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  1. He looks freaking majestic! However, I hope that as crowfall matures there is more unique races. Instead of just high fantasty/bestial races. I think there is some really cool opportunities to make some never before seen races since crows are scavengers of different worlds.
  2. That was a fun fight but damn the fps drop was real! I died pretty early on though.
  3. This update was amazing! I was surprised at the introduction of a few new races. Furthermore, I am really interested to see what the cleric class will be like. Already I am starting to pick out which runes I want to pair with which classes!
  4. That picture with the female champion is epic! It has been set as my new background.
  5. Well if you look the ones at the bottom have very defined points on them where as the dwarf armor in the picture looks to have very rounded edges. So most likely it is elvish weapons. If you look at the moon staff, the frostweaver has the same moon embellishment in her hair from yesterdays concept art. The top is definitely Minotaur since the sword looks like the one from the archetype concept with lots of dead skulls and rough ragged edges.
  6. That is definitely a mystic staff for the Minotaur! My theory is that they are going to take away AT and instead have all the customization through disciplines and runes. Elken frost weaver incoming!
  7. I would play the poorly made socks out of this if it was a thing!
  8. Maybe they are removing archetypes and giving special skills or a range of skills that will be tied to choice of god followed?
  9. Does this mean Frostweaver is next? Is this a hint? I must know!
  10. Yes this is the guild I have been looking for! I would love to be a part of this!
  11. Stalker isn't getting stealth? Ranger is the one who is specializing in hiding! Stalker is just ranged dps, who is going to have stealth showing mechanics.
  12. I love the essence mechanic! I think that with disciplines is where we will see the buffs that are needed in order to do more healing or more damage than is currently available for druid.
  13. sluce

    No news?

    it will probably be September before Frostweaver is released! since it will most likely be the last one to be released. Which is sad because I want her now :'(
  14. I hope this shield fighter discipline is a weapon one! Because I need it for my druid!
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