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  1. RIP my hopes at a pet class, but the ice constructs are the next best thing I guess. would really like to see the full skill list, this is probably going to be my class of choice along with a stealth build.
  2. Also remember that vessels wear out and eventually get destroyed like any other piece of gear. You can sacrifice a ton of treasures to max out the stats on one, but once it's gone you're going have to start over again. Granted certain hard core gamers will certainly have maxed out vessels most of the time if they have a strong way of obtaining stuff to sacrifice (such as a strong guild backing them) but in general I think it will balance out for most players. I'm personally just happy to have something to do with the junk I'll inevitably collect or gear I craft that comes out with crap
  3. Question Answered, don't know how to delete this.
  4. Wow, glad I read that article, I have $375 worth of credit that I have been holding on to, waiting for any sales that might pop up and I was going to use it for buying VIP once the game goes live, but now I won't be able to. Gonna buy up a ton of VIP months now while I still can.
  5. I've been waiting for star citizen for like 5 years, I can wait a bit longer for this game. So long as it releases complete and relatively bug free I'll be happy, whenever that is.
  6. unless they took it out you should be able to craft EK parcels in the future, so I can imagine that high quality/rarity parcels may produce better quality low tier resources. It won't be as good as campaign worlds but will be better than the stuff we have right now.
  7. More customization is always cool. Will we have to craft/pay for these plugs though or do they came automatically when we buy a wall section that supports them?
  8. I don't even see the point of bots in the first place. There is no auction house, you have to start from scratch when going into a new campaign which is a new world where resources and harvesting locations will change rapidly so there are no efficient farming routes like there are in other MMO's. Anyone trying to farm resources would literally have to just play the game and all non-vaulted resources get lost the moment the campaign ends so it's going to be extremely hard to hoard up enough valuable resources to interest other players enough to want to pay money for them. You would have
  9. I must have missed the bit of info about duelists having perma burrow, was that put out in a Q&A? I know it can be done now but didn't know if it was being kept with the race/class split happening.
  10. burrowing eats up stamina I believe so you can't just travel around underground. but if you see someone from a distance and they don't see you, you could travel towards them and then burrow to get right next to them unnoticed.
  11. Not necessarily, there have been several MMO's that really screwed up their launch but then redid their business model and made a come back. Star Wars Old Republic for example was bleeding players just a few months after launch because they had burnt through all the content and didn't see any reason to stick around. The game went F2P with a subscription model after that and put our regular updates, it's been doing pretty well since then. When crowfall comes out, if it gets an absolutely crap reception because of how they have designed the game, they devs can always make changes afterwar
  12. I don't really have complaints about any part of the concept but having large dwarves just feels wierd. I think just calling them stoneborn and leaving out the term dwarves all together would make more sense as that name brings certain expectations.
  13. I see where you are coming from, but I'm honestly not worried too much about people buying leet gear in this game for a few reasons 1. as I said before fights are rarely going to be 1v1, so one person having supreme gear in a group fight where you got 50 vs 50 people is going to have far less effect than in a 1v1 duel. 2. all gear (and items in general) are temporary. they will break after repeated use and repairing them will lower their max durability until they are gone forever. Also in some campaigns there is character looting after death so the moment they die that awesome armo
  14. How much more effective does a maxed out skill tree make your character than someone who has not maxed it out? 10% more powerful? 50% more powerful? when you factor gear in a new person who gets a very good set of equipment from their guild or friend could potentially be stronger than someone who has maxed out a skill tree but only has mediocre gear. then you have to factor in that you're not going to be fighting 1v1 fights but more than likely group vs group (or a group ganking a single player) and balance sort of ceases to matter at that point, it's more of how many bodies do you have to
  15. For the argument that you could use alt accounts to generate tomes over time yes you an do that, but having to wait to complete a skill tree before generating tomes for it means that you'll be waiting a long time before those extra accounts pay off, and any time you are pulling time away from those accounts to feed your main account, they are not progressing which means they won't be able to feed you points from a higher tree for an even longer time. If you're going to dump that much money and time into alt accounts you might as well just buy tomes from other players to power level your t
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