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  1. zinnie

    F2A reward

    A F2A perk? Such as being able to accept gifts and have a much more secure account?
  2. Its always nice to revisit old topics again, since we might get a new viewpoint on an issue. Its only nice to pad our postcount a bit on reposts since without them, the forum would be pretty dead. We just need a proper VIP option, and people will stop using multiple accounts.
  3. No, the EK's will not offer any resources, but ACE has stated that you could technically stay in your EK forever as long as you offer your skills as a crafter for example to people that leave campaigns with goods. So a person leaving the Dregs with some legendary Ore can pay you to make him a Legendary Sword. This means you can have Crafters staying in their EK never participating in Campaigns. Thats what I mean by PvE server.
  4. Right now, theres no point in actually going into the PvP servers solo and just roam, as you'll never find lone crafters/harvesters. Most of the time its guilds in parties looking for PvP, which is fine, but I've ran around in previous tests for hours without finding anyone at all. This is not gonna happen at launch, so we need to chill a bit before panicking. At launch the harder campaigns will have better resources and if Crafters want to craft the legendary stuff, they'll either have to trade with people doing these hard campaigns, or they'll have to join themselves.
  5. So Obsidian is basically what you are describing, a pretty big guild on the US side of things. @scree is their leader.
  6. They are usually the same people that will quit when they get pwned by multiboxers and Guilds with 3-5 Alt Accounts per member anyways.
  7. Cant report something that is not a bannable offense. And multiple Crows on one account would not stop people from still having more accounts, since you can still only train 1 General skill on one account.
  8. Sure, I agree. Now find a way for ACE to determine that I am relogging to a different account on my computer, without having insane backdoor scanning going on and tying my account to the client? Its either spy on your costumers by using software that tracks your computer, which will most often then not be detected and auto deleted by an anti-virus. Or give an incentive for people to not multibox, either by VIP or some other means. Stopping people from logging into a different account than your main is almost impossible and more trouble than its worth.
  9. yep, I dislike when people slap the cheater label at anything they don't like. Going against the intentions of the designers is also a stretch.. People have been playing with multiple accounts since MMO's were invented. People multiboxed Lineage 1 back in 1999. Its like @VIKINGNAIL said, the only way to stop people buying multiple accounts is to give an incentive for them buying VIP instead. Right now there isnt.
  10. People will complain about anything these days. Thats the problem. If ACE had come out with a generic Assassin, people would have complained. A Edgelord black demon assassin, complaints. A Ninja class, complaints. You see where I am going with this.. Its a lose lose situation for ACE.
  11. Where in the TOS does ACE say having an Alt account is cheating btw? just curious since you seem so adamant that we are cheating.
  12. They cant please every group of people. Some people will hate playing a horse, someone hates Hamsters, and some hates wings. I myself would not play a generic Ninja Rogue class, as that is become quite stale as a concept in MMO's now.
  13. You cant stop people from having multiple accounts. You can stop people from multiboxing multiple accounts, but me logging out of one account and in to another on the same client is almost impossible to stop. You'd have to tie a MAC address to an Account, but even that that be changed. Its just too much hassle for a developer, so they usually just let people have multiple accounts.
  14. You just like to argue, I like that, makes the forum feel more alive. But I never claimed I would take things away from people. I even agreed to add everything on @Svenn's list. I just didnt think it would be worth 15$ so I wanted to add more stuff in the pot. I would never take anything away.
  15. yes, because everyone has a pocket crafter ready at any available time. I'm not you Pang, I don't have that luxury. Also, 40 years was an obvious exaggeration, even you must have realized that.
  16. You talk like no one has ever had to deal with Alt Accounts before. We are used to Alts, as I have had them in almost all of my previous MMO's. Its not as grim as you make it out to be. Also, have fun spending 40 years training all your skills, whilst I can just relog and have a dedicated crafter available
  17. This one is easy to answer. We don't know yet.. With all the unknown variables, I can't make a decision on that question yet.
  18. Its no use. @Svenn is going to say that ALT Accounts and P2W/VIP is not the same issue, then we are back to square one. Its 3-4 people talking to a brick wall at this point.
  19. Theres nothing wrong with Fessor Mobility.
  20. Well, isnt that interesting.
  21. For 15$ a month you are able to train 3 Archetypes at the same time, but you only get to train 1 General.. This is fine since its all about P2W and all. But I can pay 60$ which is 4 months of VIP and get one additional General training slot and 2 more AT slots making it 2Gen/4AT. That means I can train a crafter or Harvester whilst training a Combat Account. What can VIP offer that would make someone skip what I said, and instead pay 15$ a month for 4 months? I know you've said Cosmetics, pets, skins etc and I agree, those should be in there together with Server priority and Store Discounts but it still wont be worth 15$ a month. I know you can make the "support the developer" argument and say that people will still pay 15$ a month even if they got 0 benefits from it, and yes I would agree since I've also spent some money supporting the development, but a better discussion would be trying to find the balance between what you call P2W and the multi-account issue.
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