's due to the fact that they will break in time.
  9. I must have missed the bit of info about duelists having perma burrow, was that put out in a Q&A? I know it can be done now but didn't know if it was being kept with the race/class split happening.
  10. burrowing eats up stamina I believe so you can't just travel around underground. but if you see someone from a distance and they don't see you, you could travel towards them and then burrow to get right next to them unnoticed.
  11. Not necessarily, there have been several MMO's that really screwed up their launch but then redid their business model and made a come back. Star Wars Old Republic for example was bleeding players just a few months after launch because they had burnt through all the content and didn't see any reason to stick around. The game went F2P with a subscription model after that and put our regular updates, it's been doing pretty well since then. When crowfall comes out, if it gets an absolutely crap reception because of how they have designed the game, they devs can always make changes afterwards. Hopefully we'll be able to properly test the system before launch and get a feel for how it works and see how many problems there may be. Personally I'm not too worried, sure there is going to be that person in every game who figures out how to break the system. I saw an article years ago about a player in WoW who managed to hook up a couple dozen computers with scripting so that he could run raids all by himself. I'm sure there will be a small amount of people that will figure some way to abuse the systems in game but I don't honestly see it affecting the vast majority of players due in part to how everything in crowfall is made to be temporary, so any significant advantage a single player gets is gone whenever he jumps into a new campaign.
  12. I keep forgetting different races have class restrictions. Going to make it tricky to figure out what race I want to use for which class. My obvious first choice is a human Templar as I love Templars and humans have both extra starting strength and damage resistance, not to mention those tasty extra slots. And high elf humiliate sounds like it would be a nightmare to deal with in a 1v1 fight. 15% extra cost for abilities for 30 seconds, ouch. Granted it depends on the class and what abilities you have but I could see it seriously messing with a few classes that focus on using up their resources quickly.
  13. I don't really have complaints about any part of the concept but having large dwarves just feels wierd. I think just calling them stoneborn and leaving out the term dwarves all together would make more sense as that name brings certain expectations.
  14. I think half elves are just fine as a race, getting both a ,minor speed boost AND another power slot on their tray are both decent benefits. I don't worry too much about missing an active power as between their base class and all the available disciplines I honestly see most players struggling to decide which powers to take as opposed to wanting more powers (that extra power slot again being super useful in helping that along). I see half elves as being popular with people who want a character with a strong foundation and no extra frills in the form of active abilities. lots of starting stats, extra movement speed and another power slot are not super exciting gameplay wise but can definitely make a strong character in the long term.
  15. I see where you are coming from, but I'm honestly not worried too much about people buying leet gear in this game for a few reasons 1. as I said before fights are rarely going to be 1v1, so one person having supreme gear in a group fight where you got 50 vs 50 people is going to have far less effect than in a 1v1 duel. 2. all gear (and items in general) are temporary. they will break after repeated use and repairing them will lower their max durability until they are gone forever. Also in some campaigns there is character looting after death so the moment they die that awesome armor set they spent $50 real world money on just walked away with a new owner after they got ganked. 3. Embargo limits what you can take into and out of a campaign. You can't stock up on 50 sets of the best gear and weapons and bring them all into a campaign with you, depending on the embargo rules you may not even be able to bring one and can just bring a middle tier set of equipment and some crafting materials. so you can have the best set of gear in the world but it doesn't do much good if it's just sitting in your EK for eternity. 4. gear does not make a player automatically super powered. You mention that a player can pay real world money to get good gear with no effort. But if the only way they got any of their gear is by paying for it they're probably a lot less experienced in the game than those people who fought and farmed and grinded their way up to get the gear themselves. And as mentioned before, dying to more experienced players will either lose them their gear or wreck its durability. and when it comes to buy skill tomes, they're going to have to wait for the first wave of players to actually reach the higher tiers before they can start buying skill tomes, probably a week for the basic tree, a month or two for the intermediate tree and a year for the advanced trees. No matter how much money they throw around, before those the first wave of player actually complete those trees no one will be able to buy their way up through them.
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