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  1. I know this isn't happening, but I wanted it really bad when the Archetypes were still being dropped that I just decided to post it here for fun. Note: I'm 99.9% sure this will never happen as they're done dropping the Archetypes, this is just for fun because I was holding it in the whole time. Yep. Necromancer: I'll End All Your Pain Ranged DPS (Magic) Strength: 1/4 Dexterity: 3/4 Intellect: 3/4 Spirit: 2/4 Main Weapon: Scythe (bet you didn't see that coming -sarcasm-!) Backstory: Just a step closer please. I'm not a killer, I'm only trying to relieve your of your mortal life. The others, the call me evil. A Devil, possibly the Root of Evil itself, but I know they're wrong. After all, the dead chose me. I'm their Reaping Saint, the one who can end all your suffering. Are you living a terrible life? Are you sick? Do you need someone to help end all your pain? I've come. You could call me the Grim Reaper, I am the one who ends all the suffering. I'm not evil, I only want to help you pass to the next life in peace. But when I help you to the next life, you owe me a favor. You shall serve me temporarily, only to repay your debt to me. You shall provide me aid in battle, fight by my side for a while, but it will all end after that very quickly. I'll release you after that though, but only because I can't bare the pain of using you as a slave. So you can leave after that. But remember, the next life may be Heaven or Hell, but that's your choice. So come closer little one, let me end your pain. I'll End All Your Pain. --- Yeah that's basically it. I always like the Necromancer with a Scythe class so I just wanted to see one here. I know it's not happening but that's okay as long as the Frostweaver has the Kusarigama that I've seen in the female concept art. Anyway's thanks.
  2. That depends... does the Necromancer have a Scythe? At least a Halberd? Maybe a Grimoire/Tome at least?
  3. I chose other. Why you ask? SCYTHES! I LOVE MY SCYTHES!
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