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  1. He looks freaking majestic! However, I hope that as crowfall matures there is more unique races. Instead of just high fantasty/bestial races. I think there is some really cool opportunities to make some never before seen races since crows are scavengers of different worlds.
  2. This update was amazing! I was surprised at the introduction of a few new races. Furthermore, I am really interested to see what the cleric class will be like. Already I am starting to pick out which runes I want to pair with which classes!
  3. sluce

    No news?

    it will probably be September before Frostweaver is released! since it will most likely be the last one to be released. Which is sad because I want her now :'(
  4. I think a ability mash up with both magic and melee attacks would be cool: Frost Breath: Breathe a cone of ice that freeze the target. Freeze would be a status effect that acts like stun but certain abilities do more damage on frozen targets. Shatter: Swing your Kusarigama up to mid range hitting any target in front. If the target is Frozen, Freeze's duration will be set to 0 and the target will take additional damage. Frost Bite: Imbue your Kusarigama with frost and swing it in a wide arc hitting any enemies up to mid range, and slowing them. Frost Step (Left click): Do a run
  5. Check! Yes! and I like to make them too :0 Of course! I hug all the people that I kill just to make sure there is no hurt feelings. So I like seafoam green which is kinda blue. Jaffinator, oh great one, open the gate unto paradise that I might know the blessings of being a filthy casual.
  6. I just hope they get a glide for their right click ability, where the higher up you are the farther you can glide.
  7. Ok, your right there was nothing explicitly stating that frostcleavers are their main weapon, but because they are usual featured with i am sure that it will at least be their starting weapon with upgrades to other things for promotion classes. I found this information in one of the weapon trees. I can try and get a pic of it from the test. Furthermore, different melee weapons should have different reaches. Therefore, because frostcleavers have a chain I am assuming they will have a greater reach than most melee. Then when you pair it with magic, I think that it would be a pretty uniq
  8. Frostweavers main weapon is called a frostcleaver. These are already added to the skills list under magical melee weapons. So we know that frostweaver will be a magic/melee character. However, I feel like this is a great idea for the frostweaver since a lot of their magic skills will probably be cc. I hope that they incorporate the frost breath from zombies into the frostweaver's skills because it looks pretty cool.
  9. I think I am most exciting for testing out all of the different campaigns! Even though I like more group based pvp, because I find it more fun when two huge groups clash, I still can't wait to see what the dregs are like! Also, I am excited to make some of the most obscure and terrible build decisions for my archetype!
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